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72 hours Producer, Rob Holloway gets 72 hours for DUI and impersonating A cop.

Producer Rob Holloway,gets 72 hours for DUI and impersonating a cop.The headlines could not be more shocking. None the less,Holloway and the Ringling police both met under different circumstances.This time it was for real and the drug busting producer, had produced nothing more then his apparent own mug shot.

On Holloway’s IMDB website,it shows him as A producing undercover narcotics cop or detective.Perhaps Holloway had a little to much to drink and figured he was the real deal.

On the Jefferson county court documents, Holloway is listed as, Robert Dean Holloway.On other documents,he is listed under at least a few different other names.

Holloway,has been accused of DUI and of impersonating a public police officer.USE OF IMPOSTER LAW ENFORCEMENT VEHICLE, in violation of 21 OS 1533(A)(B)(C)(D)(E)(F1)(F2)(G1)(G2)

Holloway was charged on January 25 and then was released 72 hours later.No pun included.A recent court document shows,he posted bond of 1,000 dollars,but was then scheduled to appear in court.He was then according to court docs,arraigned on January,29th at 1:30 in the afternoon at the Jefferson county court house..



Holloway,while incarcerated,was being charged 38.75 A day for his stay in the steel hotel.His acting attorney, is listed as Paule Smith.The same lawyer,who represented him in  A prior civil deposition just weeks prior.


Holloway,was to show in court depositions for an unrelated civil matter.He was being accused of allegedly scamming investors out of there money and not producing much of anything.Just days before the current arrest,Holloway was supposed to appear in court for court depositions,but he was absent,minus his attorney appearing for him.

Prior to court depositions Holloway notified, a few different radio show people and hosts that he was demanding to have his episodes removed,some five years later.The link below, is A story that caught our attention concerning (hallway).Holloway

























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