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T” Minus “10”… And Running Out Of Options. Barry story continues:


thumbnail“T” Minus “10”… And Running Out Of Options.
By: Wiley Kronkite
Did you ever hear the child’s nursery rhyme of the ten little Indians? Ten little Indians went out to dine; one choked his little self and then there were nine. To make short work of a long, wordy reading, I’ll make it simple.

Each phase of the story reflects the idea of something bad happening to the remaining 9 Indians, until there is but 1 Indian left. I snickered a bit when I read the small snippet of it, but more so, it made me think about the Gettysburg Bash and the new Gettysburg Lairs Club (Pam & Steve Barry)…
As I recall, there is a saying that power can be weighed in numbers. Of course watching two masses, or groups, break out in a brawl; it’s a rare feat to see the lesser numbered over power the larger. There once was a time when I saw the fan base of the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash and the Barry’s, man handle any one that questioned their rule. There once was a time when Pam & Steven Barry were described as being next to “Sainthood”. Also, there once was a time when people believed just about every word that rolled out of their mouths, but after being caught up in alleged lie after lie,… after lie, the mass of fans began to distance themselves.
And, who can forget the attempts to silence those that wanted the truth about the event, the truth about where the money went, the truth about the people that they were aiding while donating their time to supposedly help real people in trouble; only to find out that they’d been implicated into a huge fraud and even threatened about exposing it. It seems as though the mass of Barry fans managed to see through their smokescreen and began actually looking up the posted links on each of the articles found at the Paranormal Herald. Why? Cause that’s where each of you readers found the facts. The truths.
I can’t help but chuckle…
“Nine little Indians sat up very late;
One overslept himself and then there were eight.

Eight little Indians travelling in Devon;
One said he’d rather stay there and then there were seven.”
Next on the list was the great reveal of wrong doings.
It was a doozy of an event watching the Oscar winning performance of Pam Barry and the supposed verbatim reading of The Gettysburg Battlefield Bash donation letter from the PA Wounded Warriors. Everyone was titillated as Pam Barry and her associates waited in haste, till the Facebook Live channel filled up with fans. I have to admit it, I was actually pulling for them, hoping the peace and security would finally be locked down, but then it happened. She chocked. She chocked not once, but twice and I know that I’m not the best at grammar. I’m sure that you can tell by my words, but I knew that she deviated from the letter. And, never once actually made an attempt to rectify any of the accusations of money problems by giving a single dollar digit; however, the fans loved it and blessings all around.

All was good at the Ghost Exchange until someone in the crowd,… a fan, found the one single frame in the entire video that clearly showed the letter and the dollar figure donated. Now caught in a  probable lie that Pam Barry could only fabricate, she eliminated any fans on the fence as she knowingly and willingly lied to the watching Barry’s fans.
“Seven little Indians chopping up sticks;
One chopped himself in halves and then there were six.

Six little Indians playing with a hive;
A bumblebee stung one and then there were five.”
The fall from grace was not pretty. Feelings were even more twisted than before. The defense of the Barry’s was taken on by another self proclaimed know it all, but even through the perjured lies and efforts in an attempt to silence the Paranormal Herald, resulted in failure. A failed union between a very poor physic medium, a known convicted scam artist and a couple of losers, produced nothing good; with the exception that everyone now knew what type of people the Bash and the Barry’s were mingling with. Such a poor decision in selecting business associates.
“Five little Indians going in for law;
One got in Chancery and then there were four.

Four little Indians going out to sea;
A red herring swallowed one and then there were three.”
With the walls of the Great Lookout House being exposed as nothing more than a house built in 1897 and NOT the great war torn, Confederate raided, apple tainted, child dying, spook ridden place that the Barry’s have advertised to anyone looking to spend a buck for a paranormal experience, the mass of hundreds, the fans of many, have fallen to the hopefully famous few. And, with each of them looking for an angle or a revelation to save the Barry’s, as well as their own die hard dreams that include these two taking them to the paranormal Promised Land when exonerated.
There was a glimmer of light when Pam and Steven Barry created another Facebook Live moment. Hearts and best wishes from the 40 viewers that watched it were tossed out at every word, but again, not knowing when to leave a lie alone, Steven Barry continued with the added information that the PA Attorney General and the State Department turned over a list of names of those that gave statements… Oh My !! Another lie. It was said that they were found Not Guilty of wrong doing. They got a text. No, it was an email, or was it a phone call for that unreliable Ken Biddle? Either way, the lies began mounting faster.
“Three little Indians walking in the zoo;
A big bear hugged one and then there were two.”
Anyone that has actually had to deal with the IRS, Social Security and or any formal department of the State or Federal Government, knows that the information will arrive by certified mail, or be delivered by a constable. Also, there are so many laws, such as the PA Whistleblower Law and Witness Protection Rights as an example, in play that no names are ever given out as to anyone that reveals information into a government investigation.

Funny thing, it seems that the only people that didn’t know that – were the Barry’s and the other thoughtless minds helping to drive the Barry’s Bash.
Needless to say someone dropped the ball when creating such a fairytale or just fails in understanding the every step in the chain of Government is public record. And, the proclaimed audit that was to have been done and deemed free and clear?? It just didn’t happen.

For those readers that might question this statement, look up Paauditor.gov , the site will let you look up names, businesses and charities that were audited at any time, for any reason. Nowhere will you find the Barry’s, Gettysburg Battlefield Bash, or any of their known alias business names, have been involved with, or directly audited.
As for the rest of the story, you the reader can scan through the Attorney General website. It’s updated daily, or you might check out the AG’s formal actions page.
There you will see any and all actions taken by the AG’s office and or any department related to the understaff of the Attorney General. Once again… The Barry’s seem to have lied themselves right into a corner. Still, I know that many readers out there are looking for the loopholes that will give substance to what the Barry’s offered. I know that after the fact, deep down there are those of you that have taken down the Barry’s fighting banner that you so proudly waved when you failed to see that text, email… or anything to support the last feeble attempt to generate table sales and room sales for the bash. Seems money might be getting thin at the Exchange.
Two little Indians fooling with a gun;
One shot the other and then there was one.
As reported tonight the Attorney General makes claims that no one is above the law and no entity will go unscathed. Anyone that uses the power of “Charity” for public use as a means of personal gain, will be fully examined and prosecuted to the fullest lengths of the law. You might want to see what happened to the PA House Representative that has now turned herself in for charitable fraud,,, I won’t spoil it for you. Go read it and then tell me…..

AG Shapiro Charges Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell With Multiple Counts of Theft, Perjury, Tampering

Does it sound familiar? How about it Gettysburg?
One little Indian left alone… Wonder what happened to him?
Maybe the one little Indian packed up and fled for a new place to stake the next claim?
Nothing can be forgiven… When your only truth is a lie…. The End.



MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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