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What is Anthony Quinata’s intentions with A 10 year old alleged autistic boy That he had to fly back to Australia 2 times to be with the boy?

Mark Twain may have said “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.
How ever the truth travels even faster and is mainly recognized by the mainstream.
Evan Jensen:

What can be more deceptive then the devil? perhaps the devils offspring can? People have been led to A  deceptive self centered man and his manipulative ways since the making of man kind. Their evil ways and the ways they all to often happen to effect others is a virtual reality of the good versus evil, that exists in modern day life. This story is no different.

This story, is about A man who uses A 10year old child, actually the child was just six when he first started seeing this child to perform capital gain, but why?Again what are the alleged psychics motives? what is apparent, is that this man will exploit children, even if they are labeled as being autistic, so if being autistic, how can the boy really tell him much of anything?


What sorts of crap, has this man been telling this child?

Are you sick and tired of hearing about Harold the haunted doll? I know some of us are. This is A story of what is right and of course A story , with so many wrongs. You can effectively blame one man, that being alleged psychic Anthony Quinatta.

You might be thinking, what is so different about him? For one, the fact he has collaborated and worked hard to friend and get close to one 9 year old child, is so disturbing within its own right. Can you imagine A man telling A parent or parents of what has been described as an autistic child, that his(Anthony) haunted doll Harold is communicating through him to the child? Where is the mother during this? Is she supporting such bold and abrasive claims? If so, perhaps her own child is in danger of poor parenting?

Anthony Quinata Alleged psychic, has travelled to Australia not once, but atleast two times,

to be what appears to me, close to the said autistic boy. Ask yourselves, what is his purpose to do so? is it profit, personal gain of some type? or are there more underlying sinister motives behind trying so hard to be close to this autistic or allegedly autistic child? The psychological damage that is being done to the said child is and should be criminal at the least.

Autism is one of the pervasive developmental disorders, with symptoms that usually appear before three years of age. Life can be stressful for autistic people, which can result in some behavior that is difficult for parents and caregivers .As the story goes Anthony first started seeing the child, when he was just three years old.

What I can not grasp, is how any one parent or not will allow some conman to convince them, there friend is A psychic and then allow the said same man to converse and talk with the said autistic child? With Autism and in early child development at that, Vincent not his true name, would be very much in A learning phase at that point. For Anthony the alleged psychic to be telling folks and the boys parents, that his  pictures, that Vincent draw are demonic, is sickening to hear and see about, as Anthony, himself has been so proud to place that information all over social media to sell his book Harold The Haunted doll.

With Anthony talking about  the demonic, demons and anything haunted, it could severely upset the balance of this young boy. It is nothing less then unneeded psychological trauma.

What ever the case, paranormal people, must begin to be suspicious as to the mans claims. Anthony’s claims are that his doll, the one he bought from eBay and I do know the said seller. Is haunted and full of the demonic piltred, he is trying to preach to radio shows and meats and greets, as he travels with Harold in his a suit case.

The problem is, one Anthony isn’t psychic and two Harold was never haunted. Let’s get real folks. Are you trying to tell me and other devoted paranormal minded folks, that the demonic can and are using or possessing dolls?And that Anthony is the chosen to bring it out? by using a said  autistic child? If you truly believe this you might be in special need of being placed into A mental institution your own selves.

Some months ago, we also wrote to the para world speaking of Anthony and his weird obsession to then what was A 9 year old boy. Older even now. What seemed as odd, peculiar and quite surprising, is that Anthony also dealt with the said boy, when the child was merely 3 years of age, again where was the mother in this or the father, for that matter?


Psychic? Anthony Quinata” I went to Australia to free the 4 souls in my doll. Still uses Autistic child to promote story and said book. Psychic child Predator is what some people, have now been thinking

“In recent responses backed by comments and links Psychic Anthony Quinata, not only describes that he is helping the boy, but in his own words say’s he has not exploited an autistic child, however because of the photographs released on the mans websites,he has not tried even once to keep the boys picture from public viewing. By this we mean under normal circumstances when somebody is talking about a minor they will show the image, but will block out or extort the child’s face, so nobody can tell whom it is they are seeing. Anthony Quinata has failed in this .He say’s he is not exploiting an autistic child?

No communication with the said autistic child right? where the hell is social services, when they are needed?


I used white out to block the child’s identity, One thing Anthony has never done. He has exploited this poor autistic boy and used this boy to fabricate his haunted doll, his so called psychic abilities and his said book. All at the early age of three until the boy is 13.

Again ask yourself, where is the mother during all of this?


Paranormal Herald:

In closing, Anthony is so damned psychic, he didn’t even see this article coming. If he really had any psychic skills, Anthony would be assisting the police, CIA or some other form of law enforcement, not some 10 year old autistic child.

Special note to Anthony:

So called psychics, are being arrested every day now and I will be bringing this case up to the authorities to have it looked at. Traveling abroad to perform your so called psychic abilities with an autistic child needs to be investigated period.


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.
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