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Setting Da Record Straight… Part 2 By: Wiley C. Kronkite

BY Wiley C. Kronkite


Since The Paranormal Herald is constantly held under a microscope pertaining to the grammar used and word choices made, it would be right to state the following.

Sometimes we all get so wrapped up in trying to explain things that we forget a comma, period or notation mark. We all at sometime, still have to repeat “i” before “e”, except after “c”. We are all human and humans tend to make mistakes. And it is for that matter, The Paranormal Herald apologies.

But, don’t let our show of weakness in the choice of words or bad grammar confuse you. We will continue to exploit the truth in the best manner that we can to seek out, prove, and disclose any wrong or fraud that is substantiated with evidence of such actions.
Mr. Biddle, The Paranormal Herald has allowed you the opportunity to correct your incorrect statements that you testified to be true; but your statements were proven to be ill fated and simply posted as nothing more than hearsay and slander.

You have taken no action to rectify your wrongs, or even attempt try to redeem yourself. The Paranormal Herald has taken the position that it would offer services to report the factual documents and information to resolve allegations against the Barry’s. Still you have failed to upload or release any of the documents you testified as existing for support. For that, The Paranormal Herald will continue to show everyone that wants to know the truth, exactly that. I see by the number of “hits” an article tallies each day, week, and month. The Paranormal Herald reflects continually on even the number of times that a picture is elected to be viewed. Over the course of time in reporting an event, it’s normal to have viewers sort of fall off to the wayside as the story begins to close.

In the case of the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash, The Gettysburg Ghost Exchange, the Lookout House, the Hallowed Tours, and the Barry’s, what has surprised even me is that the numbers of readers are increasing. The emails and the topic of discussion are increasing as this saga keeps unfolding.

At first, it was a lot of hate mail and bad accusations; then, to only a few off color comments and now readers want to know. They’re asking simple questions like,” Who else is involved in this scheme?”, “Has the Attorney General seen any of this stuff in PA?” And the one that gets me… “How can they do this and it is as though no one cares?” I keep repeating to them the facts are the facts, and sooner or later, those facts will come out; one way, or the other.
Tonight I am going to let every viewer see what we have stated, not splitting words and/or picking out one topic and twisting it till it bleeds, such as Mr. Biddle had done. Tonight I give you answers and explanations that any viewer can see. At the top of all relative documents, carry the internet site as to where they are located and where they were drawn from – Just in case you suspect that they have been altered. We will attempt this with as little verbiage as needed to express to the point needing to be made. As the saying goes, “a picture says a thousand words.” Each of these reported statements of Mr. Biddle will be addressed to debunk any thoughts that the Paranormal Herald has fabricated any issue surrounding the Barry’s and their dealings.
The emails and the what has surprised even me is that the numbers of readers are increasing.

Fact cannon

Shall we begin? To understand what is taking place in this article, take a moment to examine Mr. Biddle’s blog of redirect and the position he has taken surrounding the efforts to create a smokescreen in attempt to gather more “fans” for the Barry’s – rather than exploiting the truth about ill gotten funds and illegal activities which seemingly surround them. You can entertain yourself with all of the fake screenshot that were created by others to attempt to discredit Evan Jensen and the viewpoints that weren’t so well liked; but nevertheless, take a look. I’ve posted a link to Biddle’s article for reference and comparison.
Setting the Record Straight:The Gettysburg Battlefield Bash
Let’s begin: This single line was taken from the first article related to the Barry’s and the “Bash”:

Number 12


Mr. Biddle Posts that there are no needed Charity Licenses required. FALSE. It is defined by Donation and Charity per BallotPedia, the PA Attorney General, the IRS, and Drake Forester. (Mr. Forester is a pivotal adversary used throughout legal wording and definitions defined in and by law.) So as stated before, check it out for yourself. As for Mr. Biddle, Debunked! The Barry’s are running a fraudulent charity with principles to deceive those that do not know better. Also, the Barry’s are not a personal donation center; they solicit to the public for funds. In simple terms, they are not a foundation, they are not attached as a registered fundraising extension to either 501(c)3 or registered as being – quite frankly anything legally established. In any case they are required by law to be registered and comply with disclosure. I’m sure that the IRS will explain that in detail to anyone that follows the same path.



Moving on to the next False Statement given by Mr. Biddle:
After reviewing the above information, it only goes hand in hand that Mr. Biddle’s interpretation of the law is incorrect. Without the proper Charitable License and the proper filing procedures, this division of the PA Attorney General’s office will take note that there is nothing listed, approved and /or denied, in the Barry’s name or any business name they operate. As far as the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash name is concerned, legally it doesn’t exist. We will reflect on this topic in an upcoming photo.
Since there are neither legal businesses attached nor records indicating a charity, then all income is just that – income. Without an approved legal recognized charitable organization maintaining the trust, it’s income that needs to be claimed. I’m sure the IRS will understand and explain that in detail when they reflect on the unaccountable ledgers.Number 13

Mr. Biddle your statement listed as #13 is without any merit and without any supporting documents. Therefore, Mr. Biddle’s statement is FALSE. #13 DEBUNKED !
As a matter of reference we should also review #5 of Mr. Biddle’s Findings:

Number 05


Mr. Biddle’s attempt to focus on one topic to try to justify that the Barry’s DO NOT NEED TO explain their actions to anyone; meanwhile on record showing a disbursement of about 5% of the funds collected. One doesn’t have to “claim” to be anything. Their actions determine what they are. And as PA law under the attorney general, under the Charitable Trust Organization, both which has been substantiated by Drake Forester’s article, Pam and Steve ARE a non-profitable organization. If they filed a 501c3 (as required by law and also be granted by the attorney general by the fees based upon an annual payments) and it was stated to donors about the 5% disbursement, they might have had some wiggle room; but 501c3 doesn’t exist. Remember, as earlier stated, solicitations were donations from the public. Because of these actions, it’s now legally a charity. Records of those who donate and the amounts given needs to be recorded as well as disclosure of accounts payable and accounts receivable ledgers. Therefore, Mr. Biddle’s statement is FALSE and quite alarming to say the least. #5 DEBUNKED!
Next Statement:

Number 04



READERS BEWARE!!! The Paranormal Herald can’t express enough that the following issues have real digital footprints. Seek out the information for yourself.
The original posting is below. It can be found within the first reported story surrounding the Barry’s and the entire charade of the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash, The Gettysburg Ghost Exchange, The Hallowed Tours and the other businesses they operate, including The Lookout House (at the time advertised as a Bed & Breakfast they co-owned.)
The following was posted by the Paranormal Herald within said article:


In expressing the ideas of permit violations, poor wording could be held accountable for the mixed ideas or points of interest that this statement was directed at. According to Biddle’s findings, permits were issued in the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash name. He even goes into detail about the costs of such permits. The real issue is how a non-existent charity can be granted a permit?
Still regarding the Lookout House, the Barry’s, the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange, the Lookout House’s name do not appear in permit searches. The alarming issue is there are still no permits based upon award, or paid and in process, for events at the Historic Lookout House’s location. The Lookout House is zoned as Rural Residential. Because it’s Rural Residential, there would’ve been a Special Exceptions hearing by the zoning commission (to include application, associated fees, drawings or diagrams showing changes to be compliant with fire, safety, handicap accessible requirements) to review and grant a special exception for the property as it is currently zoned. Part of the Special Exception process includes public notices via signage and newspaper, which are recorded into public record. The Paranormal Herald found nothing associated as public record postings for any such location or any such activities taking place.


Since further investigating was needed to prove that Mr. Biddle’s Statement was incorrect, the rules for zoning became even more enlightening. If a bed & breakfast permit was, or to be issued, Adams County zoning for bed & breakfast check in times between 11am and 6pm. Any events held must be in a “common room”. A “common room” cannot be a guest bedroom. Each event should also have liability insurance to cover damages and injuries. Those who’ve had weddings or other events know all too well about event insurance.

Public records do not reflect any of the above.
The following is a small look at the zoning regulations and the allowances for obtaining a permit on this property. You might find that there are several restrictions that will apply that cause questions as to the events that are slated out. The photos related to the zoning materials were enhanced to attempt to display the finer detail which are in smaller print. But if you doubt, go seek all claims out and look for yourself.

And for the record, the Barry’s have posted to perspective clients, groups and organizations, even to the media that they are in fact owners of the “Lookout House”; however, they are not the registered owners. The story keeps changing colors every time questions begin to surround this topic. Someone has to take responsibility for the false information. One may ask, “Is Steve and Pam lying about being the owners or are they lying about being the innkeeper? One way or the other, they lied.” If Steve is not the owner of the property, then he must be working the property in some fashion or another?
As for the Barry’s word being as good as gold, you tell us. They have repeatedly stated that they own and operate the self titled “Historic Lookout House”. They’ve run ad after ad with it on it. And, most likely used this misguided information for their betterment. And with the truth coming out that they are not the owners, another lie is found. The proof is in the pudding, as they are now the self proclaimed innkeepers of the house. I can’t help but ask, how big of a hole will they dig before they realize that they’re in too deep?
In reviewing the zoning details and the restrictions surrounding the Lookout House, the Paranormal Herald can only conclude that fear is the main reason all the bed & breakfast ads are, and have been disappearing from their respected sites. Is it a fear that someone might want the overlooked and needed permits to host a function there? Or, perhaps somebody is now requesting payment for all prior required permits that were needed to fuel the Historic Lookout House – Bed & Breakfast
Digital footprints are a funny thing. One can’t completely remove information from the internet. Mr. Biddle expressed that Steven Barry is not attached to, or works at any other of the businesses that has carried his name attached in some shape or form. In the prior article, I offered a few screenshots that just outright prove that Mr. Biddle is wrong, in case no one would believe the Paranormal Herald.

I remind all readers that an invitation to go out and check the entire story was given. I know that many of you did as the emails weren’t so sharp edged, but rather written more in disbelief.
Funny thing happened today. A couple of the posted pictures that were shown as evidence to prove Mr. Biddle wrong are now gone. For instance: the idea that Steve is not, has not, nor currently is working and/ or running the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange and the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash.

It seems someone attempted to delete them, but copies have already been retained. The same applies to the Historic Lookout House. Mr. Biddle stated that it was never advertised as a Bed & Breakfast.

The screen shots that was posted to DEBUNK Mr. Biddle’s statement were also deleted and new ones put up. Ah! But copies were already retained for our records. As The Paranormal Herald has stated, “We are here to help.” So, here’s one that you forgot:
AND, as for Mr. Biddle’s bond on his word, DEBUNKED!! In seeing these pictures, looks like Steven is still working as he has always been. Note the post dated of the latest comment from just a little over a month ago – not doing such a good job at doing his job.



who is working while on disability? not me.

As a child, I remember hearing my mother preach about telling the truth. While every father will at some point tell his children speak the truth, even if it’s not in your favor, you’ll sleep better. As I ponder over the facts of The Gettysburg Battlefield Bash, the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange, the Hallowed Grounds Tour, and the Historic Lookout House.

Does anyone there even remember the truth?
The Paranormal Herald has not added or altered the information you see here. The truth is found within the articles that have been supplied by the Barry’s and/or their appointed representative. As stated before, if you don’t believe what we tell you, look up the sites at the top of each picture for yourself.

Knowledge is power!





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MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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