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The Triple Fix… Liars, Cheaters and Thieves !! Barry’s fix was in.

The Triple Fix… Liars, Cheaters and Thieves !!

Once upon a time, hitting the lottery was considered to be an amazing thing. Also, there once was a well loved TV newsman named Nick Perry. He was what some described as being “Bigger than Life!” Nick Perry was the patriot of good through the eyes of just about everyone in the state of Pennsylvania. He ran fund raisers, organized food drives, and gave money away daily through two huge TV shows: “Bowling for Dollars” and the “Pennsylvania Lottery”. Talk about a Saint! But, there was a dark side to him that no one knew about. Why? Because that same trusted, loved man, also lead the biggest rigged lottery scam in the Country. It was such a well schemed plan that they gave it a name, the “Triple Six Fix”.


Now the odds are astronomical in winning lottery, but to actually win several times…? Wow! When he was caught, along with all those associated, it was an absolute punch in the face to all of those that supported Nick Perry. Sadly, the entire time he was implicated in this collusive act. He never expressed remorse.

None of these types ever do.

The use of a latex paint was applied on the all balls except for the number 4 and 6 balls. The latex paint made the balls heavier which allowed the lighter balls (in this case the number 4 and 6 balls), to be jetted to the top of the suction tube on each machine. A lot of thought was put into this scam as well as thorough testing to make sure it would work. Everyday each set of balls for each cylinder were weighed to ensure no lottery rigging could occur. Therefore, if the same weight for each set of balls were the same, no wrong would be found.

Later it was found the 4 and 6 balls for each tube were never put into the group when the sets were weighed until it was show time!
Just about everyone can remember watching the numbers being drawn and boy, those six’s and four’s were hot; so hot that the 6 and 4 combinations were witnessed hitting in 7 consecutive days with the 8th day gleaming a 666 combination, with a 500 to 1 payout!
Who would have ever thought that such a pinnacle TV star would be involved in cheating? There were reviews of the machines and speculation that maybe, just maybe, good ol’ Nick Perry was simply good luck and those 6 and 4 combination numbers loved him.
Throughout that period, Nick Perry never openly admitted to any wrong doing. He kept his mouth quiet and continued to let everyone to think the four’s and six’s loved him. There were those that stood and voiced their support. Even several fights took place supporting Nick Perry outside the WTAE TV station, while others just couldn’t grasp the situation at hand; however, when an independent auditor began investigating the properties of the game itself, everything hit the fan. Nick Perry was found to be tied to the group of people responsible for delivering the balls used in the game. Perry’s accomplices managed to travel throughout the state buying numerous PA lottery tickets daily all based on the 4 & 6 number combinations….lots of them! When the ploy of cheating the system was found, the entire scheme was exposed.

Everyone was still in disbelief that Nick Perry was crooked. Oh tempers flared as the accusations remained hostile; but when the smoke cleared, Nick was found not only to be part of the scam but also one of the developers of the master plan. It didn’t take long for those steadfast Perry lovers to separate themselves from voicing support and Nick went off to jail without trying to place the blame on someone else. He was a cheat, lair, a conniver and the worst thing, he showed little to no remorse for those that placed him in trust of fair gaming.
This story was a little lengthy to reflect upon, but one worth relaying. Why? It has now been established that a fully fledged Gettysburg Battlefield Bash scam/cover-up has taken place. The Paranormal Herald has fastened another link of evidence to aid in bringing to justice all those involved in this scam. To some of the remaining Barry supporters, it might just seem so farfetched that these two people would be involved in something so scandalous. But I’d like you to think about Nick Perry.

Still some disbelievers out there might want to start banging the gong again and expect the Paranormal Herald to move on and let the few frauds slide bye. However, just like Nick Perry; the Barry’s have done their best to misdirect many of their followers into believing that they would never lie, cheat, or steal. The evidence has always been the frontrunner for providing proof of what is stated and there will be no deviating from the ground rules today.
If you actually read the prior articles that I have written – I mean really read them – you would have understood the issues that surround the Barry’s PA Wounded Warriors letter and the real truth behind its presentation were indeed flawed. Today everything regarding those issues became much clearer. What you see here today is not the tiresome footwork of Wiley C Kronkite, but rather the aided support from someone that read into my article and understood that I needed help. I urge all readers today to watch & listen to the uploaded video, on the Paranormal Herald’s Facebook Page, of Pam Barry reading the donation letter to all of you as a report for the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash’s donation. Pay heed to the efforts to conceal the wording with an almost perfect attempt to keep the real information out of sight from all the Barry fans and especially those that are in the “want to know”.
It was a very strong supporter of the Barry’s that contacted me in disbelief. A certain someone has provided the needed evidence to prove Pam and Steven Barry lied to all of you. I stand firm that his evidence provides the support of my claims. And to establish relative backup for the proof at hand, a still photo of the letter that Pam Barry reads has been placed for you to read along with her statements.


The letter Pam reads in the video is held in a manner that would make it almost impossible to for viewers to read. I know I tried to read it several hundred times. But, through a twist of fate this particular “Barry supporter” individual was having a conversation with another about my prior article that I had written. He hit the pause button on this video to ask the other if they had watched it. As he continued to watch the video he found one frame, and only one frame, where the letter’s words are visible. The “Barry supporter” knew that lies and deceit were created as a smokescreen. A very torn, very emotionally distraught, and very bitter “Barry supporter” sent this information in care to me.
Feel free to enlarge this photo to read the letter.

Reviewing the video you will find that Pam Berry knowingly deviated from the letter that was delivered. She outright lied to all of you about what the letter said. (And reading it as written is a lie). As she stuttered her words in attempts to intentionally avoid reading the amount of the donated portion of funds donated to the PA Wounded Warriors. She also deviated in expressing the truth about the “Bash” helping 180 veterans in July. How could the Bash help any vets in July when the donation (as pathetic as it was for the amount raised) would’ve been given at the earliest, August 1st.

This considering after deposit made, funds clearing, and overnight receipt of check. The fake tears of joy are only props used to add sentiment and stall time to come up with ad-lib verbiage to the real amount donated. She is a LIAR. See for yourself.
As established beforehand, the event brought in around $34,000.00 of “known” funds. It has been confirmed that the ballroom was donated by the Wyndham Hotel, The Wyndham also gave complimentary rooms (including the Presidential Suite) to the Barry’s in exchange for each block of rooms filled. Take all that into account and do the math. Now let’s ask the question again, how much was raised for the PA Wounded Warriors? Look at the figure $2,500.00.
Not $25,000.00, only $2,500.00 was given. Keep in mind that one group prior had donated $500.00 toward the event, while a Gettysburg restaurant donated $1,000.00 to the fund raiser before the event even began. So, the idea that the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash was a success was dead on – for the Barry’s. From of all the funds collected, the veterans got pennies while the Barry’s wined and dined in Wyndham’s Presidential Suite for the weekend. The Barry’s boasting up the new “Tribute Car” which was readily fancied to their taste and then they quietly rolled out of town with their pockets loaded. They are CHEATERS.
The Barry’s were questioned about giving vendors a slip for their tax records, or giving credit to those that actually raised money. Their response: the two of them stole the tax breaks from all of those that paid the freight of the event and declared it their own. They are THEIVES.
Remember the Nick Perry story? Does it sound familiar? Are you sure that you want to stand up and raise a battle flag with them now? I would hope not! You wanted the truth and now the truth lay before you. Frauds and Deceit, Lies and Liars! And all this time hiding behind the smiles and counting on would be fans to carry them through dark times.

This investigation and reporting is not over by a long shot. Not until every penny of misappropriated funds is rightfully in its place and those that helped make it happen, reciprocated with the proper paperwork to stake their own deductions. With this information, I wonder if there will be any survivors when this ship goes down. Isn’t it something when the truth hits you in the face and you can’t ignore it any longer? I’m sure that a few people out there are going to need to make a few apologies to those that were left behind. Especially when they realize these exposed lies from the Barry’s slighted their direction of thinking.

What’s out there? Here’s an answer for you… 30,000 pissed off PA Veterans who are going to want answers. Pod cast that.
As stated, you can’t bury your past in shallow holes and expect them to remain hidden.



MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.
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