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Ouija pandering teacher teaches board to kindergarten children.”They were shutting off the lights and making it dark and talking to spirits

An outraged mother is calling on Milwaukee Public Schools officials to fire a kindergarten teacher, who introduced the young students in her class to a Ouija board.
The mom, who asked to not be publicly named, said the game was used on Friday in her 5-year-old’s classroom at Zablocki Elementary.

An MPS spokeswoman said the teacher was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

Paranormal Herald:

“Throughout may years of being involved into the paranormal and as A past I do not want to be particularly fond of I myself, played with Ouija boards and one day, the board scared me bad and that did it for me.

“They were shutting off the lights and making it dark and talking to spirits. Said the Mother That’s not something that should be at school,” the mother said of the game, which is said to be able to channel spirits.




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