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Maryland psychic arrested,ordered to pay restitution of over 300,000 dollars and 6 years prison time.

You know it seems to hit home,when you end up knowing the person,who has been charged,who has plead guilty to  said charges. I always kept my distance from this woman I never felt comfortable.Truth told here.There are scammers and crooks out there constantly working to swindle people. Good people,who just do not deserve these kinds of scams.

With this particular woman,she has been charged and arrested multiple times,even given 10 years probation.Only to violate probation and do the exact same exact thing she once prior allegedly had done.

WJZ reports:

Crystal Ball And Chain: ‘Psychic’ Gets 6 Years For Scam

Gina Marie Marks,who is AKA Natalie Miller plead guilty to charges in February of this year,but was then charged and sentenced on 09/24/2018.Natalie was given 6 years.

The Maryland woman also was ordered to pay about $300,000 in restitution. She promised in February to return the payments she had received from five different clients, but had steel and always maintained that all her services were real.

It was not the first time Marx came in contact with the law,she had also plead guilty in 2007 2009 and 2010 in Florida.


Marks has had numerous arrests and convictions in Florida for defrauding clients out of large sums of money, while claiming to use “psychic” powers to help them:


  • In 2007, Marks pleaded no contest to grand theft charges related to an agreement to “cleanse souls” for a total of $65,000. She was then put on probation for eighteen months and ordered to return the money back to her clients. In 2009, she was arrested again for a similar crime.[9]
    • In 2010, she was again arrested in Florida for a defrauding of over $300,000 and for violating probation.[16] A month later, while still in Broward County Jail, she was arraigned again on further fraud charges which involved another victim who came forward due to media exposure following Marks’ earlier arrest.[17]
    • On September 1, 2010, Marks pleaded guilty to grand theft and two counts of organized fraud. In addition she admitted to violating her probation. At her sentencing, Marks handed over a $400,000 check to partially repay her former clients.[18] Marks was paroled in June 2011 from Gadsden Correctional Facility. She served nine of her eighteen-month sentence and was sentenced to probation for eight years.[citation needed]
    • On April 2, 2014, in another case, Marks was sentenced to 10 years of probation.[19][20][21]

Gina Marie Marx arrest photo from Florida.

Gina Marie Marx Florida rrest


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