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More continued harassment, as Barry Ghost bash case opens even further.

I can’t express my concerns with someone ranting like this. Let alone, the fact he then goes after me? if people are expressing there concerns of being A said target and of harassment from statements like this on my pages itself, I would have to tend to believe them.. If this is the sorts of things Iam experiencing currently, what about those trying to share there insights into the said allegations then?

What irritates the hell out of me, is how this Barry couple is portrayed. All love and light. If so, who is sending there attack dogs out and why? are they behind this? well one thing for sure, they have all posted on my page many times, so yes I feel they are definitely behind it.

I asked them about the wounded warrior deal and the war was then apparently on?

To make some problems more simple, people have A right to know where there said donations and or contributions have went. When asked, absolutely nothings been provided. Instead of posting rants, threatening lawsuits and trying to scare potential whistleblowers, why not simply place some info out there and  quit trying to harass


Robin Barry-Ryan Evan Jensen I speak the truth about this you fabricated your story built out of bullshit you’ve done this to so many other people! You lie about your life and you lie about people you don’t even know. See ya in court!

Para Herald:

No hearsay by him apparently lol?

Other comments being made are from Barry as well. One has to ask, what are his invested interest here?

“Robin Barry-Ryan This all started with a he said she said. The accusers are supposed to be adults and are acting like children. People believe what they want to believe unfortunately. Rumors started this whole mess and two great people are being slandered now. It’s all about one vindictive person that couldn’t get his way so he stated all this to get even with them. It’s so out of control now now the Barry’s have to retain an attorney to stop these liars from their slanderous actions. This article is fake news with unsubstantiated facts. Evan you screwed up big time this time! All of these fakes including you are going down! That’s not fake news!

Para Herald:

Perhaps the Barry;s need to hire A lawyer over there said own business practices?
Robin Barry-Ryan Evan Jensen prove it shithead they have all the proof of every penny and where it went. Not lies like you spread! You didn’t check facts you just went on and lied like you’ve done to so many other people! Your the fraud!
Robin Barry-Ryan In this article the name of Joe Barry is mentioned. Joe Barry is a thief and a liar! He stole close to $8000 from me in loans and rent and when he left my home that he rented a room from me, he stole items from my home such as vintage albums and many other items.

Paranormal Herald:

In no article we ever wrote did, we even know of any Joe Barry?

Robins post continued”

He moved into one on Stevens homes and tried to freeload off of Steven and Pam and when he couldn’t pay the rent or utilities he left and has continually tried to destroy their name just like he did me!

Steve and Pam are honest people just trying to make a living with their store and their Bed and Breakfast! Don’t believe what you hear people! There are many jealous and vindictive people out there that hate when people succeed.

Steve and Pam are as honest as they come and do wonderful things for their community, St Jude’s and our Veterans. As for the Bash ever penny is accounted for and the ($83,000) is false news and the paperwork can be provided to prove it.

It’s time someone goes after these Slandering pieces of crap! Get ready to meet their lawyer and that includes Patty and Joe Barry who by the way is not only Steve’s brother but mine too! Keep it up Joe finally your gonna get yours you liar, slanderer, and thief.

Try to come after me! I have proof too!!! As for you Evan you have nothing better to do than attack the Paranormal community! Your one of the biggest liars out there! You should have gotten your facts correct before you slandered a hard working couple that are as honest as they come. Get ready for court you creeps! I’ll testify too to the character of Joe Barry! Bring it on!!!!!!

All in all, we don’t go after anyone , but we will report our news and finings as is been done here.


TUntitledTo be continued:


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.
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