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UFO con-men getting serious backlash over alleged deception into Rendelsham UFO event.Calls Paranormal Herald and Evan Jensen well known trolls

Just imagine, if all these phonies, con artists, fraudsters and profiteers hadn’t fouled up the honest research into the Rendlesham UFO event .  So many people would’ve been able to find and determine the truth of the UFO matter and case for themselves. How ever,as a direct result the truth is still out there and people are demanding answers.

Some people are either trying to change the truth are delusional and think there truth is correct,or are outright trying to pull the wool over the UFO communities eyes.The same said names keep popping up larry Warren,Gary Heseltine, and a few others.

Paranormal Herald.

Gary Hesletine of UFO Truth Magazine,has openly stated anyone associated with people trying to expel the said truth,his truth, they are all trolls. I was labeled as A well known troll myself,what ever that meant?

The truth is Capel Green. Heseltines film documentary,is based on mainly one mans testimonials of an alleged UFO incident that had happened some time ago. About a year ago the same man.Larry Warren was ousted,because of bold ridiculous claims being made or allegedly fabricated. Yet Gary Heseltine continues his backing into the believed to be master conman.

Gary Hesleltine of UFO Truth ,calling everybody trolls,who has attempted to rectify the apparent and alleged fraud surrounding one Larry Warren and now Capel Green.G H,has called David Young out for stating foul language on his posts,but as I know David,he has a certain respect for people and for social media,so I knew that was a lie.

Paranormal Herald:

“For the record,this well known troll has single evenhandedly exposed some mighty apparent paranormal fraudsters and master criminals.Many of the said individuals, we have written about have either scammed hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions,before airing on prime time news around the country.The list names some 600 individuals we have written bout since the start of this paper and blog.We are not trolls,we are not bullies.We deserved the respect others won’t give. Rest assured the truth is out there for those that will seek it’s true meaning.


With books being written,then pulled by publisher,it has to give credit to the people,who had worked so hard to make that happen. If the book was truthful,the publisher would simply have not withdrawn the book “Left At Eastgate right”!

Sacha,has worked for some time to help set the record straight,just one of A few,that has risked there own reputations by coming forward. in A recent post Sacha stated the following.

Sacha Claire Christie is with David Young and 7 others.

How Gary Heseltine isolated himself completely within British Ufology.

If you talk to anyone who doesnt hate us and kiss GH backside he name and shame them.

Gary has told everyone I love larry and moved him in to my home with my partner and children to have an affair with him.

Ive been called a nutjob, an ex nuthouse inmate, a terrorist and many many other names, had my life threatened, had the most insane thing said to me and about me… What was Phil Mantle’s crime? He LIKED a post on a page.

He then points out again David Young being angry about Gary Heseltine siding with a man who’s threatened his life, insulted his wife and threatend with taking everything for him.

Gary shouted at people at the awakening conference because they won’t support him. He also named and shamed a woman for cancelling her UFO magazine subscription.

Clearly he can do whatever he wants as you all do what he wants you to.

Welcome to the club Phil, you liked a post…. How very dare you!

Quite amusing really hoe Gary goes on about personal abuse while he is supporting Warren who has done nothing but threaten and abuse everyone who dared to ask even the simplest of questions.

Gary Hesletine clearly supporting Larry Warren.

GH post;
ONLINE PERSONAL VERBAL ABUSE: There is one thing that sadly the creation of social media has unleased on the world and that is the emergence of the troll phenomena. People who post verbal personal abuse at others when they disagree with the other person’s viewpoint. These people should be universally condemned by ordinary decent human beings and FB is clearly failing those that use its platform. These people need to be policed by the FB platform. People have committed suicide, teenagers bulled by online abuse on the many forms of social media that now dominate the modern world. People need to step up and openly condemn those that would post personal abusive verbal messages. I don’t mind if people have different opinions to me but I will not accept those that dish out personal verbal abuse. FB needs to get a grip and work with the police to bring genuine criminal legislation to pass. They are five years behind properly policing their own platform. So, it is in that context that I post the following image because ANYONE who supports online verbal abuse either directly or indirectly with the trolls on any subject is no friend of mine on this platform. For over two years I have been trolled almost daily with verbal personal abuse by a small number of people (around 50) on FB simply because I dared to support Larry Warren, the original military whistleblower of the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident from late December 1980. As a result they attack UFO Truth Magazine and over the last year anything connected with the upcoming release of the RFI themed documentary Capel Green. Now I can take this abuse but many people, young people in particular who endure such abuse may crumble and succumb to the constant hate that they receive. People need to realise that online personal verbal abuse is WRONG in a civilised society and should condemn all forms of this vile personal abuse rather than sit on the fence, often fearful that they too will become a target for these online abusers. People around the world need to wake up and come together to make a stand against those that would verbally abuse others. They do not realise that by engaging in dialogue with these online abusers that indirectly they are giving them a message saying to them it’s OK and so they continue. I am telling you that It is not OK for people to verbally abuse others and to ignore this trend we do so at our peril. Like I said above those that interact with trolls are no friends of mine and will be unfriended on this platform forthwith. GH.



On the 26th of August 2016, Hesletine was warned about the claims and continued disbelief of Larry Warren,but took no action,other then to endorse and support him up and even until this very day.


At some point Larry Warren attempted to obtain a cease and desist,against Sacha and others.It seemed an apparent attempt to stop them from coming forward against the alleged fraud of Larry Warren.What ever the said case may be,there is really something serious messed a foul in the Hesletine and Warren camps.


To be continued:












MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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