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OSCN Case details, Rob Holloway, A.K.A SPRUEILL, ROBERT EARL Just days before having to appear in court, asks show host to delete the shows he was on, but offers no reasoning as to why.If due in court isn’t this evidence tampering?



OSCN Case CJ-2018-00013 details, Rob Holloway, A.K.A SPRUEILL, ROBERT EARL Just days before having to appear in court, asks show host to delete the shows he was on, but offers no reasoning, as to why.

While M.R Holloway was busy catching dope dealers on 72 hours,they say, he was also busy stiffing his investors and production people..

One of the said homes he was alleged to have transferred the said name to his own alleged name was this property.


After some careful research,we found that Holloway is being accused of raking in the money through donations and or private investors,but not paying his production people for there fare share of work and is also being accused of stiffing his investors. According to an outside source,they stated Holloway still has not finished 72 hours a network show,they say he allegedly got over A million dollars to film.They say he was working on another project and had either used the said funds for that filming or for his own personal finances.

When Holloway went on our radio show,he was looking for funding for his show 72 hours then and this was early in 2014.

72 hours trailer:


M.R Holloway is being accused of placing property, house and vehicles into his name,even though the said vehicles are said to be the property of another filming company.Five Star Productions.

The Paranormal Herald

“It has truly saddened me to have to write this article,although it is based on information provided to us and the fact I personally endorsed a man known as Rob Holloway. I invited him into our shows network and by doing so, basically gave the man A headlight of Green to run with. In 2014 A friend came to me and asked if we had any show space for His friend A said Hollywood producer and screen writer.

He said he grew up with M.R Holloway and had even attended the same school as he had.After getting a rather decent shows following and after having the man on several of our shows,we even farmed him to other shows platforms and there networks.M.R Holloway was then on a crusade to find funding for a show called 72 hours. At-least so we had thought.

So the other day M.R Holloway contacted a shows network,he was on and asked to have them delete the episode. They immediately contacted myself,fearing something could be up with M.R Holloway.After doing quite a lot of research,we found some things that might have powered our suspicions.

One  suspicion included an alleged pending court case in civil court.The civil case,was filed around 08/02/2018.The case is as being stated for civil relief,more then 10,000.It is said that M.R Holloway will be attending depositions here sometime soon.Say’s another anonymous source.


Two,the Red flag was that in the way he messaged us.How it was ordering and telling us to remove the shows.This is not a request,but A demand.It was as if there was desperation.a sort of unpleasant tone in the message.Since i personally have dealt with this many times before with other individuals,I then knew something was wrong.

Below is the said chat conversations we did have with Holloway. Also not his real name.

The Paranormal Herald

“Over the past few days,we have been catching heat because your asking other networks to delete and remove episodes,can you explain why please?

Because I want it removed, and I mean right now. My entertainment attorney John Lintz in Nashville Tennessee can and will show you the way if you don’t delete it. This is not a request this is a demand.

Just delete the damn thing and be done with it
Why don’t you give me your telephone number and I’ll call you if you have any control over this I will call you.
After hearing  alleged threats of rape and threats of death,from Robs brother that were believed to be directed against one of the civil suit parties,we decided it was not going to be A great idea to give M.R Holloway our phone number.

You asked me,what I had to do with it?referring to the shows you were on?I produced them.They were mine shows, minus the one you did in the UK.That one I have no control over.

The Paranormal Herald

I merely had asked, because it has been over 5 years since you did those shows.So We were thinking what could be so important,so wrong you would threaten us with lawyers to have those shows removed.Based on the fact this could be witness tampering of some sort or evidence tampering,we have decided to leave all episodes up.

The following information was found on the internet and is public. All conversations expressed are copies of conversations between Holloway and myself. M.R Holloway should be considered innocent until proven guilty and all accusations being made,are based off testimony received from anonymous sources. and should be held to such.
By coming to this site and paper,you consent to the publications and wording expressed inside the article and site itself.The rights and material are the property of the Paranormal Herald.
The Paranormal Herald can not be held accountable for third or second party information, believed to be true,at the time of the said articles release.
More to be continued.

About Paranormal Herald Magazine

As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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