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UK UFO Researcher,they stuck stuff up my ass. Questions of doubt begin to surface.

Some claims are bold,some claims are simply just not ordinary at all.The claim of having things stuck up ones ass may set the bar. I do know one thing I would not be so bold,as to mention something like this.

The subject of alien abduction has been successfully exploited for laughs going back decades, and it’s not hard to see why. The very notion of otherworldly kidnapping conjures generic imagery of rednecks being anally probed after one too many beers—imagery that owes more to the creative process of screenwriting than to the real-world testimonies of ‘experience’s.’

In reality, the majority of ‘alien abduction’ accounts, while nonsensical on many levels, are stranger and more psychologically complex than Hollywood dares dream. These experiences are also often less tangible than the industry likes to imagine, frequently occurring in mundane surroundings, not on dark country roads under looming mother-ships, but at home while vacuuming or doing the laundry. Many experiences have described simply ‘shifting’ into an altered state of consciousness. The presence of an actual UFO apparently is not obligatory.

Regardless of the root causes of the phenomenon, many abductees are genuinely traumatized by their experiences. In my research on Hollywood’s historical engagement with abduction reports I’ve interviewed a number of self-described experiencers, seeking their reactions to abduction-themed movies and TV shows. Does viewing such products trigger visceral reactions in them? (Yes). Are any of Hollywood’s abduction movies reflective of their own experiences? (Only superficially). To what extent might their experiences be influenced by Hollywood iconography? (Hmm…

If I was abducted by aliens,I would hope they spare me gruesome details such as being probed anally.

One talk show most openly admitted,he had been tormented for years by the dastardly antic of whom he claimed to be alien forces.


Some folks think,he is either delusional,or that he is simply asking for some sort of special attention. Recent speculations, believe that he (Young) is been trying to boost a failing and once popular talk show.One can truly never know.

One comment might have it right”

Joe Grabb

And you seriously think, if aliens DO exist, that they would travel 8 million light years to stick something up joe bloggs ar*e? I think not.





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