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Poetic Justice Gettysburg Bash Parody

T’was a sad day for the Hysterical Lookout House crew, with accusations running ramped,
no one sure just what to do. Not me. You.
The ledgers said missing records equal nil, donations tally numbers, that equal less than the till.
How could people doubt the words of Steve & Pam? Their words are strong as any bond, as any bond can be.
Still the shadow cast upon the money questions asked, resulting in somebody,
being ousted from the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash !!

It was Pam who made the first mistake, when she refused to refund to her, the money owed at a prior date.
Instead she snickered, summoned security forward,
and ousted the one who questioned, about the funds and where they were awarded.
She handed her a parting gift to take. It was a check drawn on the Barry’s personal stake.
Whoa !!!.., was the sound heard, when others saw the check, nor was it issued by the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash financial accountant tech.

If only Steve would take the moment to speak.
He could clear the air and all things surrounding the money, would not seem so bleak.
But, Russell chose to stir the pot, with his words of threats, only to successfully thicken up the plot.
With no light being cast, an angry mass grew; still no explanations given, each left without a clue.

The Paranormal Herald, was slashed and harassed, but when it got thick. The harassment and moans came directly through and lawsuits of threats began to filter the Lagoon.. After more docs came forward, we knew we were not through.
If Steve would only testify, to the money issue at hand, he would surely silence this un-loyal, ruled band.
But the shadowed cloud had turned to storm, no one paid heed said to every issued warning; the fans sat at bay, waiting for Steve to deal , stating, “we’d still lay even money if only Steve could speak.
But, silence ruled and others Steve consorted, about the Tribute car, more donations could be extorted.
Media pounced upon every fabled word, how the money was of his own… “Someone else’s? How absurd.”

An outlandish cry came rolling in from the back.
“Can you believe what he just said!” while another spat.
From the family, a truth to set the record straight, that the money Steve gets, every worker pays.
A disability check!?! This can’t be, 2 house, 3 cars, 4 businesses, how could this be?
With every word, printed from the Barry’s hand, explains how every business, they operate hand in hand. But the storm cloud now opened, with water knee deep; Pam again summoned her cabinet, but the numbers were not so steep.
The race to remove their footsteps and acts of deceit, were now met with saved copies and those that were in disbelief.
The accusations made now, mounting into a formal charge, it was Kenny that would be paid to yield off the doubts that were at large.
He claimed that all was fine when he reviewed the Barry’s report and testified that receipts balance out just fine – and they were in sort. He gave A statement that Steve was no way involved, it was only Pam that every business would fall. His attempts to clear the Barry’s ill fated truth ended being nothing more than here-say from the self proclaimed Sleuth.

From the muffled sounds and believers left in despair, there still was no sign of Steve to readily clear the air. His silence reminds, with his hand caught in his own trap, with hopes that somebody else will step in to take the rap. And, Pam still struggling to remember where her lies began, with every problem caused, was by someone else’s hand. And, where the truth lies, be it outside of love and light, the records so loudly they so speak , You failed to do it right.

This was a parody and should be considered as such. The facts are the facts though.


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.



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