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Sag producer Rob Holloway AKA Rob Sprueill clearly continuing harassment protocols. The saga continues

One would think, if instructed by the court to not speak with the complaining party, who has filed charges in open court against the allegedly famed producer, he might begin to understand that making any unwanted contact is detrimental to his case.

A prior court document read as followed by the assistant attorney general’s office. The charges were harassment by telephone.

We say Rob Keep up the good work, the only one going to jail is most likely you.You have been there A few times already.


However if your the famed producer, perhaps you are above the law. Maybe just in his eyes. With 50 year restraining orders already in place. One with normal intentions would come to understand, stalking and or harassing and bullying will never be further tolerated.

With strict stalking orders in place and the fact court documents have been written, Rob Holloway not his real name, has went  far above and beyond to make sure the complaining party is threatened. In what appeared to be Robs personal text messages to complaining party. Rob states you are going to jail.

Waite Robs telling them they will go to jail, but it is Rob who made the messages as of recent?

The following message was sent by none other then Rob Holloway, AKA rob Sprueill.The complaining party merely stated one thing in return messages to Rob Holloway, it was short and quite precise. The messages were relayed on Tuesday the 7th,2019



On April 4th, 2019 we wrote about the alleged producer and the article read as follows.

More legal problems for 72 hours and 133 producer Rob Holloway. Even the state wants his ass. Perhaps Robs next film, will be some what related to Booty Calls.

We have seen a Malay of problems associated with Rob Holloway. It is pretty bad when spell check automatically corrects Robs name to his real name and it is not Rob Holloway. Let’s get back to this story. Earlier this year M.R Holloway not his real name, was accused of scamming investors and actually not filming. He was also accused of living high off the Hog and living on other people’s money and of course with the pretense cursor, that he was a big time movie producer.
Truth told, the only thing he is producing, is a lot of court cases, that are pending against him.
With all the real action breaking down, you would think MR Holloway is in some police action movie .Police headquarters windows being shattered with bricks, impersonating police and even getting charged with DUII, you would think he(Rob) would have enough of his own behavior to film for several shows. Never mind the reality stuff, the real stuff from his poor judgements have been great so far.
Oklahoma state courts docket shows three cases pending. All cases list first his suggested true real name Robert Earl Sprueill and then his name he has used under Holloway, A name he was alleged to have stolen. Robert Dean Holloway
CJ-2018-00013 ——-http://www.oscn.net/dockets/GetCaseInformation.aspx?db=jefferson&number=CJ-2018-00013&cmid=263820
The big issue for M.R Holloway, is that one case he has, he will have to show his tax documents and other vital records and atleast answer in said court. If he(Robert) does not show? it is contempt of court and other proceedings will still follow after .






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