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Is Jason Hawes making bid to reenter reality tv in 2019-2020

Jason Hawes posted a warning to his fans on his fan page. Warning them that It was not them, or the Taps team, that were looking for cases and that they themselves did not look for cases like the post someone else had clearly mentioned. Jason stated the post had nothing to do with him, or Steve. He(Jason) further went on to say, they did not want anyone else mislead out there.

Jason also stated or allegedly stated, they planned on coming back to reality TV and that in A recent post, they asked even what network would be best for there show? Would that be the “Ghost Hunter” show?

Jason Hawes/TAPS
7 hrs ·
To everyone that has seen a post on the Ghost Hunters page looking for cases. Please be aware that It May say “Ghost Hunters” But it has NOTHING to do with us “Jason, Steve, Dave, TAPS”. We never had to look for cases that way. 😉
Please share this so no one is mislead out there!
We’re coming back, But this isn’t how we’re doing it.

Jason Hawes/TAPS

Page Liked · December 22, 2018 ·

Serious question, if Stephen Gonsalves, Dave Tango, me and other #TAPS members returned to television In 2019, what channel would you hope we aired on?

Jason Conrad Hawes (born December 27, 1971) is an American plumber and the founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), which is based in Warwick, Rhode Island. He is also one of the stars and co-producers of Syfy’s Ghost Hunters, which ended after its eleventh season on October 26, 2016.


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