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Famed U.F.O researcher, lecturer, Stanton Friedman and author dead at 84

Stanton wrote a book about the Roswell incident and it opened the yes to the main stream population not just in the United States, but also in other countries as well. Friedman was credited with bringing the Roswell Incident to mainstream conversation, much more then any other lecturer or author in his time.

According to family Friedman was returning from a speaking engagement in Columbus, Ohio, when he died suddenly at the Toronto Pearson Airport on Monday night, according to his family.

By trade Stanton, was a nuclear physicist and was credited with bringing the 1947 Roswell incident into more speculation by it being described as A cover up.

Friedman “officially” retired last year but still booked speaking engagements “because he loved talking about UFOs,” said his daughter, Melissa Friedman, who works for CBC News.
“Dad was curious about anything he didn’t know about. He was always asking questions about how things worked.

He was also a familiar face in documentaries, radio and television, including multiple appearances on Larry King Live, and lectured about UFOs for hundreds of colleges and professional groups across the United States, Canada and many other countries.
Friedman was also inducted into the UFO Hall of Fame in Roswell, N.M.

Funeral arrangements have yet to be made.



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  1. Was A well spoken UFO researcher. and lecturer author


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