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4 charged with using ‘Wounded Warrior’ name to raise over $150,000 for personal profit in ID. Barrying the evidence.

New Albany, Indiana (CNN)Dan Cristiani of Clark County, Indiana, thought he was helping veterans. His late father had been awarded two Purple Hearts, so when Cristiani received a call from the “Wounded Warrior Fund” asking for a donation to help Indiana vets, he felt it was his duty to give. And give again. Over two years, the 69-year-old donated more than $1,000. But the money never made it to veterans, and instead is believed to have fueled the lifestyle of suspected crooks.


Does this sound like A familiar case to you people? it should. Just the other day we wrote about a group of people in Gettysburg. The Barrys.They to have been accused of swindling Wounded Warriors and other charity organizations.


Prior story from CNN.


The Wounded Warrior Project is a legitimate multimillion-dollar nonprofit organization with nationwide recognition that helps wounded, ill and injured veterans.
The Wounded Warrior Fund, on the other hand, was a complete scam, federal prosecutors say. After a three-year investigation by the US Secret Service and Clark County Sheriff’s Office, four people were indicted February 28 by a federal grand jury. The case was unsealed Friday.

The man picking up the checks from Cristiani was 44-year-old James Linville of Clark County. He incorporated the Wounded Warrior Fund in 2011 and Wounded Warrior Foundation in 2014, which presented themselves falsely as nonprofit organizations serving veterans in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. Linville worked with three associates to defraud more than 1,000 victims and collect more than $150,000 in traceable donations over six years, according to investigators. The indictment alleges they told donors 100% of their contributions would go to veterans and their families. Investigators say no money went toward veterans.








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