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Twisted Thoughts, Twisted Minds, Twisted Words…

Twisted Thoughts, Twisted Minds, Twisted Words…
By: Wiley Kronkite

Let’s take a look at the latest thing ending up in the Paranormal Herald Email Box addressed to Wiley.
Ahhh… A screen shot of the infamous “We Are Cleared!” paper work from the Attorney General and the Charitable Trusts Department.
PACT_app2018_01 (1)
After reading the said “Cleared” statement, I am now convinced that have found the flaw that might explain the errors and issues that the Barry’s and their Brain-trust’s consistently end up putting themselves into. The answer is pretty clear, they can’t read.

Take heed to what I’m about to say, as I can’t make it any clearer. You can’t believe anything that rolls out of anyone’s mouth attached to this group. They must each formulate their own ideas of what something says and then immediately assume that is what is written. I am basing this from prior, contorted, misinterpreted readings of the other letters that were sent to them; of which none have matched to support my assumption.
I am convinced that none of the members of this tribe seem to have a grip on the reality of the actions that have taken place by those controlling the Bash (Pam and Steven Barry). More or less, this can be described as a crime against humanity. For the sake of name calling, it seems there is a lack in their ability to read simple words and understand the meaning behind each word or phrase. Also, it seems to have escaped every one of them, that these infractions have long lasting effects; not only to those who the event was to help, but to those who have had their good will and offerings tied to an alleged fraud.


These actions can only be described or explained as just lies gifted to everyone about everything surrounding the entire event. If you would like to see what was really given to Barry’s and the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash Event (as they now call it) check out the screen shot that was sent to me. As you read the email, letter (or whatever you call it) it fails to say, that what has happened over the three events has been forgotten, erased, cleared, dismissed, and satisfied-I could go on continuously with the adverbs. Twist it as you like, nowhere does it read that the Barry’s were cleared of wrong doing.
So to make it clear for any that may be confused by all of this bantering, I’ll break it down for you. As you can see from the picture there are several red circles around pertinent information. Please note that the date is circled. It reads November 29th, 2019. According to the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) of the Attorney General’s under staff, it takes at least 30 days to establish an application for exemption. Also, dated on the 13th of November, there was a post on social media, that big news was about to be released from the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash and the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange (Remember that word exemption; it comes into play a little later.). It would mean that the time frame for filing such paperwork to be established as being at least in October.
Take note of the second red circle, you will see the current address for the applicant. It appears the address is for the defunct location of the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange. You may ask the relevance of this as to a wrong doing? I ask you to just keep this information in mind until the summation.
Looking at the wording of the response of #1, you will see that the Charitable Trust Division has accepted the information that the Barry’s filed to process the paperwork. The letter explains that based upon the numbers that they provided to the administration, the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash Event will qualify for an exemption of having to file for a 501c3 organization for 2018. An exemption has rules to it. Here are the rules that are needed to be followed, as such:

All the primary rules associated for any listed organization, club and or relevant must be applied, as such as Pennsylvania states. That means a leadership registry, minute’s log of all meetings, quorum logs & attendances for regulation meetings, financial records from a third party CPA, and lastly a charter of actions to meet the requirement of being an organization. If you want to follow up on this, feel free to have a read at the following link:
It states:
“What criteria does the state use to determine whether an organization is a purely public charity and eligible for a Sales Tax exemption?”
“Act 55 of 1997, defined Purely Public Charities and established the requirements an institution must meet in order to qualify for a tax exemption. Categories of institutions eligible to receive an exemption include volunteer fire companies, relief associations, and nonprofit educational, religious, and charitable institutions. Each qualifying institution will be exempt from state Sales and Use Taxes as well as from local property taxes.”

“The act outlines five criteria that each institution must meet in order to be a Purely Public Charity:
(1) advance a charitable purpose;
(2) donate or render gratuitously a substantial portion of its services;
(3) benefit a substantial and indefinite class of persons who are legitimate subjects of charity;
(4) relieve the government of some burden; and
(5) operate entirely free from private profit motive.”

“According to the act, smaller charities (those with program service revenues under $10 million) that qualify for an exemption of Sales Tax are presumed to also qualify for an exemption of local property taxes. Under this rebuttable presumption, should their exemption status be challenged by the local government in the court system, the burden of proof is on the challenging party to prove that the institution does not meet the five criteria.”

“Larger charities cannot rely on that presumption unless they have entered into a voluntary agreement to make payments to their municipality in lieu of taxes.”

“The act restricts institutions who are using their exemption status to compete unfairly with small businesses by carrying on or substantially expanding “commercial businesses” that are not related to their charitable purpose. A cause of action exists for small businesses “aggrieved” by charities in their community.”

The biggest issue that derails the entire idea that the Barry’s and the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash being a purely public charity is that no one has referenced the following. The law states, “The corporation does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit, incidental or otherwise.” And, here lies one of the more pertinent problems; not just a little one either, but I’ll reflect back to this in the summation too. Just keep this in the back of your mind.
When reviewing item number two in picture, you will see the issue of compensation. In filing for an exemption, compensating someone to go out and solicit for donations is a no-no. You can NOT carry any exemption status from filing if anyone is compensated for soliciting for profit. Also stated throughout the letter, a maximum amount of gross contributions is set at $25,000.00. Contributions more than just cash. Remember this. It will be a very big issue coming soon. The reason being is based upon values that must be applied to non monetary items. According to just about every legal service offering the laws as relevance to Charitable Contributions, goods include: cars, artwork, clothing, jewelry, real estate and securities. Services and work provided by an individual are calculated into the gross contributions income based on the latest figure of $24.67 an hour. That’s right, I’m certain that may have been overlooked when someone crayoned in the final numbers on the application. Just using a screenshot that was sent to me for the 2018 Bash, it lists 15 volunteers that worked approximately 10 hour a day for three days. If my math is right, that should equate to $11,101.50 of non cash contributions just for working volunteers. Add that to the tables sold and the sponsor’s donation…. The Bash just hit the wall! Oopps, there’s more than just numbers to talk about!!

Since the Barry’s attested that the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash has no paid solicitation or has accepted profit from someone out seeking donations, it would be first and foremost to understand that compensation is defined as read above, “Incidental or otherwise” and “to make gains or expand business”. Seeing that the Barry’s have sworn to this statement, along with those that they tricked into taking a director’s position in the organization, I would like to congratulate you as you have just entered on to a boat that has begun to take on water. But…. I’ll get back to this in just a minute. Trust me, each of these items to remember, are all tied together.
But, let’s finish the review of the document.
We move to what I see as the nail in the coffin, item number three in the picture. This states that a failure to comply with any of the preceding rules of engagement as an exempt charity will automatically trigger the requirement for registering as being a 501c3. As a 501c3, all applications must first be apply for and pay for with the proper filing fees before acting as such. If not done as such, it is a Violation. All 501c3’s are required to post revenues, expenses, gains and most importantly a public accounting breakdown as to money and funds. If that has not been done, a violation will be charged for each account. There’s more, but that should be enough to spell out the word TROUBLE.
With all things posted on paper, all filled out with self applied gold stars in the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash Event and the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange name, I’m sure that it looked nice. I must state that what they got back looks like a sign of being “Good To Go”; but the reality of this is nowhere near what they were expecting. No one actually comprehended the entire acceptance letter.
Whichever brain trust formulated the idea to file for an exemption did not understand the consequences of these actions. In applying for this exemption every sequestered answer, to every reader, who has inquired from the start, as to the funds and where they went, has just become public record and open for review. It will now only be a matter of time before the real audit takes place. The plan to avoid having to release any statement to the public has just become a reality, as there are several internal actions in applying for this exemption that will take place. The first will be the examination of the funds of the 2017 Gettysburg Battlefield Bash. According to law, no exemption can be applied for beyond the last year. With everyone pointing a finger and the AG, he is already aware that there are non-compliances taking place.

The idea that the Bash would slide through as if it was a ‘nothing event’, was a huge mistake and this will surely result in a full investigation. That of which will all be public record very soon. Also, the submission of new evidence and information that was supplied in relationship to the purchased of a Limo that the Barry’s so proudly displayed as an additional business service offering Limo Tours, has appeared. The following screenshot
was one of four forwarded to the Paranormal Herald showing that Steven Barry used his influence as a nonprofit charity, using the veterans to help himself gain ownership of the vehicle, then casts a bad light on the seller. The Number was redacted in this copy, so as the sender would not be exposed. As you can see he stated that it would be used for the veterans…. And how they deserve it! Funny thing, it took only a few weeks between getting the Limo dressed for the dance and ready for hire to do tours, but I wonder how many vets actually got a ride in it. Everyone seemingly feels certain that the funds to purchase it were a result of money used from the “Bash”. Either way, that my friend is a paid solicitor… Remember, the legal requirements for being exempt. “The corporation does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit, incidental or otherwise.” And, as rules read from government site; What criteria does the state use to determine whether an organization is a purely public charity and eligible for a Sales Tax exemption? The act outlines five criteria that each institution must meet in order to be a Purely Public Charity:
(1) advance a charitable purpose;
(2) donate or render gratuitously a substantial portion of its services;
(3) benefit a substantial and indefinite class of persons who are legitimate subjects of charity;
(4) relieve the government of some burden; and
(5) operate entirely free from private profit motive.
As we all now see, all five of these must be maintained, not just what you feel like doing as Mr. & Mrs. Barry have done. We know that only $25.00 was donated from the event to the Wounded Warrior Project. And, we also know that the Merchants gave a check for over $200.00 at that same event. Kind of smells fishy? As for the Limo, that’s a personal Profit Motive. Lastly, I still haven’t seen “Critically Ill Children Foundation” anywhere listed as a Charity Trust. Have you?
There’s more to this than just hanging an audit based upon a 2017 event. The actions that took place two years ago, in 2018, with items being sold and raffled off without either the items or the funds being accounted for, and then there was the 2019 event; not one person can answer the question of what was actually made at the bash, only after being caught in a lie and seeing that a mire $2,500 donated, what an insult. Even today the idea that people are already being fed lies and stories to get their money for 2020… Face it, there’s already a trigger set off for an audit and a strong investigation; all to be inclusive to review any and all receipts and payments, phony or valid and all of which I’m sure are the handy work of one of the Brain Trusts of the Gettysburg Lairs Club. They probably forgot that when you post a receipt that’s involved in an audit, the matching amount must be depicted on the sellers invoice registry. That’s right they better match up. Do you know it’s a $1000.00 fine for every associated violation? I was shocked too. And I hope that the dollar value claimed as being paid to the hosting hotel matches up, or you may find another court case arise soon.
For so long I have read that they (The Barry’s) were allowed to do this according to law. They’ve manage to make claim that the public out pour of giving was their own, especially when they take the tax break as donating the money – as being their own. Just recently they managed to incorporate the Gettysburg Police Department, the Mayor of Gettysburg and even managed to drag in the Gettysburg Sheriff’s Department in to this window of deceit. I guess hearing themselves use those names and bolster those positions as enforcement officials were meant to scare off others coming forward, but the reality of their accusations have only managed to throw each of them under the bus, or raise doubts as to their involvement with the Barry’s and the Bash.
So I ask you the reader, for almost six months now; the Barry’s have stated that they didn’t need to be listed as a charity in PA. They have said they have done nothing wrong, yet refusing to offer anything as proof to extinguish the accusations that have been made against them. So, now tell me, why now file for an exemption? And to top that, why file the paperwork using an address that you no longer are functioning at? Why, come out and lie about being cleared of wrong doing when you in fact have not been cleared of anything but submitting paperwork? And, why post ads that the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange is open and doing well, when in fact the only thing left in the building, other than an old notice that the gas was shut off, are the cobwebs left hanging in the corners? Is it all being done to avoid legal issues heading at them?
To those that continue to follow this travesty, I ask you for your opinion. Is it that the Barry’s have already received a notice of an on-going investigation? I haven’t seen anything yet. I know that until the investigation is complete, or that an action has taken place, any formal actions will be posted for review. Did they clear out the store so as to liquidate assets that would be frozen? Are they going to run? Pike County isn’t a safe place to run to. I’m sure that they wouldn’t try to relocate the store to the Lookout House location, as it’s zoned as a residential district and now opening a commercial business there will set off a whole new set of problems. And, after the attempts to bully those in the area and threaten them with bodily harm… I’m sure that they will not allow that to happen… Can you say zoning officer or ordinance enforcement personnel…???
It is amazing the number of people that are mounting a formidable offensive charge to halt this group.

Daily I read from people making contact with the AG’s Office in Harrisburg. From the letters received, to the screenshots from other sources. Even though it’s not on topic, I have received a notice from Pike County that states that Steven Barry has claimed being a resident of that county? How could this be? Steven Barry already owns or is involved in owing, at least 2 houses already in Adams County and has used county funds in the up keeping of a house that he doesn’t even live in.

We all know that you cannot reside or claim residence in more than 1 place, let alone giving false information while using a welfare associated program to maintain them… But, that’s a whole new investigation that I’m sure is coming soon to Aspers, PA. We won’t even begin to rehash the whole disability scam and the frauds behind it. Face it the whole thing stinks and if it smells like shit, looks like shit, tastes like shit, then it more likely is shit. Just like every feeble story that they tell.
Twisted Thoughts, Twisted Minds, Twisted Words, I’m sure that their response will be again one full of bantering and unknown facts. As for me, I will sleep well tonight, with a clean conscience and the idea that the facts revealed are true and explained to the best in detail.
Coming soon: Wire Fraud Allegations heading to Gettysburg, PA… Wow didn’t see that one coming did ya?


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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