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Producer Rob Holloway gets longest restraining order in Bute county,50 years and that is not A “72 hour” thing either.

Restraining  orders  are just that, meant to restrain others from any unwanted physical contact. One of the longest permanent restraining orders seen, was played upon Producer Rob Holloway in Butte county.

The restraining order is A serious document and sometimes the only way of getting the police to understand the person that had the order served on them, might be a dangerous person. A stalker or someone wishing to do serious damage to another and should be taken at face value as a  document to warn folks about the other said individual.

all to many times the intended victim or the person who is being stalked and or harassed has no there means of evidence to forewarn the police and  often times have to rely on that fact’ that there lives can be in danger. A 50 year stalking protection order, is one of the longest, that this paper has ever heard of. And is to be taken seriously, but once more the order should be taken seriously because of whom the man is and seems to be.

With witnesses coming forward and more seemingly on there way, people are beginning to wonder, if Holloway is truly whom he say’s he is. A famous high profile filming Hollywood producer. What some concerned sources have told this paper, is that Rob Holloway is not Holloway at all. Certainly not A cop, and that he used an ex-girlfriends last name. (Holloway) to con or allegedly con people out of what is being stated as being A lot of investors money.

A lot of things did not add up, or make sense if you preferred to say. Imagine the plot, an under cover man ,using an exes last name Holloway. His exact said excuse for taking his ex fiancés last name? if so, why her name then? But he is under cover. No nobody can know my real name? just strange and bizarre, no matter what sides of the law you may be on.

On official court records ,Rob’s official name is listed as Robert Earl Sprueill. Not Rob Holloway. Some time ago, he had even stated the name Holloway was his alias name used for taking drug dealers down in the alleged hit show 72 hours .A film, that apparently flopped, due to Rob not filming and making alleged excuses as to why he had not..

We know it is customary to have the lady take the husbands last name, but for the man to take the ladies is somewhat strange, unless the said person has had some sort of dark motive to do so.

Such as A 50 year restraining order maybe? yah that is it. What else is there?

In Robs case, he has been accused of scamming people,borrowing money and simply displacing poor drunken behavior more then anything else. By drunken behavior, we had been speaking of the incident, where Rob had cowardly thrown a brick into the Ringling police departments window.


One anonymous source, has stated that Rob stole 15 thousand dollars from them, but did not elaborate on how and or why.

Back in February of 2019,we wrote about Rob Holloway AKA Robert Earl Sprueill, who had gotten arrested for impersonating A cop and for DUII. Had Rob taken it to far with his alleged cop shows? this was a question that began to serve up some pretty hard evidence, to support he was either ill or A definite fraudster.

The entire Holloway story, will be continued and forwarded, as new evidence and said information is provided.

To be continued:









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As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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