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How much money was made under charitable ideals? how much was kept for there own profits and said gain? Gettysburg Bash employees and volunteers surely must know.

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Sometimes the little things do matter. Like the idea of raising money for charitable causes or for your local soccer team. Whether the event is a ticket sale, sandwich sale, or even a major blow out, the factors remains the same in declaring the event a success or not. Selling certain items that were either donated towards the event or raffling the items off for a chance to win them seems to always produce a good outcome. However in the case of the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash, a particular item was stated as making its way into not one event, but two events and still ending up with the CEO Barry family again. Hmmm.


Steven Barry claims he does not work and is on social security, but media sources, have seen him represent himself as owner and CEO of the Gettysburg exchange. In An article written by Kenny Biddle, he claimed Steve has never nor does he ever work for Gettysburg bash or there store. Problem is. In the below video, he is introduced as the said CEO and sort of explains what they do. Keep in mind, this is all while on disability? Steve confirms the said introduction.

With the small donations received from the Barry’s and there recent spending habits,you know buying limos and cars and such.One may think where in the world is all that cash coming from? can’t be from the silent auctions or the profits from there so called bash can it? if so, that would mean they did not donate what they were supposed to?

With folks being listed as volunteers and others as employees, does that mean the said employees had gotten paid by check and there social security taxes had been withheld? or is the bash exempt from following the states laws?

Maybe, just maybe this is why everyone has been so silent.

The veterans, and the other charities they supposedly had given so much to, must of kept some sort of financial records as to how much and whom did what right?

Regardless of the allegations, if they were not true in any way, ask your selves people, why are they not saying A word about it?.Perhaps that is the call sign for being guilty. Maybe it is a call sign for being redundantly stupid. I don’t know.

I think folks wanting to know about the bash and said allegations should please contact the coordinator.








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