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The Sting. The Lorie Johnson Stimulus Swindle. Yes They Put The F-In Fraud.


When the economy tanks, psychics say their business soars. Why exactly is that?The psychic industry is a $2 billion a year business, with millions of people still dialing “900” numbers, even after two decades of lawsuits, bad press and bankruptcies. But when someone calls a psychic hot line, does the person on the other end have more insight than anyone else? Of course not.

“The psychic business is built on lies. There is no supernatural power. You can’t see the future,” Edward says. “We’re in the golden age of the con. There are people coming out of the woodwork that would love to separate you from your money. But people just want someone to talk to. That’s the bottom line.” It is the Hook line and sinker for these so called psychics and there schemes.

In a 2007 study, conducted by the University of Auckland in New Zealand, Dr. Robin-Marie Shepherd found most users called for advice on “personal relationships.” Nearly all users describe their behavior as “addictive.”
And, at an average of $100 per reading, many went in to debt because of it.

Other so called psychics, such as Lorie Johnson charge even much more then some will. Even In upwards of 495.00 for special readings.


Mark Edward once told ABC, “Mark Edward: In general I’m against it. I think people are better served by going to a therapist. Edward: I never took any legal or medical questions. … I gave them 800 numbers instead. I helped a lot of people, but there was nothing psychic about it. Common sense is the same as intuition. In our society we’ve lost touch with that. Also, I was a skeptic the whole time, so I felt like I was doing a [public] service by infiltrating [The Psychic Network].

LJ_Sting (1)

How does Lorie Johnson tie into the suspected and believed allegations into the Barry Patch kids? Well I am going to show and tell you. With her being able to attend events weekly and make money off her readings and at the price she charges, the bash held and any other event is A solid amount of money, she makes from her said psychic business.

If the events close down, she stands to lose A considerable amount of money. It is exactly why, over the past few days, you have seen her aggressively attack folks, then take her posts down, only to place more up later on social media.

Unless she is drunk at these times?

Using faked information from A well known scammer Carol Malone to harass and take the credibility of this paper down, she also has opened herself up to even more allegations of deception, fraud and anything else along the way. Carol L Malone, was Well known and even Infamous woman, who gained notoriety, for scamming an entire town of Tombstone Arizona. After Malone was busted and even placed on news, she wrote a blog defaming myself and many others. Lorie Johnson’s been using that same scammers blog.

Can we say, “Scammers How To Handbook”?

Shame on her and shame on Lorie Johnson for using a known fraud to defame others and myself. Truth is, If Lorie knew what sort of repercussions were coming for slander and defamation, she would most likely have not gone the direction she did. Then again, if your ship was about to sink? what would you do?


Carol Malones news links.


Malone was also featured in the Tombstone news paper. Now why Lorie Johnson would use a written about alleged scammer to try to thwart off the facts, we would love to know that relationship?

The following was my news story interview that helped lead to Malone being charged and nailed in this small towns paranormal event fraud. Keep in mind, the same fraud Lorie Johnson’s getting her said information from. Go figure there.


For over a year, a Virginia woman by the name of “Carol Malone” has been advertising an event in Tombstone “A Haunting at Tombstone”.
The event was to give people the opportunity to visit and investigate haunted Tombstone attractions such as the Birdcage Theatre, Big Nose Kates and other haunted locations throughout town. The ticket holders would have had paid lodging, breakfast and dinner and all of the entry fees to attractions paid for beforehand.
On Friday, the starting day of the event, over 100 people stood anxiously waiting for the event to start, but, nobody showed to host and people stood confused not knowing what to do.
Fortunately, a few folks that paid to attend the event, did know what was happening. What was happening was “Carol Malone” aka “London Knight” aka “Sarah White”. Malone, or whatever her real name may be, was the organizer of the event and according to Evan Jensen, is a long time scam artist who claims to own a business under the name of “Darkside Entertainment.”
Evan Jensen resides in Oregon and has been investigating Malone for over 2 years. Jensen has made a priority to become a “fraud exposer” and has exposed several “scammers” including Ryan D. Buell, the lead investigator on “Paranormal State”, a popular but now cancelled A&E TV Show. According to Jensen, Malone wrote a book titled “Amityville House of Lies, but copied and stole over forty percent of the information from his website.
Jensen is retired from the paranormal scene but currently runs a radio station, writes, blogs and works day and night to expose those who commit fraud.
“A few years back, I had a woman message me about her son who was terminally ill and wanted to go see Ryan D. Buell at his popular paranormal event. The mother had used basically every penny she had to get her son to the event, but when he arrived, not one venue was booked and Buell never showed up. Thousands of people were ripped off by Buell. The worse part, the boy who wanted to see him before he passed on, died 2 weeks later. Because of that boy, I vowed to expose scammers for what they truly are. I want people to know and understand that defrauding and scamming people is more harmful than one may realize.”
“From my research I have discovered that Carol Malone has at least 13 different aliases. This is not the first time she has done something like this. At least 80 people purchased the “VIP” ticket to the event and have been ripped off. She did refund 1 or 2 people their money, but one of them was an attorney.”
Malone had promised ticket holders that their ticket included the hotel room at a very nice hotel in Tombstone close to Allen Street, breakfast and dinner for both days and entry to all of the attractions. However, Malone did not pay for anything and people were left wondering what to do and where to go when they arrived in Tombstone. There was no itinerary, sign in stations or meeting places.
People traveled from all over the United States for the event and paid several hundred dollars for their “VIP” tickets. A woman who is terminally ill, was charged $900 for her “VIP” ticket, several hundred dollars more than what others paid. In an online video on the examiner.com, reporter John Albrecht Jr. and Connie Williams documented the woman saying that she used flight credits to get to Tombstone and was unable to enjoy any kind of an experience while in Tombstone. She stated that she would like to see something done about this incident and Malone shouldn’t get away with this. Several other ticket purchasers were interviewed and their testimonies can be heard on the same video at http://www.examiner.com.
According to several business owners in Tombstone, over the past year, Malone would call and try to book hotels and attractions for tours and pay a small portion or a deposit, but never paid for them in full or only paid for a small amount of tickets when there was nearly 200 people who were supposed to have all of their fees covered.
When ticket holders arrived in Tombstone and would go to an attraction to take their tour, they were stopped and told that they couldn’t go because the event organizer never paid for their entry. But, in kindness, many of the local businesses let these folks go through their tour for free because they had felt bad for them being ripped off by Malone.
Jensen also told The Tombstone News that Malone deleted the Facebook page for the Tombstone event, but before deleting, she did try to blame the Tombstone businesses for the event being a failure. “She tried to blame numerous businesses including Trail Riders Inn and the Occidental. She tried to say that THEY scammed her and over charged her,” said Jensen. “It saddens me that Malone tried to question the integrity of the town of Tombstone.”
According to the Trail Riders Inn, Malone did pay the deposits but never paid for the guest’s rooms. Several people have stated that the only reason they were able to have a warm bed to sleep in was because of the courtesy of the Trail Riders Inn giving them a free nights stay.
Reports have also been made about the Sisters Paranormal Undertaker Tour. Ticket holders stated that these very kind folks let them enter their tour for free out of kindness.
Gordon Anderson, owner of the Larian Motel told The Tombstone News that they only had one person show up for the event at the Larian. “The woman in question (Carol Malone) had been in touch with us for about one year. She booked the entire Larian Property but after giving her multiple times over that year to pay for her rooms, we had to cancel on her about 7 weeks before the event as she violated our trust so many times in regards to lying about when we would be paid. We did the right thing and did what we had to do. We are so sorry that so many people have been scammed by her.”
According to one of the numerous webpages Malone used to sell tickets to the event, the cost for some tickets were being sold for over $300. A “Gold” Ticket was listed for $275, a “Silver” Ticket was listed for $225 and a “VIP” Ticket was listed for $325, with a requirement to be paid in full prior to January 2015. A day pass was also listed for $75 and vendors were able to purchase a space for their vendor table for $125. It is unknown if any vendors showed up or got ripped off, as our own investigation into the entire catastrophe is still underway.
After several ticket holders discovered they had been scammed, many of them tried to find Malone to question her but she was nowhere to be found. When she was eventually found, she was seen hiding out in a bar surrounded by three bodyguards she rented for the weekend who would not let anyone speak to her.
On Saturday, the Tombstone Marshals Office cited and released Malone, charged her with “theft of services” and gave her a court date. She is required to come back to Tombstone in two weeks and appear before the judge.
After Malone was arrested, she left town, abandoning her already failed event.
If you wish to read information about Malone and her scams, all you need to do is simply “Google” her name with the word “scam” (be sure to not mistake her for the renowned author from Europe). You may also visit http://www.ripoffreport.com where you can read numerous complaints about her and her “business” Darkside Entertainment”.
At this time, it is still unknown if Malone acted alone or if she had a partner or partners.
If you or anyone you know was ripped off by Malone, please contact the Tombstone Marshals Office at (520) 457-2244 and make a report.
The Tombstone News will update you on this incident when the information becomes available to us.
It sure does look like the self proclaimed gypsy gem, is possibly looking at serious charges. I mean how can someone think, they can scam or allegedly scam the town that is to tough to die?
On around may 30th this year, there was a paranormal event held by London knight aka Carol Malone. It was and event that went wrong, from booking issues to no booking, to events cancelled and to quite simply leaving town early to avoid scammed folks from asking for their money back.
This is a recent article published in the Tombstone news, all right reserved and are in intended to the Tombstone news paper


With Lorie Johnson stating she read the Barrie’s. She basicly endorsed both Steven Barry and his wife. With said allegations running out of control and more and more people demanding answers. She placed herself into an entirely different category. It is no longer love and light, but A last stand at the O.K. Corral.

Lories last messages to me “I will always support the Barries”.


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MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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