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Why did Zak Bagans buy A naked Donald Trump doll for 28,000 dollars,if it was not haunted?

Why did Zak Bagans buy A naked Trump doll for 28,000 dollars, if it was not haunted?  if you asked me. I would have no true idea, or for better words not one single idea, as his items for his haunted museum, are supposed to be haunted right in theory?


Zak Bagans bought me.

Zak so states, he sees that the naked statue has value in it.Would it have less value, if the statue had its clothes on?

In the following video, you do hear Zak Bagans admit, he actually bought A naked Donald Trump doll. I realize, some are going to state that this article was phony and the video is altered, so please go verify and ask him directly LOL.

Zak explains, why he purchased A naked Trump statue and states, it was not the fact it was A naked statue of Trump?

The greater question should be, why is it in his so called haunted museum anyways? I would of thought just perhaps, he had it tucked away in his master bedroom somewhere?





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2 thoughts on “Why did Zak Bagans buy A naked Donald Trump doll for 28,000 dollars,if it was not haunted?

  1. I’m pleased zak didn’t open his big fat mouth about how he hates Trump and how it’s so damn funny that some idiot made an ugly rendition of our DULY ELECTED LECTED PRESIDENT to disrespect him. It so happens people when they get famous they think it’s their job to tell others how they should live and who they should vote for. Obviously Zak Bagans is a lot more intelligent than most people in Hollywood. Although I think you should destroy the statue because it’s very Derogatory and it’s not worthy of representing our president in America. This kind of art disrespects someone who’s working hard to help everybody in America have a better life.


    Posted by Anne r keei (@cannaloop) | April 10, 2019, 7:37 am
  2. I also agree. with what you have stated here. thanks for the reply.


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Magazine | April 10, 2019, 3:30 pm
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