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Foolish Plans by Foolish Cons… And, “We Told Ya So!!”

Foolish Plans by Foolish Cons…
And, “We Told Ya So!!”
by: Wiley Kronkite


It is said that a “good” book is not judged by its’ cover, but rather in the content in which it contains. In the case of the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash and the Barry’s, it has been found to be a book that has a forever changing plot and a cover that has been exposed as nothing more than a trick mirror. Just like the ones found inside of the “Fun House” at the Circus. Every step that this group has taken has had consequences, not only to those that were once involved in their inner circle, but also to those good hearted people that extended faith and trust in the idea that good people were helping the good will of man-kind. My review of this Gettysburg Battlefield Bash by the Barry’s can be surmised in two words. “Readers Beware!!”

Let’s dabble a little deeper shall we? There are signs everywhere about good will, faith and trust. These are found as posts on Facebook, to the signs hanging on the community notice boards at your local stores. Each one filled with ideas of pledging good will. When seen these words they are implied as hard core values and someone’s core values can actually be considered as the foundation to support their ideas of good will, or about the direction of their idea. In most cases the idea of good will is a starting point, but when every written word begins to be redefined with conjecture and misuse, nothing can be assumed as being understood. We, the reader, are left with clouds of doubts and a haze of mystery as to what we thought was good, rears an ugly head and releases all doubts that you have been taken advantage of.

I have followed the trail of self inflicted wounds and deceit of the Barry’s and the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash’s from the start. I have spent numerous hours investigating their footsteps, while speaking and interviewing many of those that were involved. Even as far as speaking with those who control the required departments of Government, they have supplied explanations to the needed formal paperwork and articles that are needed to be open for business. Even with those that have been implied as being supporters of the Bash, with political pull. The trail of paperwork that the Barry’s have offered to all of us, is nil, zero None! And, what they have provided has been untruth and fabricated to the point that anyone with even the slightest PC knowledge could debunk.

Everything that they have done has been under a cloak of silence. Every number has been blemished from disclosure, while totals of past events and balance sheets have been dissolved. All of which are required at any level of the US and state governments at some point or time, for charity events. Ask yourself why? The answer you come up with will be the same as mine. They are still today, stealing the money. If you are finding yourself questioning any other reason, you are mistaken, it’s about stealing money.

I could go into the same old spiel and rehash each and every proven fault that this group has repetitively done, but for the sake of having to spoon feed you as a child, I’ll offer to you to simply go back and re-read a few of the prior articles at the Paranormal Herald that I have penned to paper. If this is a first for you, or if this the first you’ve heard of the Gettysburg Liars Club.. Take a moment and go catch up. You will be amazed as to the great lengths these thieves have gone too. Wait till you see who they have shorted and stolen from. It’ll turn your stomach.

I would like to focus on the most recent post on public media that I saw, which was explained by Pam Barry, about the 2020 Bash. The Post was about making payments for vendors spots. It actually read that the 2020 Bash payments and checks should be made out in only her name, Pam Barry!


Can you say SCAM? The Attorney General lists this at the top of the “don’t do this” list. Especially when approached by any charity!!

But, who am I to direct you as to who you want to give your money too? The Paranormal Herald has been telling you for the past 5 months that the Barry’s and the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash are a SCAM. When the Paranormal Herald referenced this chilling Bash payment notice for the event, it didn’t take long for people to take notice and readers to being posting questions and concerns about this topic. It must have been a complete flood of questions that twisted the Barry’s into another fast action move to take the focus off themselves… Another Smokescreen to make everything seem legit?

This one will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, It did me. Pam Barry returned to delete her current post and replaced it with a whole new one. Stating that The Gettysburg Battlefield Bash, has applied for an LLC!!! That’s right they are now an LLC. In short, this move should send chills and shivers down your spine, while opening your eyes to the fact that you all have been duped. It has been said that the funds were being funneled from the Bash and were being used to front Pam and Steven Barry’s financial endeavors. A few examples like a boat cruise, new Limo (that was established as being bought to take the Veterans and sick children to the hospital in style) and Limo Tour business (established just months after getting the vehicle) , a new car (the Tribute Car, the new taxi service for the Veterans and Kids), new house, paid past due bills on the once great Ghost Exchange(Now Defunct); aiding no one but themselves. That’s right folks… Now they are doing this as described to you 5 months ago by none other than the Paranormal Herald… They are in Business to take your money!!


The Paranormal Herald made it known that this would happen. There were many attempts to make you stop and pay attention, but many of you did not take heed to our words. Instead, you turned your head to it. And, remember those fake tears and words from the infamous Facebook live Video, of the verbatim reading of the PA Wounded Warrior letter? The bold face lies told by Pam Barry? And who could forget the near tear Oscar Performing line, “It’s for the Children!” Folks, she really wasn’t lying; she just neglected to tell you that she was talking about her own children. Face it!! You have all been lied too. You have been used!! You have been cast off as nothing more than a fool for trusting them. I could go on, but I’m sure that you won’t need any help feeling foolish for not seeing the warning signs. However, I can shed a little more light on to this new direction that they have chosen to go. I do want to give a small shout out to the stellar brain trust driving the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash for solidifying their soon demise.


First and foremost, it was not the smartest avenue to take, declaring The Gettysburg Battlefield Bash as a Limited Liability Corporation. I read it more like jumping “from the pan and into the fire”. I’m guessing it was more advice from an uneducated, ill advised, self proclaimed financial wizard that can’t balance a check book that did it and NOT the educated doings of an attorney. Go ahead you can ask it? Why? I’ll be glad to elaborate. Now that the company is being list as an LLC, there must be a complete audit and review of all possible tax records, as the only way now to make this a charitable organization (again?) will require the IRS to approve the disposition of the company. That also requires a 7 year back log review of all assets of each member of the organizations board of directors. This established audit of funds will include all years prior to submission, as the Gettysburg Battle Field Bash or Pam and Steve Barry. That includes all funds collected and disbursed. That’s right and we will find out who paid the taxes on the unclaimed money – stolen from the bash that was to have been donated. Remember as an LLC, you CAN NOT function as a charitable organization, without prior approval. Since these band of rats in a cage submitted paperwork for an exemption prior to this…. The Exemption was not granted and is now a dead piece of paper. So until the application is approved for the LLC to become a Charitable Organization and stamped approved by the Attorney General… Until then, IT’S INCOME!! Any 3rd party auditor will get out the big red pen for this one.

Of course there are steps in any of this LLC move that can and will detonate like a landmine stepped on. Any failure to comply will result in several not so pleasant and costly facts. For example:

A complete financial audit of each named board member. Keep in mind that any findings of misappropriated or uncharted income, will need to be satisfied and rectify with fines and interests. Don’t forget the legal ramifications that will be reported to the authorities as criminal offenses. These can’t be solved by simply paying a fine. They will include jail time.

Any discrepancy or issue found that would conflict with the standard rules of a charitable trust will immediately terminate any further advances as an LLC, to become a charity organization. That’s right, there are taxes that will need to be paid, Social Security deductions, Workers Compensation, State and Federal Taxes and we mustn’t forget the Local Taxes too…

There is a need for an application as being a paid charitable solicitor, better known as a 501c(3). Sound familiar.. This entire scam is slowly acting like a noose around someone’s neck and the funny thing, they keep cinching that rope tighter and tighter, all by themselves. Thus the old adage; give someone enough rope and they’ll hang themselves. Just like creating welfare fraud, insurance fraud or even social security fraud. Sooner or later you are going to get caught. As for me, I’m betting on and pulling for “Sooner”.

An annual 990 submission will be required for open review as to income and disbursements. If you all remember, this entire story was instigated with the simple request of where the money went and /or where it is going to. Talk about cutting an arm off cause of a hangnail. As you can see this wasn’t thought out and it was done in haste…

The fact that this event has been fling under the wire for over three years; there’s not one accountant firm has been established as being used as a checks and balance and my money is on the odds that they have left little room to hide a thing that hasn’t been exposed. Each time this information has passed from department to department, like the IRS, Social Security, Welfare and even the Attorney General office, the growing demand for a full balanced audit has been the final directive. I see only borrowed time that these crooks have to function on. DO NOT BUY INTO THIS FAKE CHARITY FUNCTION! As of right now, with the situation as it is; there is a very strong chance that this event will not happen.

And, Beware… If you read the fine print on the Bash’s Vendor Agreement….. There are NO REFUNDS!!!… Love and Light!! I can hear Paul McCartney singing… “Band on the run!”
Here’s Food for thought: I have reached out to the owners of the Wyndham Hotel as to their knowledge that the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash and the Barry’s are no longer a legal charity function and that they have been registered as a “For Profit Business” without the Attorney General’s approval to operate as a charity; under the current franchise rules, it can no longer extend gratuities for a “For Profit” company beyond those stipulated on the franchise agreement. That means more added costs. I asked as to what the costs will be since they will have to pay for the Ballroom, Presidential Suite, Guest Speakers Rooms, Parking Lot Space Rentals and well… Everything that they have been getting for free, or “No Charge” in the prior years. Can’t wait to see what they write back!



MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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