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Witness comes forward about Pam Barry, C.E.O of Gettysburg Bash. “States you need to know exactly what she is”.

A witness close to the Barry family has came forward and has stated,”we need to know just whom the true Pam Barry is. He stated that Pam was cheating on her husband in 2014,then stating Pam met her newest husband Steve. He stated for the record Pam is on welfare and he wondered how they can buy so much being on said welfare? I wondered myself?

Paranormal Herald:

“To make sure the welfare allegations are correct, we will be calling welfare to confirm and if so,also reporting welfare fraud as well.

If you wished to notify welfare and or check those allegations please do. The address and phone is listed for this reason below.

225 S Franklin St, Gettysburg, PA 17325 · (717) 334-6241

The witness explained in utter detail, that Pam had told the Inn occupants that there was something evil there and she then ran them out and is now living there rent free.

In  conversation under the anonymity rule, the witness went further to explain how nasty and vagrant the entire inn is. He described under age drinking and lots of sex every where. He went onto state that Pam didn’t change the bedding at all, was to lazy and the entire area was just nasty.

More conversation continued:

“Her sister her own sister  was 12 years old and had to find her own food cus she didn’t care for her own blood relative. She would push her to the side and ignore her. Letting her own sister fend for herself.

conversation continued:

“All her kids are to scared to talk to her because how evil she is. We all talked about it and we think something is wrong with her brain. There is something not right with the entire lot of them.

“The biggest issue is, we think she drinks blood with the folks she hangs with and that is simply Weird weirdddddddd. Creepy actually.

Continued: “Wait she will run. we r all putting in $ how long it will take her to run. She has to run every few years, because of the shit she does.


Conversation continued: You can bet assured, that when the truth comes out, she will flip out and then move on to other scamming plains. She has to move every few years because of this.she is cold calculating and has zero remorse for the actions she creates,even if it hurts others.






MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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