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Anthony Quinata psychic “demons made me threaten people over social media. The spirit I released to be with god was A child molester.

I sometimes ask advice from trusted psychic friends, but no chance in hell, will I be asking this cross dressing whack ado. Meet Anthony Quinata. The man behind the hoax and false claims of Harold The haunted doll.

A wise man, that being my father once told me, “a stupid man knows no boundaries A wise man knows when to give up and return to normal practices. The truth could definitely apply here. First you have some delusional so called psychic alienating children. Autistic children that is, then you have the same said individual threatening folks over social media by posting comments and even audio of him doing such. Then three. Saying A demon did it.

One of the best posts by this clown seen, was when he stated one of the dolls spirits he released, was a guy named William S and he was a child molester. So if demons are controlling Anthony like he say’s does this mean the child molesting spirit is controlling him now and does this not mean that when he stated the demon threatened folks, that now Anthony is going to claim a demon or dark spirit made him molest boys or girls to? he said it himself.

The warning sign of danger stranger, was when Anthony stated, “he sent the child molester to be with god. Why God wouldn’t it be best if he was in hell, where he belonged? Maybe to another child molester, it was good to free the evil molesting spirit ?Either way I think signs of warning should be sounded, as this so called psychic is seriously giving us the creep factor and it takes a lot to do so.

Of all the things. He freed the soul of A child molester? why A child molester? does he truly have interests in kids. Could that be why he has been involving Vincent for so many years now without backing off? Even with facing certain scrutiny Anthony, has refused to stop seeing Anthony and people are just now understanding that there might be a serious connection, as to why and it may not be paranormal either.

For the record I have been telling folks, there is definitely something sinister with this very fake and pretend psychic, from his story but also of his said character and I will state for the record again” there is definitely something wrong with this man period.

The truth that you shall be reading about inside this article, is just that. wise and inspirational to any person or persons, who have ever experienced or are currently experiencing what One man has and is going through. This is his story.

In 2016 I started writing about A man, who claimed to be A psychic.(Anthony Quinata) his story, was far fetched and just didn’t make any true sense and it did involve An alleged autistic boy, then 6 years old. So I and many others had become concerned.

I myself, was not the only one, who did not like A non educated, non child psychology type, to be communicating his psychic babble to an already severely labeled autistic child. It seemed criminal to us?

After writing several articles, Anthony, decided to hammer back to thwart the negative attention, he was getting, but to us it made him even look more sinister then before.What we saw was him trying to shut the one source down, Gary last name left out, who gave it his all to assist us and that he had done. How ever the threats came and went. One Anthony Quinatta continued to harass and make A few persons lives miserable. That he also did for sure.

In A prior post, now screenshot for record and  Compliments of Gary . Anthony describes or attempts to describe his threats that were recorded as being him, by stating A demon did it.

I wished he would use that excuse for A judge and or jury.

It is not clear, at this point, just whom he was referring to here, but we do believe the woman’s name was Melanie. Or maybe even Gary we do not know.


What got our attention,  is when  an audio of him  surfaced threatening someone and then stating it was not him, it was the demon that did it. Gee that was original. So if he is possessed by A said demon, why is he even involving some innocent autistic child then? Now this is A question any psychic should be able to answer right?

This picture shows he is definitely A demon alright, but  it is the live kind. Dark, nasty and  A crazy human type would be more like it.

It is all so real to have some rotten, shanty dude call out people over social media as if he is some supreme being, but to have him attack people, when he himself needs to be shut down, is sickening at best.

Through Anthony’s demeanor and hoaxes including his so called haunted Harold doll, is there anyone who can seriously take him as anyone credible inside the para world is A question I would love to ask folks.

To get A much better understanding of what this man is done, has done and is continued to do. Please read the below referenced material and Harold Blogs thanks.








MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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