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Tombstone scammer escapes law enforcement in VA.Not so fast.

Just days ago I recently spoke with a detective in Virginia.He stated that with Malone being out of the state of Virginia, he had no play or jurisdiction to actively charge Malone,in what is being described as A plot to associate herself as A cold case forensics detective. A complaint had been filed and so a response was once started as an active investigation In Va.

Malone had dissipated for two years,but has once again started to resurface.

The page  on Malone’s website on Facebook is still up,but no active posts since May of 2015.It was stated,that Malone had attended an online college and was a certified death investigator,what ever that is? It was later documented,that miss Malone took some intro level classes for continued education,but had allegedly forged the very 0nes,she had used to sell the new forensics website. A website,she had allegedly used to obtain the trust of people,who had loved ones either missing or deceased.The actual criminal complaint out of VA, came because of Malone’s interaction with A woman,who had filed the said complaint.

During this time  it was alleged that police badges were shown and Malone maintained, she was A cold case certified detective or investigator.Malone lead the impression she was an expert on blood splatter patterns and other forensics.

There was never A business license obtained under the stated name and Malone fell flat after A short while of attempting to dismiss the prior fraud claims in Tombstone Arizona.



link below.


The mugshot of this individual is shown below from A prior arrest.That had been allegedly associated from an assault case,where she was alleged to of assaulted another woman, leaving serious head trauma to said victim.


It is not the first time Malone has escaped the nutrition of local law enforcement either.A prior case was a few years back in the town of Tombstone Arizona,where she was hustled back into town and then finger printed and charged. Apparently that case has been said to be waiting on more folks to come forward. It is listed as still being  an active ongoing investigation into her alleged criminal activities while there..

At the same time,the recent detective in Va,had stated he didn’t know of the Tombstone ordeal,so a few people are touching bases with the man about that.Keeping law enforcement in the loop about all Malone’s suggested criminal activities,is a great form for all involved.

Malone has publicly accused this paper of stalking,when indeed they are simply reporting the true facts as we have received them.It is a win win,for those people who could fall in the actual wake of her utter destruction. As a journalist, it is important to write,blog and inform our public on this woman’s determination into her alleged scams.It is not harassment to blog,to write and report,if this was so, every journalist in America would be detained.

After doing A follow up with a few different sources,we found out Malone had left some sizeable debts in her last place she was living, including allegedly abandoning the place and leaving some current civil debts behind.We saw this with an ex-Paranormal States star Ryan Daniel Buell,as well.


Civil,cases seem to be easy to run from,because the jurisdiction resides inside the actual county,that the claim was filed.Once gone from the said county,they no longer have jurisdiction to enforce the said civil penalty.It simply stays with the said person until it is mutually dealt with or after 7 years will often fall off that particular persons credit credit report..

The names of people we spoke with, have been removed and kept confidential.Our sources are protected at all times,if you have information on Malone,feel free to contact local authorities and or us thanks sincerely.








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As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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