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Paranormal ZAk Bagans : Confides in friend “I have always been bisexual”.

Fist of all, we needed to write A very important disclaimer: The Paranormal Herald, does not discriminate against gays, lesbians or anyone else with sexual orientation. The opinions and views shared, may not be that of this paper, tabloid, blog or individual article.

Paranormal secret agent ZAk Bagans : Confides in friend “I have always been bisexual”.

The Paranormal Herald learned just the other day, that Zak Baggins is allegedly bisexual. A former friend and close confident tells the paranormal herald. The anonymous source, went on to explain , that Zak, maintains a macho image for television, but deep down inside knows someday it may get out and that Zak is worried about losing fans and friends.

video of Arron and Zak stating they had feelings for each other and admitting they are both gay. How ever it is a distinct probability this video has been edited by the creator.

The anonymous source states that ZACH himself has spoken often, of what he will do, when his shows popularity wears out.

I have always been bisexual, do not forget I also like women. John as I speak with you and share my feelings, keep in mind our conversations should always remain as being private, between you and myself.

Look man, what we share is only our business, no one else. Just do not cross me cause I might share a lot LOL.
Zak an American paranormal investigator revealed in 2017 that he is gay breaking the heart of many female fans out there. But he has still not revealed about his relationship status.
Since there is no news of his boyfriend we can only assume that he is single. He, however, was in a relationship with a woman named Christine in 2013 which didn’t work out. Besides he was linked with other ladies as well. Later on, he shared that he’s committed in a relationship with so-called fiance Ashley.
He disclosed the news via a Twitter post on 1st April 2014. Furthermore, the guy shared his happiness announcing the fact.
The post was soon deleted but his followers shared the screenshot where the TV personality shared his desire of marriage.
All accusations are to be considered alleged and can not be the fault of this paper for third and second degree information already on the net.


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  1. People were allegedly stating this article is not true, so here is a video of them stating the truth admitting what we said was true enjoy non believers.


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Magazine | April 8, 2019, 2:50 am
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