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Dennis Hagan “I got my professional ghost hunting certification from Bishop james Long. Elvis impersonator and Now bishop. Both Are feeling lonesome Tonight”.

Every since I can remember seeing new people getting into the said business of ghost hunting,it has been most often times been for what seems to be the wrong reason.People want to become well known,they want that star of fame on the boardwalk. Or they may simply wish to cash in on the paranormal,by supplying them selves with all the riches the paranormal offers,what ever that might be.

What The Paranormal Herald is seeing, is more and more of these types of certificates that are being given to beginning para groups.Certificates,that do not hold any weight what so ever.You may as well use them for shit paper,because they are utterly worthless.

Do keep in mind they do have actual universities,that teach Parapsychology and so forth actual accredited schools. But Longs school of course not.


The paranormal investigator being accused of such documents has been duly noted on quite a few pages. One response seen was “the following. Apparently it is being alleged,that when people confront Dennis Hagan,they get placed in Facebook jail.Perhaps this is a ploy to silence the individuals freely expressing their concerns on open social media.

Gavin Kelly I’m in FB Jail due to a little Whiny Donkey Teeth wanna be Paranormal Investigator named Dennis Hagan. Howdy Kristin Zetting Garland we are neighbors. Facebook should be worrying about Male Enhancer Ad’s, Animal cruelty, and Child abuse posts, and OMG I don;t need PORN..just look at all the PORN friend requests we all get.. Hey FB get your priorities in line… We are posting FACTS about this Douche Nozzel. There is nothing fake or slanderous about this Particular person we are ALL talking about. HE is a STALKER, been arrested so many times.This Piece of trash even stalked his brothers wife.. How sick is that. He plays with Dolls in his basement. How creepy is that. This comment does not and will not go against your so called TOS. Let this be a lesson to everyone. If you go cry to mama and facebook, they will be like a GOD and throw you in Facebook Jail.. he feels since he got a certificate for Demonology and Ghost Hunting 101 he is the real deal.. This moron actually takes his certificated to locations, showing them he is “:Certified”: and more than qualified to investigate there… WOW…but anyway. I’ll be here for a while…LOL

The person,this Bishop long I once wrote about in 2015,should explain about these types of certificates. I mean would you accept or even pay for any sort of certificate,if you knew the great bishop was really and Elvis  impersonator?well he was.

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Former Elvis impersonator,bishop James long,may be now singing “Are you lonesome tonight”..,after his exorcism performance.

As Elvis Presley had openly sang,One song comes to mind “Don’t Be Cruel. If Elvis were to be alive today, he might be singing I’am A l  l s h o o k  u p p. Over the most recent Destination America exorcism.It was and exorcism that aired live 10/30/2015 On Destination America.

As tens of thousands of angry Twitter followers took to Twitter and social media, once again the Elvis was seen to of left the building.Even Elvis knew when to run out.

On November 05, 1999|By Steve Kloehn. An article was published In the Chicago Tribune about Bishop James long,but before that time,James long may have been preferred to be known as the king.And not the king of the paranormal either.

It seems acting and being a performer has always been James longs decision and career, as he is even today.When the broadcast live exorcism of the Dafeo house went live, tens of thousands were glued to their seats,It was the day before Halloween.

The article that was  ran in the Chicago Tribune,It  stated that at 5 years old as James long, had been given an Elvis suit, he knew he had wanted to become a priest.However he did go on to become a great Elvis impostor.

The article in the Chicago Tribune read!

Performer Sheds Blue Suede Shoes For Higher Calling


“I was doing my best to sing it straight,” Long remembers, “but everybody was almost in tears of laughter, because it was suddenly Elvis’ `Amazing Grace.’ ”

The Roman Catholic Church, like most other denominations in the United States, has found in recent years that a larger and larger portion of its clergy are called to serve the church as a second career.

So maybe it was inevitable that the priesthood would one day include a former Elvis impersonator.

And Long, 27, was no middling Elvis in his day.

After graduation from high school in Louisville, his budding musical career quickly shot from the realm of “Any Day Now” to “Rock-a-Hula, Baby!”

Long played stadiums. He had an entourage of 35 musicians, technicians and managers. He had a 250-member fan club. He had 19 Elvis suits, worth up to $5,000 each.

(For the record, those were Las Vegas-style jumpsuits, circa 1972-1973. Long loved the rich depth of the later Elvis’ voice, plus the costumes fit him better.)

In 1996 Long became the king of would-be Kings, winning the Elvis impersonator national championships in Memphis.

“It’s big. When you win the national championship, it means a lot more money. The guys (in the band) really wanted it,” he says. “But I had no desire to win.”

Years before his mom gave Long his first Elvis suit–in fact, when he was only 5 years old–Long had already decided he wanted to be a priest.

And even as he rode the Mystery Train of life as an Elvis impersonator, that belief in his vocation to the priesthood kept tugging at him.

Getting dressed before a show, the full-length mirror would reflect rhinestones and glitter, leather and sideburns. But all Long could see was a man of the cloth.

He had his own Chrysler Fifth Avenue. He bought jewelry whenever he got bored. In an Elvis sense, he had it all, but it never seemed quite enough.

“The more I ignored it, the louder it became. I couldn’t run away,” he remembers.

He finally went to visit some seminarians in his hometown, and the experience changed him. During a show shortly after that, Long wasperforming “Kentucky Rain” when he simply stopped singing, his mind back in the seminary.

The performance gaffe didn’t leave him crying in the chapel, but he was all shook up.

“I knew then that it was time to go,” he said.

He agreed to go on to the Elvis championship for the sake of the band. He won, he is convinced, because he simply had fun while other competitors worked themselves into a nervous frenzy backstage, biting their nails and listening to old tracks over and over.

Then Long gave it all up–the money and the screaming women and the security of being Elvis.

He entered St. Meinrad’s Seminary in Louisville. When that institution closed, he transferred to St. Joseph Seminary College on the campus of Loyola University in Chicago. Next year, he will go to the major seminary in Mundelein.

Long says he has never been happier. Elvis has left the picture, although the seminarian does draw on his life experience where it might serve the church.

His homilies, he promises, “will shake, rattle and roll.” And he’s not above donning the jumpsuit for a good cause.

At 7 p.m. Sunday, Long will present “A Tribute to Elvis,” a dinner show at Loyola’s Centennial Forum to raise money for St. Joseph’s.

“The greater the gift, the greater the responsibility to share it. The Elvis thing may be a gift from God,” he says.

Perhaps Long’s greater gift is a healthy sense of humor, about Elvis and about himself. If people giggle the first time they hear his story, if they shake and go crimson when they hear him sing “Amazing Grace,” that’s fine with him.

“Ya betcha, we gonna get it going, bring some Jesus to the people,” says Elvis, momentarily taking over the clean-cut, blond seminarian.

And if his former colleagues and competitors see an example in Long, better still. With about 7,500 working Elvis impersonators still out there, the priest shortage would be a thing of the past.

In A prior case with A woman,she used these documents to fool people. It is these types of certificates,that have flooded the social media and websites from around the country.It is the vary type of document,some have already gotten into trouble for having. and misleading people.


Part of the problem arising from non accredited so called schools is any ability to simply copy and fraudulently use credentials to make people think you are something you may not be. This document is given after answering just a few questions and taking a small class that I myself took in 11 minuets.

In the case of one such ghost hunter Dennis Hagan,it appears that he uses them to convince others he is a respected ghost hunter,he has been to school,he is trained?the truth could not be from the further.

Bishop Longs demonology courses,for one are not accredited to any major schools,other then a paid program,where the person pays and then receives his certificates.On Longs website, he claims to have exorcised 27 people. Most likely exorcised them out of their hard earned cash to lol!

Bishop long,states,there is no such thing as a certified paranormal researcher,how ever he has managed to find a loop hole in getting people their paranormal 101 certificates. As shown in this link.



First of all their are no true professional researchers,they use different methods,different equipment in their so called practices or case research.In short how can A man define what makes a professional ghost hunter?

What seems to be hitting the streets and the norm for some people,are these phony certificates,that people use. In the case of Dennis Hagan,he got his demonology training from a bishop?well shall we break down exactly whom this bishop truly is?

Bishop James long is a man who self proclaimed himself A bishop.Bishop James was born in Louisville, Kentucky and was raised Roman Catholic. He attended a Roman Catholic grade school and it was during the time while he was attending kindergarten that he knew that he had a calling to serve as a priest. His mother had asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and +James pointed at the priest and said, “I want to do what he does.”

Paranormal Herald. “keep in mind,when you hear bishop, you begin to think Catholic priest or bishop right?I mean from the general description ,he grew up catholic right?not true. The name he is using for his and I do say his church, is “Old Traditional Catholic Church.this articular church allows gays and lesbians in,because the true Catholic church will not.

In the past and in prior articles that had been written,even the original Catholic church had responded,by saying that they were not happy that this bishop long had actually used their symbols, said wording and exorcism practices,as he is not Catholic).They had stated he had no right to use their religion in this manner as it is deceitful and outrageous


Evidence James Long is a Fraud


In order for a church to legally ordain and license ministers they must have a charter with the state they are operating in. In 2008 James Long filed articles of incorporation with the Commonwealth of Kentucky, however, in 2009 he neglected to file an annual report. This lack on his part forced the Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Kentucky to file a “certificate of dissolution” making James Long’s The United States Old Catholic Church to become legally “inactive” and removing the USOCC church charter. James Long and his fellow ministers of USOCC are in fact “not” legally ordained nor legally licensed as everyone can see from the link provided:

https://app.sos.ky.gov/ftshow/(S(jmkeyegghqgn5lfapmitthck))/default.aspx?path=ftsearch&id=0712977&ct=09&cs=99999 Since the charter is no more Long is entitled “legally” to inform his donors that donations are “not” tax deductible under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code. However, he does not, allowing his donors to be set up for audit should the IRS discover donors of USOCC are filing their donations as a tax deduction. Hard evidence by the Commonwealth of Kentucky that James Long is indeed a fraud.

Here is the thing, James Long is not a Catholic Bishop! Any and all schismatic break aways are not valid. Yes there are many variations that exist in the Catholic Church, but the USOCC is not one of them! The old catholic church, the true old catholic church does not nor would ever validate him and his so called church. They claim Dominus Iesus from 2000, if you know that this means canonical churches with a realtionship with the holy see, not the indepdent movement! The movement is a joke and anyome that strays away from the true church is committing a mortal sin, save your soul and get away from this man. They use a luthern church and do not even have their own buidling. So is it ok to attack him, YES he is not clergy! He did the shows at Bobby Mackeys and did not receive money, however a real priest would never have completed the blessings on TV, this is not something a real exorcist would do. Also he told a group during a public investigation that he was not supposed to conjure and he did anyways which is reckless. In googling your name I see at least to two agencies that represent you like genesis. I am mortified even further that you claim not to do this for the money and fame, please read the profile. Also you have listed in every place your story! Please tell them why you decided to leave the seminary, and not hide behind the truth, you’re a FAKE.

And finally the paranormal clergy is a joke, you claim to be a catholic bishop, when would a valid bishop associate with wind talkers and non denominational ministers, whom are not properly ordained within proper holy orders, they cannot perform the proper catholic rites. Come on this is hysterical! And for all of the haters that will respond to this article, you don’t know him and I laugh when these people are like I have know him for a long time (4 Years). This is comical… Quit riding the coattail hoping for fame, if you believe in Jesus, go to the true church of Jesus Christ which is a Western or Eastern Church that is Canonical, not some poser.




Disclaimer : All wording used within this article is of free speech and the reader agrees to abide by the terms and said conditions within this site and sites article and that is to allow The Paranormal H the right of freedom of expression and all information provided is either first, second or third parties and this paper can not be held accountable.

Disclaimer continued: All information is expressed and is said to be alleged.



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As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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  1. this faking docs thing is driving me nuts.

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    Posted by Paranormal Herald Magazine | August 23, 2018, 1:54 pm
  2. This is horribly written. I couldn’t even get through it. How do you expect to discredit something when your grammar and spelling are absolutely atrocious. Please use an editor or have someone who can write reread your work before posting things online. I would be embarrassed to publish anything like this.


    Posted by Janice | August 26, 2018, 9:05 am
  3. Let me please correct your grammar you used the word are in this sentence”grammar and spelling are absolutely atrocious.you should have said the word is not are.if you are going to speak of grammar and complain about others grammar,you should use the proper grammar yoursel. thanks.


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Magazine | August 27, 2018, 7:10 pm
  4. Well said, but then again this sight has always been just crap.
    I do not know anyone that thinks the sight to be anything more then just a crap sight.
    Evan has always been in love with Bull.
    Just take the time to see how many times over the years Bull name has been in his mouth.
    Sad that some old fat.man-child has nothing better to do with his time.


    Posted by Evans in love with Ryan | August 30, 2018, 8:01 pm
  5. anyways,we did our job drew you out and now the proper people can find you law wise thanks Malone for a great expose good day.


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Magazine | August 31, 2018, 1:57 am


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