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Rob Holloway story.”Why I threw A brick through the Ringling police departments window.

Everybody has a dream, Martin Luther King had one, so did perhaps M.R Holloway. It was to be a police officer.This is where the story gets stranger then just simply producing some full length film.If it was to be a film, it would have to of course be a documentary on things not to do in life and of ones own self..

It has been said according to Holloway’s website,he is now working on a show called “Hooked”.How ever after reading about some fairly recent events, that had included an alleged Dui, Impersonating cop,throwing bricks through windows and being sued in civil court.We wondered if a more fitting name for his up and coming shows might be “Booked” instead

The following video is from the Ringling police departments own video. It is of then suspect Rob Holloway allegedly throwing A brick through the Ringling police departments own window.Why you might say,that is later on in the story.


The police video has seen about 2,704 hits in A town of 1,000 people.So whom else is watching.Who else,has he angered or allegedly scammed you might want to say.

Well since Holloway had gotten caught on camera,he was later booked and charged. The below court documents show what  just had happened,as well as the video above.




It has been alleged that Holloway had a run in already with the Ringling police department.It is been stated that and alleged that, Holloway had tried to get a position within the Ringling police department,how ever, he was not hired.Why Rob was maybe not hired may have had to do with somewhat sketchy documents and the fact Rob had a possible criminal history.

As the story goes,Rob was not happy with the Ringling police and so he assaulted there window.He was charged and Filed: 11/16/2017.  MALICIOUS INJURY TO PROPERTY – UNDER 1,000.00.

Keep in mind apparently the charge was dealt with and satisfied or another wards the debt may have been paid back.


To be continued:


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