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Zak Baggan’s visit to Enchanted forest brings more ridiculous haunted war stories to said evidence.Zak “A Great Battle Took Place”?

Enchanted Forest, the fairy-tale theme park for children now is located in Turner, Oregon,has gotten some spooked air TV time this past JUNE on the Travel Channel series, “Ghost Adventures.”

Paranormal Herald” I myself have grown up in Oregon my entire life.I can remember the school field trips taken to the Enchanted forest in Turner Oregon.Even way back then and that seems like an eternity,we never noticed anything haunted or scary about the place.After all, it is a theme park for kids to enjoy,not be scared to have fun,visit and play.

“Furthermore in doing actual research.No wars or mentions of wars fought particularly inside the I-5 corridor and or Turner area,could be found.

History of Turner


“Turner was occupied by the Santiam Kalapuya Indians prior to settlement of the area in 1843. The Delaney family were the first settlers. Four Donation Land Claims occupied the current City Limits. Turner is a railroad town founded in 1871 when the Oregon & California Railroad passed through the area. A rail station was constructed at the site and named Turner in honor of Henry L. Turner a well-known pioneer and a flour mill owner in the area. Henry Turner recorded a town plat at the site of the station on March 9, 1871. By 1878 Turner had a population of 70 and a flour mill and two granaries were the dominant industrial features. An open Mill Race was built.

“No haunted Indian wars history there.

Christian Convention Tabernacle

to power the mills and was located along the railroad adjacent to Third Street. It was one of the City’s primary features until it was filled in the late 1900’s by the Burkland Lumber Company, the City’s primary industry until it closed in 1974.

shame on you Zak>

Heading up from California, we find ourselves at the Enchanted Forest Theme Park in Oregon, where Aaron spent time as a child. But from the go, Zak says the theme park sits on a portal to another dimension and that the dreams and nightmares of children are coming to life. We can also tell from the start that Zak will have a hard time in this location as it’s filled with creepy dolls, figures and portraits. He even claims the “haunted house” is actually haunted because it causes anxiety. There is also reference to the land being tainted and cursed due to the battle.

Tainted and cursed land?

What battles Zak?

You might be wanting or wondering to know why am I writing about this?I believe that these types of made up rumors and  alleged nonsense are A way of disrupting the mindless,that this nursery rime theme park should represent.


Enchanted Forest was created by Roger Tofte, who bought the original 20 acres of land off Interstate 5 for $4,000 (making monthly payments of $50, according to the Enchanted Forest website) and began construction in 1964. The park officially opened on Sunday, Aug. 8, 1971.

How ever are the haunted themes associated with Zak real? or are they another fictitious spread bunch of utter nonsense? it does seem apparent,where ever MR Baggans ends up,their is a haunted reason as to why exactly?Is it the actual location or maybe perhaps it’s him?

The woodland park (Enchanted Forest) is known for family-friendly attractions, including “Storybook Lane,” “Tofteville Western Town,” “Old European Village,” and the “Big Timber Log Ride.”and also includes water slides and other total attractions.

Some times in actual reality,we should challenge those accusations made by others,where the truth might be A little  mis-construed correct?Zak states that while investigating Paranormal activity there,they believed and or had found out that a battle,had taken place there long ago. it was later suggested in their findings this was the reason for the lingering paranormal activity that happens there.

Zak’s words”Here’s what the show’s website says about the episode, which aired at 9 p.m. Saturday, June 23 on the Travel Channel: “Zak and the crew investigate strange phenomena at a beloved amusement park in Turner, Oregon. The discovery of a bloody battle on the grounds of the park leads Zak to believe a residual energy could be responsible for the manifestations.”

What battle Zak?



At a different attraction, the Gingerbread House, Aaron uses a parabolic microphone and hears all sorts of noises. Of course, using a microphone like that would let you hear all sorts of noises. At one point, he gets feedback, which should be taken as a sign of the paranormal. Because the story plays on his mind, Aaron feels like he’s going to be eaten and gives himself all sorts of anxiety. Each noise and feeling affirms that something mysterious is going on, even though he admits the place scared him as a child.

Billy then brings out the sweep device, which looks like another iPad hooked to a series of dials. And judging by those dials, you can conjure up all sorts of sound effects. Because it’s an iPad, or a computer nonetheless, we must believe it doesn’t have the ability to prerecord sounds or voices and that it’s not giving back the exact messages they want to

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  1. I understand it is a show reality tv,but that shit sucks to state an amusement A kids -ark is haunted is nonfactual crap.

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