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Zak Bagans bought fake ebay story from fake psychic Anthony Quinata promoted false info on show and now Quinata is providing false info to autistic 10 year old and mother of

It’s so uncomfortable when something tries to hold you back from telling the truth. But in the end, when some things need to be heard, then it’s the time to say what’s real. And this brings us to this story. I will simply call it. A crying travesty

Psychic Anthony Quinata, is the devil in the paranormal field. There is no easy answer, as to how can one man can, get by with conning an entire family, let alone even movie and show TV producers. Yes, including apparently the ever infamous Zak Bagans


Perhaps people such as the infamous Zak Bagans and many others, who have given Anthony Quinata ammunition to play his psychic con game has been A contributing cause as to how he has done so. The very fact, that Zak had Anthony on his show and fed into the theory Anthony’s doll (Harold)was so haunted and possessed. That it was full of demons, is simply beyond me.

Did you know? Zak never even authenticated the doll to be haunted, if so why did Zak not buy the doll from Anthony? the answer is easy. It was never truly haunted period. The doll was sold on ebay and the story was fabricated to move the selling of the said doll.

With Zak Bagans buying up allegedly haunted items for his Vegas museum, one has to wonder why didn’t Zak jump at A chance to buy the alleged haunted and possessed doll from Anthony Quinata? perhaps the story is so hot, concerning the topic of fraud and the story Harold The Haunted Doll, being as phony and fake as the said psychic is himself. Maybe Zak wanted no part of it.

Photo taken of Anthony Quinata, alleged psychic, among some of the most ridiculous and bold claims ever heard by us,was that Anthony freed 4 souls from the doll.


With other questions surfacing, perhaps Zak didn’t want any part of the fact  that the entire story is involving A minor child, then 6 and currently now 10 years old. If this was the case? why did Zak even use the story for his show then?

Does or did Zak even know the story derives from A doll A friend I know who had sold the doll for money, she needed badly and that doll was never ever haunted? that is right Zak, baby you just looked like a fool sir.

During  Zak’s episode of Island of the dolls, he brought out Herald The Haunted Doll. Supporting the psychics story, but not once did Zak ever confirm the doll to be haunted with 4 souls. So why support the fraudulent psychics story then?

Maybe there are two frauds amidst then?


Anthony Quinata, has used Zak Bagan’s story power to sell the phony story from the minuet Zak bought into his own said diminished reality. By allowing Anthony any true attention, it has made the con game, that much easier to do without any stumbling blocks.

News flash Anthony, until now.

An anonymous source came forward and explained in further detail, that Zak did  not even investigate the doll.

Anonymous source

“Zak did not conduct any investigation with Harold. He took the doll to the Island Of The Dolls. Zak used the doll for ratings over the fact, there was never a true story to be concerned about. It just did not matter to any of the producers writers or anyone, that assisted Zak’s production crew, that this case involved An autistic child. What was worse, is that the child Anthony Quinata calls Vincent is 10 years old and very autistic.

“As A so called seasoned investigator, that being Zak Bagans, he should of investigated the story and should have warranted the doll being so haunted. Instead Zak played it off and definitely mislead his fans and said followers and maybe even the child’s own mother ,who so desperately believes the doll to be full of demons and souls and what not.

“The information Anthony Quinata has been providing people, is also very misleading. both conversations from the boy and through Anthony to the mother of the said child are also misleading.one the mom is suspected of feeding this autistic child and two by Anthony Quinata’s posts to social media, we definitely know that for many years ,Anthony is been feeding the child to draw pictures. For him and Vincent’s mother. calling the pictures evil and demonic.

Look what Vincent has drawn, say’s Anthony over social media, begins calls these drawings evil, demonic drawings from an autistic child. As you can see by this drawing this psychic is certifiably nuts.


“Next drawing,is from Vincent where Anthony calls it evil , and that Vincent had drawn it.

Anthony”Over the past couple of years, Vincent has drawn several pictures showing me being a “victim” of what he called “the black thing.” Here’s just a few of them below.


What I wondered, was is Anthony a licensed child and or autism expert, is he even qualified to mention what the pictures mean nope, he most definitely is not.





More to be continued.:


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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