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Never trust to general impressions my boy, but concentrate yourself upon details. Gettysburg Bash continued:

Over the past three years of advertising the “Gettysburg Battlefield Bash”, many opinions have been formed regarding just who and where this money has gone. The Paranormal Herald has attempted to aid in setting the record straight, but has only been met with ill received emails and disgusting responses of legal law suits and of course, then questioning the said character of this reporter; and still, no submission of financial reports have been made or were extended as proof to put to rest the allegations that were being made as incorrect.

however, the in-depth investigation by Kenny Biddle using his Sherlock methods of deduction to get to the truth, has opened a few eyes. Although supplying nothing more than conjectured hearsay, he has left open the doors for the Paranormal Herald to examine his findings and statements.

Mr. Biddle has stated he saw and examined all the “proper” paperwork surrounding the allegations and so called misunderstood dealings of  Pam and Steven Barry as well as the missing Gettysburg Battlefield Bash financial records. Biddle has gone so far as to debunk any questions surrounding reasons for not issuing receipts to vendors for their tax records, and a vague annotation claiming money donated by others as now belonging to the Barry’s to disburse as they see fit. He even found just cause for deceiving the public with false ethics of “All Proceeds Going To…”, all done with claims the Barry’s have not benefited from the proceeds of the “Bash”.

Biddle stated that in reviewing the Barry’s records, it is “our” lack of understanding in said fundraising, therefore, the added costs of an event will balance the budget. The costs of the rental items, the location fees, permits and supplies are all documented and in order; yet, not once were numbers or figures relayed or even a photo of the records that disclosed a figure shown.

As a Sherlock, an investigator, a Dick (Those of you who understand what a “Dick” is will not take offence), your findings are unsupported without evidence. Verbalizing without visual evidence is only hearsay. As stated prior, The Paranormal Herald has never just thrown out conjecture without supporting the findings. If no reason(s) exist for doubt, why hide the information? Why hide the truth of such a great and wholesome show of charity? For that reason – the truth – The Paranormal Herald will take it upon its self to disclose each factual statement that Mr. Biddle claims to have witnessed first hand.

We have no reason other than the truth to disclose what we find; no conjecture, no malice, just the truth without speculation or hearsay. The idea of disclosure is always met with resistance; but in this great country, there is something called the “Right to Know Act”. This is the key that opens up Government controlled documentation, meetings, and financial wellness files. It was enacted as a public feature to keep a good check and balance of all governmental administrative doings.

In this case, obtaining a copy of the actual permits paid for by the Barry’s and the amount that was entered in to the ledger books as income received by the township for the permits. Biddle stated that during Barry’s interview, permit cost had to occur for the events to happen.
Straban Township and their Department of Records are of course public record. Permit related financial and accounting paperwork is also the responsibility of Straban Township. These records are required by the Federal Government and the IRS for reviewed for derived income. These figures also are used to establish State and Federal Grant money allocated to the township. If the township is making actual money in selling permits, the fees are often used to offset the amount of State or Federal Grant money they may receive.

In retrospect, the actual amounts paid for these permits, will reflect without doubt what the Barry’s had to shell out for permit fees.





According to Mr. Biddle, he has seen these figures and receipts and the supporting paperwork personally, but felt that his word should be bond, not actual paperwork. The Paranormal Herald will also take the high road regarding location, just in case a location error as to Biddle’s claims was made. A request will also be filed with Cumberland Township requesting the same information.
And, just to make sure that either of these townships have overlapping jurisdictions, The Paranormal Herald will also request any public records surrounding the Barry’s, the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange, and the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash. Better to be safe than sorry.

The Paranormal Herald will remain steadfast that personal conjecture will only be responded with,” Not going to happen”.

The “Right to Know Act” allows anyone to review any action within a governing body, so as to aid in supporting the Barry’s and Mr. Biddle, here is the proper “Right to Know” form that has been submitted to Straban Township requesting all copies of transactions and permits issued to Steven Barry, Pam Barry, the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange and/or the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash over the course of the years of 2017, 2018, and 2019. Since the forms are open ended and allow for requested information, it should include any and all licenses, and zoning information related to the Barry’s; as well as any of the businesses owned and operated by the Barry’s (just to rule out any infractions that may be crossed referenced). Once these papers are in hand and the figures established, the Paranormal Herald will take great pride in posting and delivering them to Mr. Biddle as well.


For the sake of all things in hand, I certainly hope that the returned records match up and put an end to questions about permits and associated fees. Also, giving a firm figure to a few of the cost factors incurred for hosting the event. How ever with blanket statements apparently being made such as, all proceeds go to Wounded Warriors or charity, one would wonder. Waite let me rephrase that correctly “Quote “REMEMBER ALL PROCEEDS GO TO BENEFIT OUR HEROES

As a reminder, this information is public record. The answers are very easily found and obtainable. If anyone has doubts, do a search and verify those facts for yourself. If you don’t know how, we will teach you. “Right to Know Act” requests are open to anyone to complete. If you use the electronic filing method, there is no cost; however, if you’d like to have a tangible copy stamped from the department from where information is being requested, a small fee of $.25 per copy is charged. Almost forgot, there may be an additional fee for postage too. There are only small limitations for response to a “Right to Know Act” request. These hurdles have been implemented for the well-being of all of us by Homeland Security. Another hurdle is requests that it is deemed as evidence or to be used in a state or federal judicial proceeding, cannot be released publicly. Of course this requested information – a response to our inquiries- should be processed without issue. A side note about benefit events hosted by established EIN Business Chained Companies, such as the Hilton, they too will respond at the corporate level with information pertaining to charitable contributions. The Paranormal Herald will be reaching out for that information too.
So, don’t be so quick to drink the Kool-Aid by simply joining those that believe only what they are told.
To Mr. Biddle, regarding your deep investigation and your need to discredit the Paranormal Herald, I offer you these facts, Sherlock.
This is just one of your summations from the “Barry’s investigation”. These ads were placed in public forum by the Barry’s; not by the Paranormal Herald and not by a second source outside of the Barry’s control. You stated that Steve is not involved in any of the business dealings of the companies. If that is the fact, then answer to all those reading below:



Why is he advertised as being in such a position? Take a good looooong look, because this page was running strong up until questions surrounding problems came up; or maybe you got confused with personal feelings.
Sherlock also stated in his finding that the Historic Lookout House is NOT advertised as a bed & breakfast. Again the Paranormal Herald did not post this ad. It was in fact, posted by the Barry’s and also shows up on several other sites. Funny thing – seems like someone is trying to erase the Barry’s own words, but it’s out there; and they put it there, not us. Let’s take a good look at it. These postings and ads say exactly that, a BED & BREAKFAST. Unless your superpowers can see hidden writing on the ad that others can’t see, maybe you should have spent a little more time taking pictures of what they were showing you.



But since you have taken a stand point that the Paranormal Herald is fabricating this information, I will respond to your findings with exactly what you bring up or expose pertaining to the Barry’s, the “Bash” and the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange.
Let’s see what the Right to Know Requests have to say…


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


4 thoughts on “Never trust to general impressions my boy, but concentrate yourself upon details. Gettysburg Bash continued:

  1. Jensen, you once claimed to be a NAVY SEAL. Yet you have provided nothing to confirm. You also defended a DAVID ROUNTREE who was found out to be commiting STOLEN VALOR even when the evidence was provided. You stood by him as he threatened women who had come out against HIM and you did NOTHING. Now you are going after people who actually help veterans and again, you do no function to help veterans. But first, why not show your DD214 to put to rest the possible fabricated NAVY SEAL claim.


    Posted by iamchrisjensen | September 10, 2019, 7:08 pm
  2. no I never claimed such a damned thing get that correct, I never saw anything with that other guy other then some true witch hunt. it was never my story. incorrect on going on after someone not true weight until the shit falls down ward. before making true accusations that are simply rubbish.

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    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | September 11, 2019, 1:29 am
  3. that stolon valor was old news brought to you by some clown who made false accusations false screenshots the works. regurgitated crap.

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    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | September 11, 2019, 1:30 am
  4. continued chat here. I do recall I actually challenged that man to an open fight on live tv did nothing my ass, get your story right or you look foolish. I never claimed jack shit stop making phony allegations sir.for the record anyone making thiose claims iam now and have been actively seeking justice from as they know it is falsified information and extremely slanderous basely rubbish to slander the good name of this paper not going to happen ever.

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    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | September 11, 2019, 3:03 am
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