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Lorraine Warren speaks from the dead, states Hunting The Dead. keep in mind this video was released, the day Lorraine Warren was deceased. How tacky and crappy is that?

This story brings me to another conclusion, that people will ride celebrity coattails of anyone famous. And what A great chance to take the opportunity of One recently passing. This being the beloved Lorraine Warren.

On M.R Deans Facebook page, he states he has over 9 .5 ,million views. Show us the views brother? He also self describes himself, as being A warlock. Perhaps, he could state A disrespectful Warlock, would be more proper and or fitting, for his actual title..


Researcher, Warlock, Empath, 6.9 Million Views on YouTube, 82k Subscribers @ huntingthedead.com.

Hunting The Dead, did just exactly what was feared. They Attempted to communicate with paranormal legend Lorraine Warren. As tacky as this might seem, it didn’t faze the person who could not Waite to download his version of Lorraine Warren speaking from the dead, to his You Tube video. The problem was, while the family and her friends and fans mourned, this guy took the advantage to put out his video. The same day she was announced as deceased. For that ,he is tacky, disrespectful and a shark.

I messaged JAYCE RYKER DEAN, of (Hunting The Dead)while he was doing A live video feed on his You Tube channel. Nothing was really said back and I saw my post went as deleted.

Big question is, why can’t people leave the dead alone?

During the death of Debbie Constantino and her husband, one other used his spirit box to speak with the deceased. One famous and well known psychic stated it was to soon to even attempt to conjure voices through there spirit boxes and that the dead need a passing time. A time to pass, or adjust to the after life.

After hearing the live video feed and the video of Lorraine Warren, and of course wanting to laugh, as she supposedly was speaking to him. I soon then realized, he truly is a nut job, or truly believes he is speaking with the dead LOL.

Perhaps the only thing M.R Dean, should be talking to, is A well known shrink.

After carefully researching M.R Dean, we did find this other concerning Facebook page with this banner of him.


We also found this picture, he released through social media. I found it down right to my point. The Warrens were against darkness and evil. This guy is definitely dark.



Basicly talking here if your going to reach out to the dead please fricking Waite until an amount of time has passed if you have no respect for the living, have some respect for the dead then.


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