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Manhattan Reincarnation fortune tellers arrested.11/21/2019 update

Three women operating out of the same fortunetelling shop were arrested and forced to repay their victims, according to the NEW York Times newspaper.

As the said story goes.


A young woman stopped a suspected stranger on West 69th Street near Lincoln Center last year, reaching for her hand with concern. She said she saw that the passer-by was spiritually ill, and urged her to step into a nearby apartment to talk more. The signs in the apartment window read “Palm and Tarot Card Readings” and “Clairvoyant Reader.”

It did not take a rocket scientist, to soon discover A woman had just undergone surgery and had lost her apparent job. Yes she was feeling ill and depressed wouldn’t anybody?

She had been crying minutes before the psychic, Kitty Mitchell, 25, stopped her.The psychic shop had been there for at least 10 years, a fixture on a block of prime real estate on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. It had thrived even amid neighbors’ complaints and surprise visits from New York City inspectors who issued violations.
The tenants in the apartment had a history of evading city restrictions on home-operated businesses by finding loopholes in the rules, offering a case study into how psychics continue to thrive in modern-day New York.

For years, the apartment has been a revolving door for psychics who promise a $5 or $10 peek at the future, a cottage industry that has proved to be recession-proof and common-sense-proof.


What happened to the passing woman lured inside that day last year eventually brought visits from detectives. Two separate investigations led to the recent arrests of three women who worked as psychics in the apartment, at 143 West 69th Street. Each was convicted of felony larceny charges and forced to repay the victims up to $60,000 apiece.
Yet as recently as last week, fortunetellers appeared to be operating again in the same location, demonstrating how resistant the fortunetelling business can be to law enforcement.



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