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Weird Voodoo News: Voodoo hairdresser arrested for stealing clients hair, making dolls to place curses on them for money and sex

Weird Voodoo news:


In the news is A story, that might make you shake your head and say, now I have seen and heard it all. Not until this story erupted as just crazy and bizarre, did it take a few moments to sink in.

A hairdresser from New-Orleans was arrested this morning and accused of using his customers’ hair to create voodoo dolls and cast curses upon them. According to the New-Orleans Police Department (NOPD), 29-year old Enoch Azaka collected the hair he cut from his customers at the Old City Barber Shop and used it in black magic rituals.

“We found a voodoo altar in the store’s basement with dozens of dolls. We also found baggies full of hair, each marked with the names of the customers it came from.”

Orleans Police Chief Ronal Serpas says Mr. Azaka used his skills as a voodoo sorcerer to cause pain and illness to his victims in order to extort money and sexual favors.
The victims described suffering from acute migraines, back pain, severe rashes, respiratory problems and even some sudden and eerie hemorrhages that would cause blood to come out of their nose, eyes, and ears.
Mr. Azaka allegedly contacted them himself to explain that he was a powerful sorcerer and the cause of their pain.

Some of his victims called us after he asked them for money. He showed them the dolls and threatened to increase their pain if the didn’t pay him thousands of dollars.” He is expected do back in court soon.

He posted 100,000 bale and is out on his own recog,pending further court actions.



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