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Brisbane paranormal denies any fraud into there cases. Blocks reporter from asking questions. Uses the old flashlight trick as evidence In Harold The Doll.

Through the years I have been staying away from teams, that make outlandish claims. most of the time, it simply is not worth the mention. I feel A  little different concerning this case. “Harold The Haunted Doll.

With the old flashlight trick being used, of course to what ever other schemes they can pull off.it was not hard to see the team had no credibility what so ever. The flashlight trick is one of the oldest tricks in the books.

A blog posted concerning this trick is here. I didn’t always agree with these skeptics, how ever on these certain tricks, there is as they say Nodoubt.

News “Flash”: Ghost hunters’ flashlight trick is not paranormal. Explanation revealed.

As a reporter, your job is to gather information and then simply report it, as it comes to your self. By either anonymous sources or simply pure fact. In this case we got the all the above, as you may say.

What intrigued me, was Brisbane Paranormal stated that because the flashlight responded or appeared to respond they backed there haunted Harold claims off of that and the fact celebrity Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures stated it was haunted.


Oh boy, if he say’s it is haunted it must be right?

Here is where they basicly blocked me from responding in chat. I asked them if they had any real evidence and they started to get sort of flighty, as if A rat was cornered. Here is what they said. The chat conversation began on Wed.

Wed 7:58 AM

Do you support Anthony Quinata and his using that autistic child and did you know that dolls never been haunted. So how could you release souls, also souls cant inhabit objects lol

Sun 3:03 PM Evan:
so the thumbs up means you support him lol?

From girlfriend of founder.

I’m new to this site I’m open to all possibilities of the supernatural


I see are you a member of the site or the team or what?

Evan: can you tell me more about how spirits were released from Harold the doll?

Here comes the denial: Pay attention people.First my statements to them.

Evan”yah. I been investigating Anthony for A while Anthony Quinata, first off I know his doll is and never was haunted A friend of mine sold it for cash through Ebay made up a haunted story, then here comes Anthony, but what is concerning is Anthony has used an autistic child for more then 6 years that has gotten my papers attention within its own rights. what is even more spectacular was Brisbane paranormal stated on record they freed the souls of A Harold the doll. that made the paranormal groups wonder if Brisbane was on A comedic level lol. Anyone who has studied any sort of Christianity knows souls cant beheld in some ridiculous doll. It is claims such as this that makes one shake there head and not take anything seriously. The entire story of this doll, is A total farce and absolute nonsense lol.  His story is coming to A huge close as not being A true story LOL or any who support his crazy antics.

Team: “we’ll I didn’t know that happened?

Team:”But u see my boyfriend worked with this guy the paranormal investigator who has the doll and I saw the video footage in this house that they were communicating with Harold.

Evan:” I see. Your boyfriend worked with Anthony? well I know for A fact the doll is never been haunted so someone’s crazy lol.

Team Brisbane:
“Didn’t u see that episode of ghost adventures where they went to the island of the dolls somewhere in Mexico? They used that doll.

Evan”I sure did and he is a fraud lol do you think anyone should ever believe an actor who made millions off of fabricating for tv lol?

Tell me how a soul can inhabit a non living being? just like a demon how can demons possess A doll  goes against every modern day religion I know from Catholicism to Christianity.To even think one could be fooled into believing the trash you have put out as paranormal evidence, is shameful within itself.

Team Brisbane:R u religious?

Evan: yes as a matter of fact I am religious I believe in god, or if I did not, how could I believe in paranormal phenomena then?

I see but the entire story is based of his said to be haunted doll and a young autistic boy involved the mom is crazy allowing this Anthony to even speak with her child the story Harold the doll is about this autistic child.

Team Brisbane:I don’t support that I didn’t know about an autistic child; you can’t accuse me so quickly.

Evan:Aaaah ok I see
this is Anthony’s blog Harold the Haunted Doll
The terrifying, true story, of a young child’s encounter with the Prince of Hell.

Team Brisbane: I’ve always been interested and fascinated by the paranormal because I have to gift of seeing spirits and sensing them.

Evan:The boy he calls Vincent, says his haunted Harold doll is speaking to this severely autistic child seriously he is demented pile of this crap this Anthony is

Team Brisbane:
They follow me anywhere I go cause I’m very open.No no no I’ve never met Anthony personally
but my boyfriend has.

Evan:Then how did you guys release souls from the doll?Anthony said you did its all over his blogs vblogs and sites and I saw a picture with the group was that you who showed and stated you released the spirits from the doll?

Team Brisbane:

Evan: He, Anthony claimed on the site that your boyfriend, that he did it lol?

Team Brisbane:must be someone else.

Evan:No its not. I got the post and the said pictures,please remember Iam an investigator and reporter.? I will print everything we spoke of today for the record.

As an investigator, isn’t his job to verify A story such as Anthony’s .

Team Brisbane:
I suppose lol

Team Brisbane’s final words before blocking me from chat.

“I’m Brendan the one in the photo, I did listen to Anthony’s story and the differences he mentioned between what Zak Bagans said on the Island of the Dolls episode and what Anthony claimed happened. I did assist him with the doll but can’t go into details. He’s also recently taking it to be investigated by another team in the US I’m unsure what they’ve done or haven’t done.

So you discredit my own evidence and the evidence of zak bagans and other investigators? Clearly something paranormal is occuring flashlights dont just go off on command.. and FLIR cameras don’t just detect random heat under a doll

Evan:”When I tried to continue our chat. I after typing A long chat message to them, came to realize, they had blocked me.

End chat.


This doll is so dangerous, they keep him in a damned suitcase with no sorts of protection to others ?. Another clear example, it was never ever haunted. Brisbane Paranormal out of Australia would like you to think it was.




































“So you discredit my own evidence and the evidence of zak bagans and other investigators? Clearly something paranormal is occuring flashlights dont just go off on command.. and FLIR cameras don’t just detect random heat under a doll





MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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