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Why is self proclaimed old traditional Catholic bishop Long handing out honorary bachelor,masters and doctorate degrees?

When one hears of some individual obtaining an honorary degree. We often think of Larger, well-known universities.these types are more difficult to obtain nominations and degrees from, since those degrees are usually given to highly accomplished individuals such as former presidents, authors, and humanitarians.

Not some guy, who paid for a course someone put on online for studying demonology.It is all to often,we see how people want to use faked credentials to persuade others,they are highly educated,when they most likely are not.I call these types of people,great pretenders.

It is happening in the para world as well.

Take Bishop long,self proclaimed catholic bishop, exorcist and demonology rectifier.according to his own website,if you have taken his demonology course,you can pay for the honorary bachelors degree.

Now according to what contrary thought states,honorary degrees are made by major universities,for those with outstanding achievements. lawyers,prior presidential people, authors,writers.you get the idea now?

Bishop longs demonology school can be found at this link.


Perhaps the best evidence of these whitewash degrees,are found at this link. You can get a bachelors, A masters, or A doctorate degree if your willing to pay the said amount of money he is asking.


In closing if I ask bishop Long nicely enough,maybe he can make me the next  Catholic president of The United States?


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