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Ghost Adventures conjures up spirits and unearths jars of human body parts, bet they go in his haunted Museum?

For Bagans, the jar discovery is surprising, but believable. He told Newsweek. Coincidences like this are typical after the team visits a haunted location and communicates with spirits. “Whenever something like this is discovered, whenever things are found from beneath the ground like this, it can stir up additional activity,” he explained. “There was a lot of pain associated with those items.

I just hope that what they do with those items, they handle them the right way. Those are sensitive pieces of people’s bodies that died horrific deaths. You could call it murder.”


I wonder if Zak, will place the jars of so called human body parts in his so called haunted  museum? hold on forgot, if it is not A naked Donald Trump Doll, he may not be to interested.

This may be true, or just perhaps it doesn’t mean A thing, but if true should they of unearthed the  jars in the first place? Or eft them, where they may have found them?

The jars were the alleged property of D.R Norman Baker, a “doctor” who purchased the property in 1937 and turned it into a health resort, claiming he had the cure for cancer.

D.R Baker, was said to be A naturalist and believed in alternative medicine. However in in 1937,that is about all there was. Speculation, theory, but nothing to concrete such as procedures and medicines, we do have today. D.R Baker evidently had his own ways of treating people.



Norman Glenwood Baker is best known in Arkansas as a promoter of alternative medicine who settled in Eureka Springs (Carroll County) in 1936 and was convicted of mail fraud in 1940. Anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic, he was also a radio pioneer and a candidate for a U.S. Senate seat and for governor of Iowa.



“Bagans explained Baker’s tactics. “He was taking mineral water from the springs there and mixing it with some  things and just telling people that their cancer was curable, when he was seeing it not working.”

While the Ghost Adventures episode at the Crescent Hotel isn’t scheduled to air anytime soon, the new discoveries act as real-time evidence for the sinister activities recorded at the Crescent Hotel. “When we went there, we received a lot of evidence, a lot of different contact and it’s interesting to me that just literally days after we left is when [the jars] started getting found,” Bagans explained. “It’s as if these spirits were trying to tell us about their body parts. I don’t know, things like these have happened before, it’s the world I live in.”

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