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Instead of trash talking respected people, why not show the public your records for donations. No ones untouchable under the law.

Instead of trash talking respected people, why not show the public your records for donations held and allegedly accounted for. After all you ran the silent auctions and took in donations right? makes sense to simply go out of your way to trash talk, use profanity and act like under age prisoners?

It’s been said that everybody lies, but the question is when, to whom, and why? And if someone is lying, how can you tell?The detection of deception is big business with big stakes. Imagine if you could tell whether your partner really did have to work late, whether your boss really intends to promote you, or whether the insurance policy you’re buying will protect you under all those conditions it says it will. Children’s lies are ridiculously easy to spot, but as we get older, we get better at disguising the truth. We don’t necessarily get better at spotting it. New research in the field of communications provides cues for deciding if someone is lying or at least avoiding the truth.

The Barry bash clan, has done just that. Avoid the said truth at all costs. Even if it means to trash, use foul language and belittle anyone with said questions. Yes we have raised a good many questions.




In her posts she states for the record, “she don’t give A F*** I would assume clearing my name was A sort of priority. As you can see. Not to her. Nice way to handle things on A professional level. Stephanie White( AKA) Untouchable, is seen calling me a pile of shit and so naming others without even knowing who has given us what info? So would the attorney generals office fall under that piece of shit category then? just wondering!



An additional situational factor involves someone labeling a person as evasive. It’s common in political debates (but not everyday life) for people to call each other out on their lack of (or apparent lack of) truthiness. In finding that a coworker told the boss what the boss wanted to hear, what would you do? If you want to make sure that the coworker never trusts or confides in you again, you’ll be sure to point this out. If you want to keep harmonious relationships in the workplace, you’ll keep your observations to yourself. Politicians, and the journalists who question them, operate by a different set of social codes. It’s almost part of their job description to accuse people of lying, evasiveness, and inconsistencies. That would be on the slight wouldn’t it?

In A few prior articles, we have asked. Got zero responses,other then fool language and the calling of people pedophiles. Just ridiculous. I mean you talk abut vile and foul? check this out then. Nothing better from the Queen of the deceit and dishonesty..


As you can see Stephanie White is all love and light. And so apparently is Lorie Johnson a long time friend of ours.

Its sad when your caught with the hands in the money jar no doubt. It is even worse, when you lie cheat and defame others to establish dominance in what seems to me a pretty good scam. The Wounded Warrior bash is been exactly that. With no details surrendered, by the Barry’s absolutely no information supplied, that could eliminate the said allegations brought on by others, one has to wonder why A simple explanation that could have been provided, has been denied, forgotten and passed over by even celebrities, who follow the Barrie’s. Until Now!


The Gettysburg Bash has surely drawn A horses cart full of questions. The questions are so many, they seem to simply fly the heck off the wagon at times. One question I have is, that if Stephanie White Haggerty collected donations and was doing so legally and by the book, then wouldn’t she want to clear her name .Not use foul language and be vile publicly?she posted quite A lot and one thing she didn’t know,was that I was waiting for this. I knew she would do this,as it fits her true character.

The following post was seen, then copied for later references. After several people posted and corresponded back and forth and after her urging folks to go show it to myself and others, She then took the postings down.

Here is what she posted for anyone else who needs to see what type of individual she  really is. Again show us those documents, you know the ones from the silent auction. how much was taken in and where did the money go actually? It is A simple question really.


With this article. I would try to caution those unsuspecting individuals, who might fall pray to these types, you know the fallen socialites and distinguished ladies.





MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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