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Nick Groff unhappy over recent shows cancellation.Fired again?

If you liked Nick Groff,you were maybe then sad over the recent cancellation of his show.Paranormal lock-down.After a recent post,seen by his fans,he stated he would not be returning and Quote”Not by his own choice.”Even after others  would continue to be cast.

On Nick Groffs Twitter page,he has announced he is producing his own show,Small town Monsters. On Vidi Space.

.New series I’m Executive Producing! Checkout the trailer. Premiering in the future on VIDI SPACE Great work and team!

Some folks are questioning,why he(nick) is leaving so many shows,so quickly.It had been stated,that nick would not be recast in the reality show ghosts Of Shepherds Town as well.

With nicks recent questionable leaving or exiting from the show.It has not been his first time exiting with questionable reasoning’s.Some time in 2014, when he worked along side Zak Bagans, in Ghost adventures,he also was forced to exit.


Some had speculated that Nick had a feud, A long time feud going with Zak Bagans,from a prior show.Exit.Where Zak,had allegedly taken to Facebook and Twitter.In three separate tweets starting late Monday, Zak Bagans tells someone, who fans are assuming is Nick Groff, to stop using Ghost Adventures in his “resume of achievements,” saying it’s deceptive because he was fired from the long-running paranormal reality TV show.

In December of 2016. This article had launched.Did Zak Bagans recently call out Nick Groff for allegedly using Ghost Adventures to promote himself and his TV shows? Several times over the last 14 hours, Zak Bagans has accused someone — allegedly former lead investigator Nick Groff — of using the Ghost Adventures name as a promotional tool.

According to Zak Bagans on Twitter, Nick Groff was fired for doing “bad things,” and now Bagans is disgusted to see him using the Ghost Adventures name to promote new shows, including Groff’s own paranormal reality TV series, Paranormal Lockdown. Just days after the second season of Paranormal Lockdown aired on TLC, Zak Bagans began tweeting how he’s disgusted that Nick Groff continues to use Ghost Adventures as part of his resume after he was allegedly fired from the show in late 2014.

Disgusted to see someone using our show name Ghost Adventures to keep promoting shows and himself that we want absolutely nothing to do with,” tweeted Zak on Monday.








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