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UFO Housewife Sacha Claire Christie and UFO researcher David Young team up with Tombstone scammer carol L Malone.. Use same faked information

I have friends all over the world with the largest following inside the UK itself.Our paper sees a lot of hits from more then 15 different countries.Not all articles see lots of hits,depending on the writing structure and of course subject matter.That is the one thing I appreciate and have worked very hard to achieve.Just today one woman,that being Sacha Claire has for the second time,has attacked us, this paper and our actual credibility.

I after receiving other information,that may have pertained to both Young and Sacha, we then realized,they had de-friended and blocked me,as if this might stop the newest information from being told? well it did not.

As we look onto Sacha’s Facebook pages and blog,we see nothing but drama from one victim to the next.Can we say stalking much?perhaps it was her UFO abduction,that made this  less then kind housewife so evil?



Last week.I was in constant contact with a man David Young, also A UK talk show host.who gave me a lot of information,that pertained to two other individuals.I worked diligently to expose the said truth,that Sacha and David Young wanted published.Perhaps it was there truth,not everyone else’s.

I launched at least 3  different articles.The information was spreading like wild fire.We were seeing tons of solid hits from the UK,where the alleged fraud had been said to take place.

Yesterday and today we received nonconstructive criticism for our articles by Sacha.The very one that gave and supplied prior information to us.Her comments are below.it seemed A little off,when she came forward and demanded to be included into our work and to be linked on everything,that pertained to our recent articles.It didn’t seem normal,as most individuals  demand the opposite and almost refuse to be named.

Sacha,had apparently blocked me from her Facebook pages.this was A red flag to me,that something with her was not on the up and up,but was to the contrary

After our friends saw what was going down,they alerted me to the fact,that this domesticated alien housewife was trying to cause even more drama,by harassing us or myself mainly.

even after reaching out to us,in prior posts and likes and the sharing of said information.Once again we began to think that what she was telling folks was wrong and not accurate verifiable information.

Sacha 1:52 p.m.”You put one blog link on one of those pieces and i got zero hits. Why is that if you have all those followers? You haven’t named me once. I am the source. You have never named me.

Paranormal Herald:

I wanted to set the record straight.In this article Sacha is named and so was David Young., as well as Gary Hesletine.


At the bottom of this article, lists both David young and Sacha as references.


Paranormal Herald:

What this article is about, is drama,way to much of it exists. The UK seems to be no different then any other place. It is everywhere.To be honest I will not stand for it. It is like A bunch of fourth graders fighting and bickering,but achieving absolutely nothing.

Sacha,had taken some posts written against me,by A woman known as the Tombstone scammer and used that information to slander my good name.The Tombstone scammer or also known as Carol L Malone.what is also well known is that Malone whom Sacha used as evidence against me,had already been proven to be A paranormal con.

The important flag,that came from this,was that Sascha’s own credibility came into play,by using another persons con work to use as credible evidence. So people need to look back through the years and decide is Sacha also A con,or just some nut job alien domesticated housewife?


In the field the paranormal,this includes Bigfoot and UFO research and the like,there is always going to be drama ridden stories of people,who seem like well, maybe they had just escaped from the mental ward.This is something that needs to change.

One of the main reasons why people walk away from the paranormal, is due to people and how they seem to portray themselves and others. these  people,are very toxic to be near.One trying to get over on the other.One trying to make money at all costs or simply trying to be famous.Even if means destroying someone else’s own rep,cause they do not have one per say.















































































MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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