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6 reasons why avoiding paranormal researcher joe Vitale is A good idea.”He is a danger to everyone he comes in contact with.”

In a world full of noise, how do you get people to read what you write? It takes more than good content or great design. The most important part of writing an article is the headline. The bases to everything read and seen is how the headlines look. I am sure this headline speaks for itself.


Over the past few days, we have seen a man hell bent on publishing information that more then three scammers inside the paranormal field had published, as some sort of revenge writing, to discredit myself, for me actually writing and discrediting them. One was Christina George  A well known crook. Lord rick Rowe also somewhat nuts. And others.

The infamous ever Joe Vitale, you know the man who was released from his show. Out of nowhere came joe after a long lay off and not hearing from the man for some time, then one day he surfaces once again. But only when Another man was under social fire for selling alleged faulty equipment. What was Joes play in the equipment issue? other then to infiltrate and gain support. Maybe he needs friends?

If that is the case. Hell I will mail him A male blow up doll then .

After some people, he formerly knew but seemed to rub the wrong way,had came forward. We learned agreat deal more. Maybe even more then we needed to. Porn, retainment orders. Stalking orders of protection. Domestic issues, the works.

One person in particular and we sincerely thank that person was atoning to hear all the things she went through with Joe.

Reason (1)Joe has alienated many women inside the paranormal field. It was described to us, that in A prior relationship,he convinced his girlfriend to have porn to help there troubled relationship. After there relationship ended, Joe seemed to not want to end there relationship. It was described, that he kept there alleged porn tapes and sends them to people from time to time. However denying to those concerned and or authorities, that he even had the so called tapes.

It was so stated, because Old Joe was a smooth talker, he was able to avoid the said charges, but continues to stalk people.

After speaking with this person we won’t name in more detail, we found out joe even had A restraining order of protection on him, because of the prior issues with his so called relationship.

As we noticed Joe had A restraining order out on his ex girlfriend, we found she originally had one on him first. We also saw he told the courts, he was A public figure and convinced the judge his ex was nuts. The problem with the courts decision, was that Joe is been allegedly stalking his ex every since. And she fears for her very life.

Guess since joe is A public figure, writing about him is completely fine then. Thanks Joe.

Reason(2) Another complainant stated this.”But he is quick to bash me and make me sound nuts but he needs help. He is a danger to everyone he comes in contact with. We went to investigate a residential outside of Chattanooga the lady is suppose to be a hypnotist well joe kept pushing me to let her put me under I kept saying no so it ended up with me barely hitting him. He went in the room curled up like a baby and cried with and ice pack on his junk. Told me we were over then begged me to stay with him.

Reason(3) . But I started dating him in 2016. Every thing was fine at first. Well some stuff happened. Our relationship started falling apart. So we both made the decision to try porn yes porn. The videos were uploaded to pornhub. But joe had the original videos on his computer. So our relationship ended. And he sent the videos to everyone I know. He told my mom about the causing her to not speak to me since April of last year. What was bad in November of 2017 he started tracking my every move via a gps tracker he put under the passenger seat of my car. He claimed he lost the tracker and it went to a drone. So for the fear of my life and the life of my son I took out an order of protection on him.

He then took one out on me. Well November of last year my Facebook got hacked I think by him not sure and a message got sent to him he had me put in jail. Which has ruined my life so to speak. I also had an domestic violence detective start a felony stalking case against him which he got off on all charges because he convinced the court and the district attorney I was crazy.

They were also pursuing charges for distributing revenge porn he also got away with that. From what I hear he constantly goes around bragging about how he did porn and continues to show the videos to people. But when confronted by people about why he still has the videos he lies saying he don’t. He is crazy. So was his mom she thought that his step dad was cheating on her so she jumped out of a moving car killing herself. Also in the time me and joe split up 5 or 6 people mostly females have died or committed suicide. He is a danger to any woman he gets into a relationship with he has no guilt when it comes to ruining lives. I’m not the only one

Reason(4) One person we won’t be naming came forward and stated “Joe is a danger I have met joe, worked with joe and I find myself questioning the mans motives and even why he is allegedly involved in the paranormal field. I strongly feel Joe has some sort of paranormal attachment, that is evil. This means joe is evil.

Reason(5) Joe was released from his prior show he was working with Gavin Kelly. Even though his IMDB website, shows as if he is still actively engaged with them. It was stated he was dismissed or let go for kinder words.

Paranormal Herald

Reason(6) Some years back now Joe Vitale came into my own circle of friends. He pretty much did exactly what everyone else say’s he has done, that is managed to disrupt and even alienate A prior co-host of mine. During that time, it was a form of phone harassment, between him, myself my cohost and one other woman. It got so bad that the I called the police and they saw and looked at the ongoing chat and laughed as I could not be sending the messages, if they were holding my phone. Joes interruptions caused my co-host to quit and sort of reframe from doing radio, as A hobby.. At the time she loved doing the paranormal shows.

To this day, Joe blames another woman yet, for sending the messages. Jackie Barret acclaimed author and gifted tv psychic. It was proven later, Joe absolutely did the messaging scandal.

The problem with joe then, was he developed some sort of  mad crush  or for better wording an infatuation on my cohost and that lead to some interesting messages from joe to even my emails of him explaining he didn’t do anything he was completely innocent.

To be continued:


All accusations are simply just that and until proven not guilty, must be asserted as the real deal. All accusations made may not be that of this paper but by third party. The paranormal Herald can not be held liable for other parties information already displayed via social sites and the internet. Furthermore, we make no representation of the complaints so stated.


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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