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Fake psychic and alleged con-artist Christina George, once again under fire in National Rippoff report as of 02/03/2019 Quit telling lies to people.

The old saga with this charlatan, seems to be an ongoing adventure, that is construed to undertake the wrong path for sure. If you do not know this woman, don’t bother searching her out. If you do, you will find an awful lot of things she is known for and not in A good way either.

On 02/03/2019 came an important and somewhat direct comment towards Christina George, George not her real name, it’s is actually Ortega. On the national Rippoff report. The following comment was published by an unknown source .


AUTHOR: tis true – (United States)
SUBMITTED: Sunday, February 03, 2019
OK I didn’t know her middle initial was A for Anne not B, she’s hard to track down because of all her aliases and hides where she lives apparently…..I was seeing So Cal, Napa, Sacramento…. My beef with her is she slandered and harassed me on several of her podcasts and also showed up with the Schoppleins and friends at one of my ghost tour sites and made it so I cannot go back after telling lies to the property owner and trying to get the police involved who were utterly confused by her bullsh*t lies and lies from her friends.
She slanders other people in the paranormal saying they’re pedos or womanizers, or frauds, thieves or what not, when she’s the one that has the criminal record and dark past….so hypocritical for her to try and act like she’s judge and jury. She did not know me she nor did George, they just saw an opportunity to bolster ratings on her podcast, along with some friends of hers who do ghost tours wanting to shut down my tours…..
She even threatened in one of her radio podcast videos (where she fakes being suddenly weak and sick like you describe) to get me fired from my day job….which if she did I’d be taking her to court. I’m still debating whether to seek legal action as there is a lot of threatening and vicious lies she told about me along with some other people who are paranormal scumbags friends of hers and have ulterior motives.
If you have background checks on her please post them along with any evidence of her using GoFundMe type sites to raise money for her supposed ailments, I’d seen it before somewhere months back along with a photo of her in bed acting sick but am not sure where? A lot of her FB friends do not believe any of this and some won’t even look at this site or other paranormal teams’ posts she has them so brainwashed.
She’s a good actress, as is her cohost, he’s a fake fraud as well pretending to be mr. nice guy/anti-bully but yet they’re the bullies…hypocrites… Also if you know where she actually lives I’d like to know as I’m sure she knows where I live and it would be useful if I do file a report. I did a home investigation several months back at a home in Brentwood and the homeowner said a woman named Christina came out and charged hundreds of dollars multiple times to rid her home of “demons”, I’m pretty sure she was referring to her as she said Christina claimed to be psychic.
When I arrived they were still having paranormal problems but it was definitely not demonic, just multiple earthbound who were attracted to the son who was quite spiritually open. As for the Turlock case I mentioned, that one I also tried to help with a few years ago, the homeowner did not cooperate with me and went back to doing Santeria witchcraft curses on her family and visa versa and had some Santeria witch from Mexico come out instead of a priest like I suggested and even went out of my way to contact the diocese to try and get to go to her home, she kept putting me off making excuses, then I found out she got someone I knew of named Holly and Christina ( who I didn’t know) involved.
Holly told me Christina and her clashed on their methods and Christina was using the 6 or 7 yr old boy as “demon bait”. I don’t know if she charged them or not, I think she just wanted to one up everyone else. Someone I know who knows the homeowner said she still had problems after that, looked very unhealthy/gaunt and was wearing a pentagram when he saw her in walmart or other locations in Turlock. But at any rate she lied about that saying I was making things worse and claimed on her podcast it wasn’t demonic when she said it was at the time she tried using the boy as bait—she just tells lies upon lies and can’t even keep her story straight.
She didn’t like me bringing my religious views into this woman’s house….the woman was Catholic, albeit not acting like one, so she wasn’t bothered by my Catholic prayers, using holy water, crucifixes, rosaries or reading exorcism prayers. I did the best I could under the circumstances, putting myself at peril, I did not charge for anything, I gave her religious items she could use at home for free, this went on for a month ( 2 visits but she put me off for quite awhile w/ the 2nd visit).
Apparently talking about Jesus offends Christina and I know she has a lot of witch friends, she may be one herself idk, she certainly acts like one. But my advice for you is you should post this info on paranormal sites on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, her FB pages…..get the word out as people are not seeing this and her friends even joke about that….

Rippoff report continued from 02/03/2019

Response to “itsalltrue”
AUTHOR: Leslie – (United States)
SUBMITTED: Saturday, February 02, 2019
Thank you for your comment. I am not shocked unfortunately by what you have wrote as my sister is as evil as they come. I have recordings from my grandmother where she blames my sister for hurting her repeatedly . Heck we had no idea that she had removed my sister from her will and trust until she passed away.
This speaks very loud about her feelings regarding my sister Christina George. Smh. My recommendation is if you know she is defrauding people turn it over to police as she has a history of this and was in Santa Rita Prison .
As far as the pics you posted on her criminal record…. her middle initial is A for Anne not B . You posted info on a Christina B George.

Saga continued:

Christina George is an alleged scam artist, con,psychic who claims to be a  radio host and gifted psychic in Sacramento CA. She has created numerous group on Facebook to lure in and con people. She has never had psychic abilities yet continues to con those in the paranormal industry in order to make a name for herself at the expense of others.


In 2013 Christina hailed national attention because of some alleged paranormal antics.

An angry victim spoke out.

September 30, 2013, 04:16:12 PM
Christina came to our home because we were having paranormal problems. She said that she could help us and get rid of the spirits that were causing the problems. While at our home, she saw two figurines that she said had bad spirits attached to them. We discussed them with her and even told her that we had been told that they were valued at $65,000.00 or more each. She said that our problems would not stop until they were out of our home. She convinced us to give them to her so that she could take them to UC Davis and have them put on display in their anthropology department. She said that we would have one year to take them back or they would become property of the university. We had her sign a contract this this effect. About 6 months later, we found out that she had not given them to the university, but instead had kept them at her home. When we asked for them back, she told us that she had sent them to John Zaffis to keep in his museum. We had not agreed to this. When she came again to our home with her team to do a cleansing, she told us that she had lied to us about sending them to John when she said she did but had indeed “lied” to us. She then said that she sent them to him just the day before her team came to our home. We believe that she probably sold them and pocketed the money.

BY Beyond The edge Of Reality
Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald can not be held accountable for other parties information.




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