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So You Wanted To Be Famous… Let’s give you what you wanted.

So You Wanted To Be Famous… Let’s give you what you wanted.

BY Wiley Kronkite


.After reviewing the “Barry Family Fantasy Show” on the local channel news station, I was so taken by twisted stories that were being told, that I had to begin breaking down their story one piece at a time. As stated before, I had some free time. I wasn’t hard to check the validity of Pam Barry’s statements. First and foremost, the Barry’s are not the owners of the Lookout House, as they had announced earlier. It is actually owned by their business partners, the same person that not long ago offered an outright death threat to Patty Blatt, when she offered to expose the undermining operations surrounding the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash. What a class act? Makes me want to share my money with him…
As the story goes, it would appear that the great (self titled) Historic Lookout House was headed into financial problems and the Barry’s arranged a deal between the actual owners and the financial institution, to allow them to aid in making payments to keep the property from heading to a public sale. This is where the story begins to mutate into the muddled mess that it is.


Barry’s took over the house, moved in and recruited help to get the house back up and running. But, due to the fact, that the Barry’s are using Federal and County money to sustain and maintain their original house in Bendersville, PA and are not allowed to own multiple houses, the story of a Bed and Breakfast was founded. The ideal costs that need to be paid on a monthly basis to the finance company (Bank) for the Lookout House, has been stated as being around $2000 a month, give or take a few dollars. How could this happen? Especially, where the finances are based upon a man that has a set income that is less than the payment needed? Simple, just get others to fork over the funds to do it. Find those other people that are unsuspecting souls that are drawn to the place to experience the paranormal wonders. And, boy at the Lookout House, the stories readily change on a weekly basis. Or, so it is told, based upon every undocumented, newly found happening of the week.
I do believe that the TV News stations have produced several snippets surrounding the Great Historic Lookout House, Haunted House, B&B, Air B&B.. (Whatever they are calling it this week) and each time the stories mutate into something even greater than before, to attract new money into the bank account. Just mill through the web and watch the posted wonders. Then there are those self submitted stories to other outside media avenues. These stories are their greatest forms of advertising, not really public human interest stories founded by an investigative reporter.
Everyone watches the fascinating story of the house being built in 1838 and how the Confederate troops entered the house and tainted the Apples, or Apple Butter, or Apple Sauce, which ever wording they choose to use this month. Then proceeds to use the testimony of the actual owners (and benefitting partners) of the Lookout House to build a story about the great paranormal events and how prevalent these ghostly spirits are. Watch the videos from the posted links and “Yeppers”, that’s the same guy (Russell Laskowski) that threatened Patty Blatt’s life through a text sent to her, if she messed with the incoming money from the Lookout House.
You get the idea… But as like the prior snippet about Pam Barry and of her lies about her paranormal investigating history… Its funny how those lies have a way come back to haunt you. It would appear that Coldwell Banker is now questioning the truth behind the Great Historic Lookout House too.
The cat seems to be out of the bag. The great Historical Lookout House and it entire story of the Civil War Pillaging and Ghostly Civil War Spooks…. All seems to have again been nothing more than a ploy to fraudulently sway good people out of their money and trust, using the idea from the movie, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”. In this case, “This is paranormal, when the fable out weights the truth, print the fable”.
As you can see from the submitted information of the property by Russell Laskowski, to Coldwell Banker, the house is listed as being built in 1897. I’ll even give or take a decade… on the estimation. Still, even using “New” Math, it still doesn’t add up… And yet, another lie?
Therefore, the truth surrounding the Historic Lookout House, has another flaw in its


It didn’t exist!!!
One thing seems certain; it wasn’t there for the great Civil War. Now, maybe there is a part of history that’s been hidden from the rest of the knowing public. And, just maybe, the Confederate Troops remounted for a second run at Gettysburg, 20 years later and raided the Lookout House. But, this entire story that Pam Barry has managed to spew out of her mouth about the house is a lie. This information is easily obtainable. It’s not some secrete that needs to be decoded like the hieroglyphics written on the Pharaoh’s walls. It is information that can be found and obtained from the County Courthouse Land Records, or in this case from the home owners own input. But one thing for certain, that structure was not there when the Confederates passed through heading into the Greatest Battle in Civil War history. As like I have stated in prior articles, these people will do anything to be famous and to take your money.

Paranormal Herald: Closing Notes.

One thing different about the people we write about, the difference is, we do not resort to name calling and labeling of people. We write of what seems to be pure facts. Sometimes making A huge stink about someone else,  it is A fast way to place the blame game to others, instead of there own selves.

Truth is, the masses do know.


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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