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Gettysburg bash tribute car filled with mannequins, lucky charms, toilet paper and boxes. Not wounded warriors or sick children.

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You can not claim to be hauling around sick people, and claim to be driving around wounded vets, when your not. I do believe these folks even had that  vehicle painted free charity work, for there charitable cause? what was that cause again moving mannequins around?

In the below picture, we see  the vehicle is not transporting live folks around, but mannequins, toilet paper, and cereal. This sort of reminds me of the commuter, who used A mannequin as A passenger, to be able to use the fast lane during rush hour traffic lol.


That is having your car painted to look, as if it is being used for sick children, the elderly, disabled veterans or even for cancer. If it is not.

Please show folks your drivers logs to prove our claims and the claims of others, as being wrong thanks.

A car so destined for good things, was it used for personal gain and greed? only people around the events held and activities brought on by The Gettysburg bash clan, would know that answer.

We will be finding that answer out tomorrow.


Sometimes words mean nothing, but picture’s can tell A million different things.In this case, the evidence is clear, no sick kids here, no wounded warriors or disabled vets either. In fact the only thing there is the Barry’s private stuff, from there building.





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