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Wrapping my head around the Battlefield Bash.

Written by Evan Jensen


Paranormal Herald.


I write today, compelled to the thoughts that have been fastened in my head, I found myself just overwhelmed about the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash and the complete lack of respect that it has turned out to be.

If the Battlefield Bash could simply provide there followers and anyone needing said information as to the said companies charity functions, it would provide an utter halt to any said alleged, or unfound allegation being brought forth, or would it make things worse for the Barry’s.

Just maybe, this is why they fought so hard to dispose of The Paranormal Herald.

With A bogus case filed in court against us on October 14, we have to consider something inside Gettysburg is A foul. We are not even talking about the actual battlefield itself, but the Gettysburg Bash. The bash allegedly ran by Pam and Steve Barry.

With old webpages being re-introduced to social media, and there posting subjects being reintroduced to there webpages, we have to wonder also, did they think by assisting a particular party and by making friends with someone with already questionable references, that this was A good idea.

One thing for sure to set the record straight, there alleged plot failed and the Herald stayed strong. This recent harassment case was dismissed with prejudice. Much of our writing had then been ruled as free speech.

Perhaps the Barry’s should have found A better business partner!

In the said allegations against the Battlefield Bash,The idea that “good” people actually made an effort to support those veterans that are in need, and implementing the ideals that paying it forward, is just as important as aiding those in the collateral aftermath. What a stellar response from the civilian sector. Not to mention the return of emotional feelings from many veterans. What a shame that the entire event has taken something so gracious and converted it to a “Go Fund Me” event for the chosen few.


The idea that “good” people actually made an effort to support those veterans that are in need, and implementing the ideals that paying it forward, is just as important as aiding those in the collateral aftermath. What a stellar response from the civilian sector. Not to mention the return of emotional feelings from many veterans. What a shame that the entire event has taken something so gracious and converted it to a “Go Fund Me” event for the chosen few.
However, I took the evening to start reviewing all the postings that were available. While comparing the older posts and the evidence that was passed on to me, I still have not found a reasonable explanation that would sway from believing that a wrong has been committed. I began searching deeper on the internet. I was amazed at what little has been left on line for public review. The entire situation, along with prior evidence provided, screen shots and the now voided photos… I have to say, not much matched up with my searches. The conclusion was someone or somebody has taken long strides and efforts to attempt to remove footprints of the event and the structure of the avenues of deceit used to derail all the “Good” people’s efforts to aiding those veteran requiring support.
I was very much taken to a video that was posted regarding the 2019 “Bash”. The video was created by the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange and displayed Pam Berry reading a letter from the Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors. It was a very heartfelt letter that stated a thank you for holding the event; it also included a side note from Ms. Helen Sager, the President of the Pennsylvania Wounded Warrior, about the special efforts surrounding the event, but the presentation was flawed.

It was flawed to the point that it caused me to examine the letter received a little more. There is a brief moment that the letter was flashed in front of the camera to expose the typed letter, the business header and the date it was to have been written. It seemed like a very good piece of evidence to support the “Bash’s” true intentions. All the way up to the point where the amount of the donation was to be stated. Pam Berry instead chose to “hiccup” and fumble through the reading and then apologized. She again began reading the letter to what seemed like pure improvisation from the scripted letter. She continued up unto the point where the letter stated that 180 veterans have already received support in July from functions like the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash. Pam Berry’s immediate response was to take the 180 veterans wording and twist it to have said that in July the “Bash” had helped 180 veterans. Wait a minute…
Since the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash was held on the 26th thru the 28th of July in 2019 and seeing that funds donated would have not been deposited to an account until the 29th of the month. That means that on the 30th of the month funds would be available and checks could be released. Even if each of the checks were sent “Next Day” mail, the 180 proclaimed veterans already being help in July, would have taken place in August, at the earliest. All of a sudden the letter that Pam Berry so heart fully read, began to not jive. This complete misrepresentation and deviation from the written wording of the letter did not sit with good with me. As a matter of fact, it caused me to begin seeking out others that posted a letter of thanks. Wouldn’t you know it, another twist managed to come to the surface. A Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors letter was pulled up on an image search. The letter was pulled from another site with the identical letterhead and wording and even the special written message at the bottom… With the exception that you could actually see where the donated funds totals were entered and displayed, even the special hand written message added to the letter… The problem is that letter was written in 2017. Can you say looks like we might have a problem?
If I may, I’d like to even reflect on something else that caught my eye as to the letter. The video never shows the actual envelope. No address, no return postage address or even a postage mark. However, the envelope is placed face down as to conceal any writing on it. But I do have to call attention to the envelope and the back of it. This envelope appears to be a self adhesive style envelope, yet the back of the envelope shows no tears, no rips and even appears that it was sent with the adhesive guard protection strip still on it. Then again, that just might be my eyes looking to find even more fault in this cover-up. I’d tell you to go look at the video that was posted, but who knows if will last long enough for some to see. It would appear that every posted article that gets used as supportive evidence to question the intent and integrity of this event or in relationship to the Barry’s, it gets removed, blocked or taken down from public site.
On another note:
I have also read several responses to the postings that support the Barry’s for whatever reason being. They range from “they are the greatest”, to “they are such wonderful people” and even a few postings from those veterans that have now given back twice as much as received. I also have noticed that in the beginning of this reveal, there were a lot of those veterans that stood up and took voice with supporting words, but after seeing and allowing suitable time for this entire scam to open like a medieval disembowelment; those supporting veterans have grown fewer. Maybe it’s because they are now getting the same picture as I.
I remember watching the television and hearing some of the slanted, classic movie insults dealt out by superiors to the privates and pee on’s in the military, lots of name calling. In one instance, the DI screams at the Private, “Are you a moron?” Great movie effects, but I must state…, I have never once found a veteran that wasn’t smart. They are survivors. These men and women are brilliant. They have the ability to balance many things, from living with physical and mental issues, to handling family issues and excelling in careers, while never forgetting or leaving another of their “kind” behind. However, what I do find just so hard to believe is that with all the apparent wrongs that have been exposed, and all the unexplained missing funds, or the funds that were to have been donated, it just doesn’t add up.

So, why haven’t the Veterans, or the PA Wounded Warriors taken a stand to get to the bottom of things. This particular event was driven with the intent to support the PA Wounded Warriors, The Wounded Warrior Project. It has been a proven success that is based on the blood, sweat and tears of those men and women that have drawn in the needed supporters to make it a successful fund drive. And, it certainly is not a case of just having to accepting a “low ball” figure of what you were given. It’s an insult.
These funds were raised based upon the idea of the betterment of the veterans, your brothers and sisters at arms. And, quite frankly, it bothers me to think otherwise. In this case, two wrongs will never equal a right and any other opinion that someone adds, will not justify the actions that have been less than truthful and correct. You want to talk about stolen valor? Think about it before you cast your next stone.

This isn’t a game where the guy that owns the ball, is the only one that gets to win. Who’s reaping the benefits of someone’s military honor? It’s certainly not from this writer. Remember, silence is acceptance of what these people have done. Reflect on this statement for just a moment and tell me if it stands as true now as it stood when you first heard it; each one of you must have the trust in that the person beside you will have your back, whether it’s in a foxhole in complete darkness, or it be in the middle of a soggy rice field, or blinded in a sand storm in a remote desert, you will protect the person beside you, until you can no longer protect them.

There once was a code, a vowel that every veteran took at one point or another, to never let that person down. Don’t let someone take that from you, or take away from the person that stood beside you. Demand what rightfully belongs to your brothers and sisters. Most definitely do not put your trust in a group that follows a creed that their idea of having your back means, having you pay for their entertainment.


The following thoughts and said allegations, are simply that thought of the Paranormal Herald. They should be considered as that of free speech and be entitled to be heard.


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.



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