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Amethyst Realm British woman now say’s she is ready to have baby with spirit ghost boyfriend?

On A live interview.Amethyst Realm A British woman describes her relationship with her so called spirit boyfriend.The very same woman in December had claimed to have sex with spirits over twenty times.

Realm,  A woman from Bristol, England, went on the British TV show “ITV This Morning” on Thursday to discuss her out-of-body-on-body experiences. She says it all began in 2005, when she moved into a haunted home with her then-fiancé. She goes on to state,that she is actively engaged to spirit boyfriend and wants to have a physical baby.

It had also been reported that she (Realm) had to abort her  prior afair for A while with the spirits,because her husband had walked in on her and had caught her having sex with A shadowy figure. She stated she had regained her sexual episodes with more urgency and privacy,as she was hoping for A spirit baby..

Psychotherapist Tina Radziszewicz thinks Realm is confusing ghost sex with a hallucination that happens in that weird realm between wakefulness and sleep.Some believe the unconscious subconscious is at play and that she may be confusing reality with some sort or type of lucid dream status.














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