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Let’s Review the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash…. And Play a Little Show and Tell.

Let’s Review the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash….
And Play a Little Show and Tell.
By Wiley Kronkite

Nobody wants to keep rehashing the past. Nobody wants to keep hearing about the same old, same old, but there would seem to be a certain pair that has taken upon itself to keep spewing the same nonsense over and over again. The Gettysburg Battlefield Bash and the infamous Pamela and Steven Barry. I can’t help but acknowledge the fact that this pair, are nothing more than two people that can’t seem to distinguish between a lie and the truth. Even when comparing an Apple to another Apple. I have sat by and witnessed attacks on the social media on just about anyone that has questioned, doubted or commented on either Pam or Steven Barry.

For some ungodly reason they have managed to place themselves right into the limelight and have taken up arms against anyone that wants to express themselves about the unthinkable actions that have been exposed in the Barry’s doings. The tones of which has been put into print, acting as a defensive agent for the Barry’s, have ranged from simple name calling to some rather disgusting, foul language and elevated up too just shameful personal accusations. Each that would make anyone question one’s integrity. Even still, when presented with a factual answer, such as the national and state pedophile link, with the person giving a full, correct name to search, these two remain relentless in attempting to sway readers into believing that the facts and the evidence that they have looked up, evaluated and investigated, supporting the misuse of charitable funds aren’t real. And, the issues that are in full bloom in Gettysburg should not be questioned or corrected.

Let’s review the facts. It’s been stated and proved that the money is missing. Funds were not used in the manner that they were collected for. There is no record of any charitable license obtained, especially for allowing anyone to be represented as a Fundraising Specialist (501c3), there no posted records of the amounts that were said to have been turned in to the charities, for whom the event was being held for, outside of the one in 2017. It is known and reported that a donation was placed in the amount of $25.00 in the Barry’s personal name, while a second donation, again made in the Barry’s name occurred some 270 days later in the amount of an additional $600.00. We know that that money was actually donated by the Ghost Pit Group, but it was only after demanding an explanation as to where and when their funds would be posted. There are no records or statements that have been made to justify anything else, other than a bogus attempt to lie and mislead people into an impromptu phony reading of a letter from the PA Wounded Warriors after the 2019 “Bash”. And, there has been no effort to clarify a reason for the strong armed tactics that the Barry’s have employed to subdue anyone that has questioned their intent. Hummmn? This list goes on, but for the sake of rehashing the entire book of lies that his been exposed, we’ll just deal with what’s on the table.

I do know these facts, using basic math and numbers provided through the Barry’s own statements and posts that were placed to drive fans to vest in them, but even more so, it is the position that has been taken that simply reflects a simple answer to all accounts, that it is no one else’s business. Even though there was an entire slew of outside help to solicit to the general public for money, items, gifts and even sponsorships for the event. Are you still saying that it is no one’s business or not a good answer?. And after the “Oscar” nominated acting job done by Pam Barry in her own Facebook film, she was caught lying through her teeth as to the greatness of the event and the funds donated, even her own so called “Barry Supporter” delivered that evidence of the real letters information and exposed the lies that they were all given. This isn’t something that the Paranormal Herald created, but rather a self inflicted wound that another lie just couldn’t cover up.

There have been several that stepped forward to weather the storm and attempt to support the Barry’s over the past few months. Each has taken a swing to deflect the accusations and the lack there of evidence, but just like Mr. Biddle and his “In Barry We Trust” Statement, each of his statements being debunked. Mr. Biddle surmised his entire defense with the rational response that this was no one else’s business. Mr. Biddle has since falling on his own pen and has returned to his reclusive state. Funny thing is up to that point; the only people not heard from are the Barry’s. This still holds true to this today. The family connection has taken their turn at defending the actions of Pam and Steve, but on the other hand, only 2 people have stepped forward from immediate family to support their actions. The rest of the family tree has severed ties stating that both Pam and Steve have been funneling funds from the “Bash” to cover their extravagant life styles since it began. New Cars, a Limo, new House, or whatever you want to call it – Bed and Breakfast, Air B&B, a flop house or haunted house. This is the foundation that has paved the way for everyone to think and agree, if you’ll lie to me face to face, you’ll lie behind my back if not faster. Kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I know that this whole ordeal stinks and smells like a backed up toilet that needs flushed.

Now reviewing these facts and there are a lot more things that have surfaced, but as of right now, these simple facts remain the standard. Why is it that we find these two people taking arms defending the Barry’s and supporting their right in taking the 5th? There has to be a connection, a reason or is it just the simple fact that they are starved for being in the spotlight. Everyone has an opinion, but we all know about opinions and assumptions. I wondered if anyone actually did a little research surrounding these two? So I thought that it would only be fair to explore a few reasons that might be worthy of reveling regarding Ms. Lorie Johnson and Ms. Carol Malone. So I began looking.

The first person is a self proclaimed Psychic named Lori Johnson. A person that I have never met, nor do I wish to meet. I make that statement based upon the information that I have found on the internet and those people that she has left in her wake. She has a less than stellar record in proving that her abilities go any further than you rolling snake eyes at the crap table, actually you do have better odds of that happening than finding anything useful as to what she has to say . She has a track record of trying to take advantage of any situation that may lead her into the spotlight. A good example of that is her involvement in the Shepardstown files, which is her only real claim to fame; however, according to the powers that be, that light has burnt out as well due to her inability to take direction. In reflecting on her income, she relies upon paying customers and shows no other steady source of income. Her self- proclaimed moniker found on her pages, states that her readings are for entertainment purposes only. Therefore, I would rather spend my hard earned cash buying a quick pick lottery ticket before handing it over to another quack such as her. I also found that she also has accepted the help of a managing body that has arranged readings and events for her. According to the prior events and past events, one of her aiding bodies is Carol Lynn Malone. Myself, I could care less, even a bad comedian has a manager, but the funny thing is that Ms. Malone surfaced supporting the Barry’s and Lori Johnson from out of nowhere. What is the catalyst that ties these people together?

When I diverted my attention towards Carol Lynn Malone the flashing red lights went off. Or should I just leave you with the word, Record? Carol Malone has a definite track record that spawns from one fraud to another convicted fraud. As reported by the Paranormal Herald back a few months, Carol Lynn Malone is a scam artist. And a bad one at that too. Google it and click a few links for anyone that would like to check my research. Not only does she not carry any credibility, but she offers nothing more than injury to insults. Last check that I did shows that there still maybe a Bench Warrant active for her over the Tombstone Arizona Scam, still why would she want cast herself into this mess?

From data research and interviews, I think that I have managed to put a few of the puzzle pieces together. It would appear that the allegiance between Johnson and Malone follow along the same path. Both seemingly are connect to Pam and Steven Barry with the idea of money coming to the forefront. It would appear that Johnson relies on the Barry’s functions to maintain her income. it’s these events that are staged through whatever entertainment functions that the Barry’s hold, while Malone is the catalyst that actually attempted to recruited both Pam and Steven Barry to be involved in the Tombstone Scam. As we have all have seen and read about the Tombstone Arizona “Bust”, it was filed as a scam and ended with Malone having to explain her theft by deception charges to the judge and refund money to all those she played. And, just for the record there still seems that there is still a balance owed to quite a few people. So ruling out any wild minded reasons surrounding stepping in and taking the defense, the only reasonable variable is money. Both of these women stand to lose not only face in being tied to another fraudulent event, but also the money that will be lost when it goes away. The end product is the same, worthless personal conjecture, from two worthless individuals, which neither are supported on either end of the justice scales, nothing more, nothing less. Scammers.

As a third person watching this “B” rated movie pan out, I see this as just another attempt to create misdirection from the real facts at hand. Facts are facts. I can only relay to you the facts of any issue. How you see them or how they were used, is strictly a matter of self preservation. But nothing that these two have offered have any meaningful information, with exception that they have proven the old saying that bad will always follow bad in lies and good will always perceiver as the truth. Truth be told, if these are the best the” love and light” can offer, darkness might be a better option.

We have seen the thousands of post by the Barry’s dwindle to only a few, at least on the public posts. No longer are there hundreds that are re-tweeting the golden words of the Barry’s. We have seen the once stated “Largest Paranormal Shop on the East Coast” run out of town as fast as you can say the word “Scam”. What would cause an empire to crumble within a month? Bad business will do that. Poor choices and twisted truths are a sure way to cripple a business. In this case, it may have been the fears of the law stepping in and freezing assets. But, the once great and powerful Ghost Exchange folded up the tent and headed out of town. Even still they advertised that the shop was open and running. Even saw a few posts from people that drove quite a distance only to find bare walls with no explanation.
Seems that the talk is now that the Barry’s have taken on the idea of opening a home based business, but since they are currently reside in a residential zoned environment, those plans are about to be foiled. Seems that there are no shadows that they can hide in there and lord knows that city hall has been notified. With the walls closing in, the Barry’s have announced that they plan to reopen in another location trying to tie themselves to the Gettysburg Ghost Tours. The Ghost Tours is owned by Mark Nesbitt. He’s a great writer. I even managed to read a few of the books. Good stuff. It’s actually a shame that Nesbitt has chosen to end his business dealings in Gettysburg on such a bad note. But, the fact of the matter is in the track record of the Barry’s and all the damage they leave in their wake. You might re-think your choice Mr. Nesbitt. This will be a game breaker for many fans and supporters of your hard labor.

Even with all the information supplied about the disability frauds surrounding Steve Barry’s disability claims and the rules that have been broken by his actions, I have additional information. It would seem that the Steve Barry has now purchased another property. This one now makes three homes that he owns or is tied too. I seriously doubt that I could afford such a deficit every month, based upon my income and I can at least work overtime. I’m just wondering how another property payment can be subtracted from the bottom line of the Barry’s based upon $1,800. a month income? Taking into account for home insurance, maintenance, taxes… I guess I should have bought the magic beans that allow me to manage that kind of lifestyle.

I have shown that the Barry’s have been functioning on a money system that has basically no limits. Explain?? There are the “CASH ONLY” events that have taken place at the Lookout house. There have been a number of events that were to benefit the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash, the so called “Cook Off” and god only knows what else, but the fact remains, these two have tucked enough money away without having to even balance a checkbook. Still sounds fishy, regardless of how many times I repeat it.

You want to know about the services of the Tribute Car and all the hype that was dealt out about it. Maybe you can ask the people that are benefiting from it. Maybe a list or a post was made that I missed of the Veterans that are being driven to appointments or the Critically Ill Children taken to the treatment facility. Fact is there is NOTHING. No posts, no web site, no accounting records, no nothing. Why is that? Wake up people, you been had. From the “Bash” income and profits, to the coin jugs, checks and functions, for a self proclaimed charity, you’ve been had. To top this off, I saw a post that explained that this years “Bash” and the “Donations” sent, should be written out to Pam Barry! The first thing posted to any government site in relationship to charity functions, DON’T make the check out to an individual!!! 99% of the time it is a scam.

So there’s a “no brainer” for you. The fact that there are people actually falling for this scam is beyond me and allowing children to be used to allow it to happen makes it even worse. I have been in touch with the new administration people in Harrisburg and they have reassured me that this matter will not be swept under a table or ignored. They have had numerous calls regarding this crew of “misfits” Her words exactly. It would seem that a change in faces and positions has actually reset the bar for actions, based upon cases like this. I can only hope that a day will soon arrive that I can read that this entire farce has been shut down and those that abused the system will have to answer for their actions. If you doubt my statement, look for yourself. There’s a new sheriff in town and she’s not happy by any means.

More to come as I am now back from my assignment and I can focus on researching more about the actions being taken to bring all information to light.



MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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