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As Fiery UFO details emerge, larry Warren, Gary Heseltine and production company Capel Green all remain silent. “All Quiet On The Set”.

As Fiery UFO details emerge, larry Warren, George Heseltine and  production company Capel Green all remain silent.Just maybe the silent speak volumes.


My ex-fiancé helped orchestrate the raid on Osama bin Laden. Shee received a Purple Heart for her military service and a medal of honor from Golda Meir. She thwarted a bio- terrorism attack in New York City and saved the grandson of one of the world’s wealthiest men from an attempted kidnapping. None of it was public. She didn’t write a book about her escapades or sell her story to Hollywood. Her goal wasn’t to become rich and famous but to keep her children—and all of America—safe from the “bad guys.” “I’m not going to sit by while people are in danger,” she would often say as she packed her bags for a secret mission.

It was wonderfully noble, except for one minor detail: None of it was true.This is where this story begins and the said truth is slowly becoming A few peoples reality.

Gary Heseltine is the lead researcher and co-writer for the upcoming Capel Green documentary film. He has a special affinity to the Rendlesham Forest incidents, as he served in the Royal Air Force and protected tactical nuclear weapons at two bases in Suffolk and West Germany in the 1980s. As a result he has a unique perspective and understanding of the various incidents involved in the Rendlesham Forest events and the ramifications of them. He went on to have a successful 24 year career as a police officer with the British Transport Police, and the last 19 years as a Detective. In that role he went on to become an advanced interviewer of suspects and witnesses, and was involved in that capacity with the London Bombings, terrorist investigation of 2005. He has been able to use his vast experience of dealing with evidence to re-investigate the Rendlesham Forest incidents literally from day one and this has resulted in a significant amount of evidential material being unsurfaced which has not been shown to the public in any documentary before. The Director/Producer Dion Johnson and the production crew feel very fortunate to have Gary involved in this project and regard him as one of the world’s leading (non-witness) independent investigators in this field. Gary has appeared on television and radio as a leading authority on the subject of UFOs and has also been very prominent with interviewing many other witnesses, which has also produced new information, all of which will be revealed in the upcoming movie Capel Green.

Problem is,what people are fearing,is that larry Warrens truth and Heseltines may not be the true real deal.As a main editor and chief of UFO Truth Magazine.The truth seems to be somewhat twisted and apparently as the crow flies, a little deceiving and distorted..


Just the other day I saw a post about Heseltine defending said larry Warren,for what seems to be him being on the heated side of the fiery furnace. On his own Facebook page. in fact he was calling folks trolls and naysayers,because they were apposed,as to Larry Warrens claims and abstract conversations and posts considering,what seemed to be a lot of to much of a good thing.

Gary Heseltine,defending larry Warren.

Gary Heseltine shared a post.

Following on from the recent video interview I did with Larry Warren about music memorabilia, music star photographs and other material, it seems a good time to address another issue. That of Larry’s supposed photoshopping skills. Well the truth is that ANYONE that knows him well (and who isn’t involved in a vendetta to discredit him or I) will know how ludicrous this is as he is USELESS with tech stuff. By way of illustrating that I wanted to mention a lady called Lindsay Barr. She became a friend of Larry circa 2004 and it was Lindsay that uploaded Larry’s photos onto FB in 2005. In July 2017 I spoke with her at length on the phone about this and she said that even though she showed him how to upload photos to FB he couldn’t get the hang of it. He’d arrived at her house with a carrier bag full of hundreds of loose photographs. As a result it was Lindsay who originally sorted them into albums and uploaded them onto FB for him. So in light of this how you may wonder could Larry be capable of producing the said damaging digital images that the trolls have used relentlessly to try to discredit him. How indeed? Well here is my pet theory: when Larry stayed at a certain house for a while he took his laptop with him and at some point one or two people examined its contents in his absence and carefully copied said materials. Once done someone who lived in that house who had professional qualifications in I.T. could make merry and claim them to be done by said Larry… and how they made merry…..until now! See the image attached. By way of illustration take a look at this image put out by a well known skeptic. We recently put this to the test with a high zoom video camera and even on full zoom the top of the Orfordness lighthouse could not be seen in daylight. More smoke and mirrors by those with agendas. GH.


Sacha Christie A friend to this paper,has been on A mission to set the score right and let people know the truth about Heseltine,Warren and Capel Green and any other misguided information there team has put out into the public’s eye.

Sacha writes”
The Larry Warren Fraud

At the start of all this, I had nothing apart from my word that something was very wrong with the narrative of Larry Warren. I had to put my entire life out there to prove to you all that he is not telling the truth. Eventually people started seeing the truth and tried to help me uncover the very many problems with his narrative(s). It was truly amazing to me how many people came forward privately to help. Nobody wanted to be on the receiving end of the internets vitriol and so they stayed out of the limelight. I need to thank all of you for your contributions. Every single one of them, including sharing and spreading the word. It was worth it…..

On the 19th of April 2018 I received a message from someone that changed everything. It actually changed nothing at all, but everything at the same time, I just couldn’t talk about it. We have tried many different ways to obtain proof, some actual evidence. People were tempted to risk buying something of his and then having it analyses, but nobody quite dare put that much money on the line and why should they? The police should be investigating this, not me and the others.

We tried to force him into a corner to have his military records analysed but instead of taking us up on the offer, he spent thousands of pounds lying to a solicitor to have us all silenced. He is a public figure, making public statements and wants to sue the public when they question what he calls evidence. His deciet was shown to the solicitor and he was dropped by them. If Warren wants to take any of us to court he has to represent himself.

However, the truth is never libel and the last place he wants this is in front of a judge, but that is exactly where I want it. He has made many threats to take us to court and still lies that he has done. No such thing has happened, but in doing this, the hope is that one day that will happen, just because it hasn’t yet does not mean that he is innocent as Gary Heseltine keeps saying.  He says that the title Conman means convicted. No Gary, it means confidence man or confidence trickster.

Paranormal Herald:

Because of fabricated egos and a lot of nonsense claims from Warren,he has drawn a lot of negative scrutiny.Perhaps well deserved.Warren,has made some interesting and extremely bold claims,even allegedly fabricating memorabilia. Can we all say alleged fraud people?

The below link is about A two minuet video,you need to hear it before disparaging this article.

1547507480145_Jacket Authentification

memorabilia allegedly fabricated.Not authenticated.





To be Continued:


Some information received,has been given  to us by at least two different sources.Sacha Claire and David Young














MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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