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“The Measurement of Friendship – By the Depth of Your Pockets”


By: Wiley C Kronkite
Wonders still never cease to amaze me. When the I first found myself digging into the muddled mess of the Barry’s and their entire Pandora’s box of being shady business owners, do-gooders, charity saints, or whatever name you want to give them, I approached the story and leads with a positive direction in mind. A story that is based upon evidence and proof, not from what a little birdie told me while I was sitting on the park bench. For that reason, I gave both Pamela and Steven Barry ample opportunities to provide to me anything that would support their actions. And yes, I’ve had the honor of reading the hate emails that were sent by many of you to the Paranormal Herald, saying in many ways that our stuff isn’t true. Truth be told, I couldn’t believe it either. How could a function such as the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash be allowed to become so corrupt with virtually no one in the position of chairperson coming to the front and demanding answers or blowing a whistle? There has to be more to the story than just a lot of naive people, or is there more to this story hiding behind this so called inner circle?

But with each and every threat, death threat, name calling, dishonorable, and deplorable thing that was written to those that were thought to have ratted out the secrets of the “Bash” and those that were bounced out of the so called “Barry Inner Circle”, my attitude began to change. However, not once did I receive a word that offered anything but a half witted, uneducated responses. And yes, that includes Kenny Biddle. By the way Biddle, you are no longer the # 1 fan of the Barry’s; I’ve since heard that you’ve been replaced. I have to say, shame on all of you. Now with all things exposed you should know you all were so wrong. Keep in mind, these were two individuals were exposed in stealing donated funds from the Wounded Warriors Project and the PA Wounded Warriors. Even though my opinion means little, there is only a hand full of other crimes that would rate lower on my scale. I’d love to disclose the names of the real “rats” in the circle, but in doing that, it would take half the fun away of listening to those people having to testify against those inside their well perforated circle. It seems that in law, deals are cut and made every day. Makes me think, what’s out there?

After unearthing the last notorious lie of Pamela Barry, I thought that maybe the tide of trusting them might sway a little. Boy, I was wrong! The Paranormal Herald has retained enough emails from vendors (prior and current) that have flooded the system with even more information of wrong doings. No one wants their name(s) attached. There is some stuff that I couldn’t write, even if I wanted to, that is simply too sickening to print and by no means would I want to distract the attention of anyone away from what has occurred with the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash. But, I would like a few of those that supported the “Bash” and the Barry’s to take a read of the following information. Also, how deep pocketed are your pockets friend?

“Love and Light, Friends and Family”, these are the steadfast words that the Barry’s used to maintain their holiness, their circle of trust, and their friends. They are words that have spewed from Pamela Barry’s mouth so readily, yet we now know that these words are nothing more than the words stolen from one of many fancy, feel good, tag lines and memes. I know that many are still holding on to the fact that friendships are a strong bond and loyalty carries is a stiff upper lip; but if you were a vendor of the past Gettysburg Battlefield Bash, I want you to pay special attention to the following information and to how it affected you, the friend!

The Paranormal Herald received an email from someone who witnessed Steven Barry demanding Pamela to sell the tables at the bash for a reduced price. According to the email, with past due bills, and Christmas coming, the rent and utilizes were already past due, these two were scrambling to rake in every penny they could to cover their expenses for living the lifestyles of the rich and famous. I know that many of you had already laid out $150.00 for your table for the coming Bash, maybe because you didn’t want to get cut out of the loop, or you were just so taken that you hopped right in. It was for a good cause and you had some fun last year? This took place on November 30th, 2018. It was going to be a “One Day Special Sale”! Tables were sold that day for $100.00 as long as you paid for the spot that day with Pay Pal. Did any of you wonder why, or even notice that that happened? Where you notified that you could have saved $50.00 on that day? Where you given an opportunity to reclaim your money? Where you offered a refund? Maybe taken that $50 bucks and fray the costs of your rented room for the weekend? Your answer, I already know it – NO! Now you’ve just found out that they took even more money from you, along with the Veterans money, tell me what that says about them? So maybe some of you are now wondering about the word “friend”?

The email goes into a detailed reason for the one day Gettysburg Battlefield Bash “fire sale”. Truth be told, it was so that Steven and Pamela would be able to scrounge up enough cash to pay their past due rent which was due on the 1st of December. That’s right gang, not only were you duped out of your table fee, receipt for your taxes, but you helped pay the Barry’s past due utilities and store rent while they were living like king and queen in their new arranged mansion on the hill. Almost sounds unreal but it’s true according to our sources. Go ahead; say it, “That’s a lie!” I can assure you that it’s not. Taking this information, computing it along with all the other matters into account, this sources story fits together pretty damn good. Look at the date of the posted “fire sale”. It’s not just a coincidence. The funds taken in for the PA Wounded Warriors and Hero’s 4 Hire were used for the Barry’s to remain as viewed and perceived socialites. Are you listening friend? I’m not sure what your definition of friend is, but I would think that it wouldn’t have the words, “liar”, “cheat” or “thief” as a requirement. It might have been a lot nicer for each one of them just to stick a gun in your chest and rob you like Jesse James. Having second thoughts about using the word friends?

The only friends these two people want are fans. Whether you are the one working parking cars for them or running the stage for the bands, only then do you have a value to their friendship. Any loyalty that you might think you have with them is equated in how much money you have, or the avenue you might know to get them on TV. Anything else is a true misconception on your part. Ask yourself a simple question: has the Paranormal Herald lied to you about anything that was printed about the on-goings of the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash or the lying words that Pam or Steven Barry has spoken? As a point of order, call Pam Barry and ask her if it’s true and see if they’ll refund you the $50.00 back? A real friend would make it right. But if it were me, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Your friend ticket may have expired the minute you gave your money.

Inquiring minds still want to know, what happened in 2018? What was the final number awarded to the Veterans? Based upon the known figure of the $34,000.00 that was taken in for the 2018 event, it has been confirmed from sources that a total of only $2,900.00 was donated toward the PA Wounded Warriors. That’s less than 10% and your wannnabe friends are now about to be felons? Also, keep in mind that the Paranormal Herald is still deeply involved in settling the ledger of the Bash’s financials over the past three years straight. We are also striving to assess the actual damage that these two have done to a good event, and the damage in relationship to the veterans that have been played. Now’s your chance to voice your feelings. Post a response; say it so everyone can see it, but if I were you I’d refrain from mocking anyone, even if your feelings are still steadfast that wrong was committed by those casted out of the inner circle. I would ask you to reflect the following.

As a young child, everyone was taught about doing the right thing and today we preach and teach our own children to tell the truth. There are oaths taken in life that are focused for the truth. It is our own duty to report when a crime is being done – if you see something, say something. Knowing this and seeing that your loved one is about to fall prey to this very scam, make your post to report this crime! The Office of Attorney General is also monitoring this site too. It’s a great opportunity to be heard.
Some food for thought: Did you know that funds are already being accepted for the 2020 Bash? Will there be a refund? Or, Can you say “legal funds”?

Are you still thinking on this report about the lack of funds at Christmas time last year? Is this the answer to the reason for the Toy-for-Tots boxes setting in front of the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange and at the whatever they call it today: bed and breakfast, Air B&B, Historic Lookout House, and last I saw, “haunted house for rent”. As of right now, I can only imagine someone finding items posted for sale. Do you all of a sudden find yourself saying “Facebook Market Place”? How about it, “friend”?



MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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