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Demonology James Annitto” As of today I am canceling all paranormal events and radio shows that have me booked”.

James Annitto is from the Old Traditional Catholic church,not truly catholic.He is listed as a deacon and demonology expert. Today James announced or made a major announcement,that he was walking away from the paranormal.He also stated it was time to basically spend more time away from Facebook and be with his family as well.

   James Annitto is a Demonologist and a Deacon through the Old Catholic Church who has worked alongside many other specialists in this field. James is also a paranormal investigator/researcher/Co-Leader of Paranormal Speciality Crew (PSC), member of Sanctuary Paranormal and the former founder/owner of The Dominion Ministry . He has been in the paranormal field since the early age of 15, investigating graveyards and legendary surrounding in the New England area such as Mercy Brown, Ladd School, USS Salem, and Slater Mill His knowledge of the paranormal came from reading many books by in his early years. Watching Unsolved Mysteries, Scariest Places on Earth and then, eventually, Ghost Hunters increased his interest and knowledge of the field. His first ever experience came when his aunt showing him a ghostly figure peeking out of a window during one of their vacations. With this experience James came to love the paranormal and knew that he wanted to be a part of this field when he got older. Being a teenager of 15, it was difficult for him to become part of a research group let alone start his own, so he travelled to graveyards with his digital camera and a flashlight until he was able to form his own group’s years later called Ghost Hunters of Supernatural Truth (G.H.O.S.T.). G.H.O.S.T. consisted of Andre Correia formerly of R.I.P.S who appeared on “The Haunted” episode “Demon Attack,” and other members from different areas of the paranormal field with experience levels of none to a few years. James gained a lot of experience running the team and calling clients/business/homeowners. After being in the field for the last 12 years, James has gained a great deal of experience from working with many well respected members of the paranormal field. He has appeared on many radio and local television shows. James has also given scores of lectures at libraries and expos. James began a new level of his paranormal life when he began his studies in demonology and the ministry. Dedicating himself to helping others in the field and those who are in need of a cleansing or blessing, he travels anywhere he is needed free of charge. Even though he has over 400 cases under his belt, he never makes himself to appear as if he is better than his peers in the field or unavailable to someone who requires his assistance. If for some reason he is unable to help, he always passes the case along to another in the field with equal or more experience than himself. James in March 2015 created The Dominion Ministry to change the landscape of the spiritual warfare field, bringing many spiritual warriors together. In 2017, James stepped down from The Dominion Ministry to make time for his family and continued studies in the paranormal and as well becoming a seminarian in the Old Catholic Church and most recently elevated as a Deacon.

One major concern,after reading James post,was that he was in A (dark) place,but did not elaborate as to the how and or why.I believe a lot of folks will miss him and this paper wishes him well.


Hello everyone,

This is not a cry out for help, a way to entice likes to eventually come back and act like nothing happened. As of today I am canceling all paranormal events and radio shows that have me booked.
I am completely sorry and I hope you all forgive me. I will be at Keene Con tomorrow in support of my very great friend Lucky Belcamino due to it being a day away. I will be leaving the paranormal field indefinitely. I hope I was able to change people and give them out look within the field.

But that is not it, I will also be leaving Facebook permanently and please do not message me, call me or text me trying to have me do otherwise. If you want to stay friends and continue getting updates in my journey my number is 4018087416. Like I said please don’t entice me to come back.

I am in a place where an evolution needs to take place. I have put so many aside including my own family and it has lead to unfortunate damages within my life. I am in a dark place but I will soon overcome the storm. But I want to live life and not confine myself to a phone and computer 24/7. So with that said I must do this, don’t be sad or in sorrow of this decision but in celebration that we all must overcome our own personal demons.

I am completely sorry that this is so abrupt as many people have me apart of their events. But it’s them or me, and I walk in these heavy shoes every day. I love everyone and i hope friends, family and acquaintance stay in contact.

Best Regards,
James Annitto






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